manage time effectively in studies Essay

Question 2Time management is a set of principle, practises, skills, tools and systems that help us our time effectively to accomplish what we want. Time management helps us do our task in time and utilize our time more productively. It helps us to identify the useless activities which can be avoided and time can be saved. Beside that it also helps us give proper time to a task and perform the task more efficiently.
As an open and distance learners, developing good time management skills and habits will reap benefits that will enhance our personal and professional life. Time management will not only prevent us from missing important and academic deadlines, but we will also have more time to relax, eat right, sleep well and exercise regularly. It also help reduce stress and contribute to healthy mind and body.
The best way we can manage our time effectively in our study are,
Planning is very important in time management. A schedule, help us in utilizing our time more productively, complete our course in a particular time and how much part our course should be studied hourly so that we can complete our course before the final exam.
Organising is a critical to avoid wasting valuable time as an open and distance learner. Since we will be enrolled in several tutorial, it is important that we organise our class and study material in a way that makes it easy to access them. Organise our desktop, manage the copies of our files, our computer folder and e-mail folder so that we can easily find what we want.
Besides planning and organising, prioritizing our work constantly also important and urgency for time management. Knowing the difference between important and urgent work. Identify which tasks should be done within a day, a week, a month and so on. Tasks which are most important should be done earlier.
We have to write a “to-do” listing. A listing serves as a reminder of the important tasks that we need to prioritize. We need to tackle the most important…

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