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Marijuana Research Paper MarijuanaDrugs are a

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  • Pages 4
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    Marijuana Essay, Research Paper


    Drugs are a major argument it the universe we live in today. Drugs are

    deriving more and more attending. More and more people are utilizing drugs so of all time

    before and there is no lessening in the sum of drug users. One of the most

    normally used drugs is marijuana. In todays universe marihuana is turning and is

    looking to be legalized in California for medical utilizations merely but that will take

    to many other jobs in the close hereafter.

    Marijuana is the most used drug in the U.S. besides baccy. Marijuana

    gives people the feeling they like and want but when it is used to much they

    hold to utilize more of it to acquire the high in which they desire. It effects your

    encephalon by doing the THC disrupt the nervus cells in the portion of the encephalon where

    memories are formed. This makes it harder for the user to remember events and

    makes it harder to larn. Marijuana is habit-forming to some people. About 100,000

    people seek intervention for marihuana usage each twelvemonth. Marijuana is normally smoked

    as a coffin nail ( called a articulation or a nail ) or in a pipe or a bong. Recently, it

    has appeared in cigars called blunts which are larger and, hence, more

    unsafe. Marijuana is a green, brown, or a grey mixture of dried, shredded

    flowers and foliages of the hemp works ( Cannabis sativa ) . There are many slang

    names for marihuana such as pot, weed, roar, mobster, and Mary Jane. This drug

    causes Timing, coordination, watchfulness, and public presentation to be affected in a

    negative manner. Marijuana has THC in it which is absorbed by fatty tissues in

    assorted variety meats. Tetrahydrocannabinol can be detected utilizing urine trials and it will remain in your

    system for seven to a twosome of hebdomads.

    Teenss are the ground that drugs are a job in the U.S.. About one in

    six tenth graders report that they are current marihuana users. Fewer so one in

    five high school seniors are current users. Some people who use this drug experience

    nil but some feel relaxed and high. After smoking it users may acquire a sudden

    slaking for a drink and acquire really hungry. This is called the munchies. Short

    Term effects of marijuana include memory jobs and larning jobs,

    distorted perceptual experience, problem when thought and job resolution, loss of

    coordination, increased bosom rate, anxiousness, and panic onslaughts. THC can damage

    cell tissues in you immune system doing users to be more unfastened to diseases. To

    be able to state if person is high they may be giddy and have problem walking,

    be silly an

    vitamin D giggly for no ground, bloodshot eyes and have a difficult clip

    retrieving things. These effects normally end in a few hours and the user gets

    really sleepy.

    A large issue being raised in California is the legalisation of marihuana

    for medical intents merely. The old Torahs would still be in consequence. If you were

    found utilizing it you would hold to hold your medical physicians prescription for it

    to acquire free from gaol or a all right. Still, a bull could break you for turning it and

    turnup you because they don’t know that your physician prescribed it for you. This

    jurisprudence is a province jurisprudence and is called Proposition 215. This jurisprudence has been turned down

    for the last two old ages. This twelvemonth all the old Torahs that have been turned down

    have been put together to do a great jurisprudence. This jurisprudence really passed November 5,


    Marijuana AIDSs in the intervention of malignant neoplastic disease, anorexia, chronic hurting,

    spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, megrim, or any other unwellness for which

    marihuanas provides alleviation. The American Cancer society says NO to marijuana

    because it is non a replacement for appropriate anti-nause drugs for malignant neoplastic disease

    chemotherapy and emesis. We see no ground to back up the legalisation of

    marihuana for medical usage. Smoking marihuana is besides non approved by the FDA for

    any unwellness. These corporations both say that they what a different drug to make

    the same thing but developing it will take an estimated 4 billion dollars.

    Peoples what to cognize why some other drugs can be used like morphia but marihuana


    In me and my spouses personal option we believe that it is incorrect to

    fume it or utilize it in any manner, form, or signifier. We have ne’er used in and

    likely ne’er will. We merely have one organic structure and we should do the most of it and

    non muss it up by making stupid things that will impact us as we get older. To me

    making any sort of drugs is stupid and a waste of clip. I want to populate my life

    without any concerns of medical jobs.

    Any sort of drug that is illegal is bad for your wellness but if

    recommended by a physician does it do them any better. Drugs will ever be

    around in my option. The authorities can’t pulverize drugs or marihuanas but they

    can seek to educate kids while they are younger to state them that drugs are

    bad and should non be taken. With the passing of this jurisprudence marihuana will go

    legal in California. Other provinces can follow this jurisprudence if they would wish.

    Education is the key to the terminal of drugs and the beginning of a new epoch. Just

    state NO.

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