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Management Challenges and Concerns Report

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The management in an Organization has been faced with many challenges today. These challenges include high employee turnover, technology, employee engagement and team work. The organization needs to take a closer look at this issue and make many changes in order to make the Organization a great place to work and an individual loyal and proud to be a part of the Organization. Possible cause for these challenges could be due to dissatisfied employee’s that are unable to communicate with their immediate supervisor, lack of training, low morale, and feel under -valued.

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Management Challenges and Concerns Report
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As an organization one of the most important things that need to be a priority is the human asset. It is critical to have the employee’s feel a part of a team and have them involved in some of the decision making processes. Employee’s need to feel they are part of something so they feel they have some type of worth other than going to work on a daily biases and punching a clock for a pay check.

Employee’s need a simple yet effective training to ensure they are growing with the Organization. Although it may cost more at the time in the long run it will pay off due to the employee staying with the Organization. Open communication is essential for the employee’s to feel they are able to go to their leadership and not feel as they are being dismissed. It is very important to take the time to really hear what the employee is saying. They may have very innovating ideas.

There will always be new technology individuals need to embrace and take a hold of the new technology. This will only help the organization grow and be more successful. It is important to make sure all employees are trained in a structured and simple manner. To ensure the organization is going to be successful it is critical to face the challenges that are within the organization head on. By facing the challenges the organization will prosper and grow.

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