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Malnutrition is a major health problem that continues to affect people globally. Poverty, dietary practices, and agricultural productivity are some of the main causes of malnutrition. Malnutrition can have serious consequences for health, and it is important to follow the correct way of taking care of the body. Health nutrition assessment is a way to alleviate malnutrition and can identify nutrition-related illnesses, create a way to cure these illnesses, and provide diet plans that consider the income of the person or family. Prevention of malnutrition should start with oneself and the family by teaching children to eat healthy and exercise at an early age. Some people may not follow the correct diet due to stubbornness or convenience, but it is important to address malnutrition to minimize its impact on the world.

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Malnutrition has been one of the major health problems in the world for years, and it still continues to be one. It leads to many deaths especially if not given attention. Malnutrition is mainly caused by poverty, dietary practices, and agricultural productivity. Malnutrition affects the daily performance of a person, and to do well, one must follow the correct way of taking care of the body. Food or diet does not need to be expensive when it comes to treating malnutrition.

As what the article chosen informed, health nutrition assessment is one of the ways to alleviate malnutrition. There are free nutrition screenings that are offered to underprivileged people which can help a lot if those people follow what the health care workers ask them to do after they find out what treatments could be done. Health nutrition assessments check everything needed for a physical examination and run tests so that the nutrition-related illnesses could be identified, and thus, create a way to cure these illnesses.

In health nutrition assessments, dietitians consider the income of the person or the family in making them diet plans so they can comply easily. I believe that stubbornness is what that keeps a lot of people from doing what they are assigned to do to treat their illnesses. Also, people nowadays have so many things they want or need to do – recreational, work, etc. – and they just tend to not follow what diet is correct because everything should be convenient.

Some others follow but after a while they stop because they think that there have been no improvements. Prevention of malnutrition should be started with oneself and then the family. Children should be taught to eat healthy and exercise at an early age so that they will be trained to avoid malnutrition and therefore, minimize the cases of malnutrition in the world.

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