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The author argues that in the business world, people tend to prefer male bosses over female ones. The author cites several reasons for this, including the idea that men are more effective at doing business because they go straight to the point, while women tend to talk more and delay action. Additionally, female bosses may be more sensitive to personal issues and can become stressed and moody, negatively affecting the work environment. Finally, male bosses tend to lead with logical thinking rather than strict rules, making them better leaders. Overall, the author believes that male bosses are better suited to lead in the business world.

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In the world of business, there is a tendency for people to prefer male bosses over female bosses. I personally agree with this trend for several reasons. Firstly, in terms of work effectiveness, males are generally more efficient than females. This is because males tend to focus on the main point and quickly get things done. For example, if a male goes to a mall with the intention of buying sport shoes, he will head straight to the sport station and make his purchase without spending too much time deciding. In contrast, we all know that females tend to engage in a lot of conversation.

Females can produce approximately 20. 00 words per day as their talking ability is not only dependent on the left-brain but also on the right brain. On the other hand, males produce about 7. 000 words per day and their talking ability primarily relies on the left-brain. Consequently, females generally prefer talking before taking action. Additionally, female bosses tend to be highly sensitive to personal matters. When employees discuss their hair or clothing, she repeatedly ponders over it in order to avoid appearing inadequate. Furthermore, if something unfortunate occurs, her emotions and mood will be negatively affected, resulting in an uncomfortable workplace atmosphere.

Occasionally, she may experience stress due to it. In contrast to a female boss, a male boss typically disregards personal matters. He is self-assured as he possesses greater self-awareness than anyone else does. Consequently, opinions about him hold no significance. Lastly, the leadership styles of male and female bosses also diverge. A female boss tends to exhibit stricter behavior. Take our mother for example; she commonly prohibits us from dating until we attain a high GPA or mandates that we return home prior to 9 P.M., thereby limiting our actions.

A male boss typically leads with logic and professionalism. In a given situation where multiple food packages are offered to males, they consider factors such as portion size, price, and taste. They use their logical thinking skills to select food packages that meet their criteria. Therefore, it can be said that male bosses excel in leadership because they occasionally use logical thinking to enforce guidelines with their employees. To summarize, due to their effectiveness, sensitivity, and leadership style, male bosses are the ideal choice for leading a team.

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