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As a leader of some organization woman was rounded by strong-willed, hardworking and purpose-driven women. It is through their leadership that the traditions, values and legacy of our family have been upheld. They have taught that a woman’s instincts and emotional intelligence can be off the chart. For a man it so difficult to understand about what women thinking, because what woman thinking and what man thinking is have a little different. Also in woman act and innovation, unless he has been closely influenced by the women in his life.

I’ve learned that women may process things differently and in their own terms. Fortunately for me, I’ve been influenced by great women who made me appreciate their approach towards leadership. I’ve grown to understand their decision-making processes, the dynamics and subtleties of their personality and style, and other special character qualities that women possess. What I know about woman are the best leader that have circular vision that enables them to be well-rounded people.

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For example, they have their finger on the pulse of the culture and can talk to you about the latest pop-culture news, but then easily switch gears to give you their perspective on what is taking place on Wall Street. Women leaders seeking a chance to be significant see the world through a lens of opportunity; they are especially in search of those opportunities previously unseen. Woman also enjoy their own space to test themselves and find their own rhythm. These women leaders are like scientists: many of them want to make new discoveries or solve for problems where others have failed.

The women leaders I’ve been around don’t stop pursuing until the job gets done. This is why believe they are good collaborative leaders and not afraid of trial and error as long as they continue to build the resource infrastructure around them that test them closer towards accomplishing their goals. Women leaders also invest in themselves and become knowledge seekers. Because they not afraid to ask questions when given a safe platform to express themselves. Though extremely curious, it’s often balanced with a bit of skepticism after all, they don’t want to be fooled or taken advantageous.

My experiences have taught me that women leaders need to trust a person before they will endorse what they have to say. Many just want to know that there is legitimacy behind the opportunity. The secret of women leader share on managing her organization and what inspiration from the interview ) Strategic In the videos that I have been watched, “A woman’s lens of skepticism oftentimes forces them to see well beyond the most obvious details before them. They enjoy stretching their perspective to broaden their observations. Many women are not hesitant to peel the onion in order to get to the root of the matter. So, Women see what often times others don’t see. Successful women leaders know how to play the game when they have to and can anticipate the unexpected. They know what cards to play and keenly calculate the timing of each move they make. I learned that women who enjoy the ebbs and flows of cuisines activity also know that the best things are accomplished when they are done naturally and unforced. When things are happening organically, this means that they are functioning within a natural rhythm and speed that is safer and risk adverse.

So this all things about woman would not surprise me. Woman will often tackle risk head on in order to get to the root cause of a problem and to solve for it (they value time and money). Women leaders who don’t allow their egos to stand in the way of good business are in the mind set of getting things done for the betterment of a healthier whole. 2) Entrepreneurial Woman can be extremely resourceful, connect the dots of opportunity and become expert in developing the relationships they need to get the job done. Because entrepreneurship is just a way of life for many women.

They know that to create and sustain momentum requires 100% focus on the objective and so they don’t enjoy being disrupted by unnecessary noise and distractions. On one that video that watched “Women can play into the politics of the workplace, and do so if it means adding value to the momentum they are attempting to create. ” They avoid falling too far behind on projects – knowing that f they do it will disrupt their focus and momentum. Many women leaders find excitement and motivation by being extremely creative and resourceful when completing tasks and other duties and responsibilities. ) Opportunity driven The women know look for the opportunity within when confronted with challenge. They push the boundaries and, when faced with adverse circumstances, they learn all they can from it. Optimism is their mind set because they see opportunity in everything. In that video that I watched, Est©e Lauder, the child of Hungarian immigrant parents, was quite the opportunist in the cosmetics industry. During the post war consumer boom, women wanted to start sampling cosmetic products before buying them. It’s exactly this type of inventiveness that other women use to pursue the opportunities in front of them. ) purposeful and Meaningful They know what it’s like to be the underdog and work hard not to disappoint themselves and others. Women leaders in particular often have high standards and their attention to detail makes it difficult for others to cut corners or abuse any special privileges. That what I have found that many women leaders enjoy inspiring others to achieve. They enjoy creating ecosystems ND support a collaborative leadership style that melds the thinking and ideas of others; this is what multiplies the size of an opportunity and/or its speed in execution in order to create a larger sphere of influence and overall impact.

Because Women leaders with a nurturing nature are good listeners and excellent networks/connecters. 5) Traditions and Family Women are often the glue that keeps things together and that is why they represent great leadership for America’s future. No matter whether at home or at work place. The most successful women leaders enjoy taking charge fore circumstances force their hand. They provide the leadership within the home and in the workplace to assure that legacies remain strong by being fed with the right nutrients and ingredients.

To the great women in my personal and professional life, thank you for the opportunity to be inspired and mentored by your leadership. Rarely have I read something from a man who has been inspired and influenced by the wisdom off woman’s leadership. Hopefully this perspective helps awaken more of us to the opportunity of learning about leadership from the women in our lives, whether in the home or at work. Usually The most successful women leaders are big believers in team building and the enforcement of mission, goals and values to assure that everyone is on the same page with like intentions.

This secures a sense of continuity making it easier for everyone to have each other’s backs. No wonder women are assuming more management and leadership roles in family owned businesses. 6) Passionate While women in general were historically viewed and stereotyped as emotional leaders by men, I believe they are just passionate explorers in pursuit of excellence. In the video that I watched, “They enjoy order and stability and a genuine sense of control. Many women have learned not to depend upon others for their advancement and thus have a tendency to be too independent.

A woman’s independent nature is her way of finding her focus and dialing up her pursuits. ” When women leaders are not satisfied with the status quo, they will want to make things better. These women leaders get things done and avoid procrastination. Their passionate pursuits allow them to become potent pioneers of new possibilities. No wonder minority women represent the largest growing segment of entrepreneurs. These women leaders are locked into what they are searching for move out of the way.

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