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Leaseplan Effectively Manages Diversity

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What is the business case that is driving LeasePlan’s interest in managing diversity? Discuss. Based on the fact that in LeasePlan there is more women than man employees (450 employes), but for the top executives is dominating by man. There is a basic diversity in LeasePlan which is gender, that’s why LeasePlan began an effort to transform its corporate culture changing the old system and promote more women. Executives hired a consultant to offer women career counseling, revised the company’s pay plan to stress performance over longevity, and displaced some longtime managers.

Compare and contrast the extent to which LeasePlan is using principles from affirmative action and managing diversity. Explain your rationale. Affirmative action …show more content…

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Leaseplan Effectively Manages Diversity
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The keep running the program that have acknowledge women executives from others companies for example Maria Goldsholl, chief operating officer of Mom Corps, a staffing company specializing in flexible employment for women say “The broader effort to transform the corporate culture distinguishes LeasePlan from other companies trying to promote women” Today in LeasePlan’s, three of the eight top executives are women, up from one in seven two years ago.

Not only that but the statement of the Women employees say LeasePlan is a more supportive and collaborative employer. Which of R Roosevelt Thomas Jr’s eight generic diversity options is LeasePlan using to manage diversity? Explain. Assimilate: Premise is that all diverse people will learn to fit in or become like the dominant group. Many organizations use this approach during their socialization and orientation processes. Suppress: The approach involves squelching or discouraging differences or new ideas In the LeasePlan they using both assimilate and suppress options to manage the dominant female employees to encourage them to develop their potential to become top executive (break the glass ceiling). While LeasePlan’s diversity initiative is clearly working, what recommendations would you make for improving their program? Explain. Make the program not only for the women employees but also for man employees. Transformation culture is a really hard process to manage it do not focus only .

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