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Marijuana As A Medicine

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Marijuana As A Medicine Research Paper
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If your every waking minute was consumed by hurting and sickness, wouldn & # 8217 ; T

you ask for medicine? What if the lone medicine lawfully available would

go forth you unconscious or make nil at all? If you were the one agony, would

you resort to the lone intervention that allowed you to populate usually even though

it was illegal? Thousands of people across the state are forced to interrupt the

jurisprudence to ease their hurting. They have chosen marihuana over anything lawfully

available because it has assorted medicative belongingss that can non be found

anyplace else. Due to these many alone medicative utilizations, marihuanas should be

reclassified as a valid, legal signifier of intervention.

Marijuana has many alone utilizations as a signifier of intervention. It has been used

efficaciously to battle the sickness caused by chemotherapy, to cut down the internal

force per unit area of the eyes of glaucoma patients, and to forestall the? blowing syndrome?

in AIDS and malignant neoplastic disease patients ( ? Marijuana for the Sick? A10 ) . As an option to

utilizing existent marihuana, modern scientific discipline has developed a man-made signifier of THC,

the active chemical in marihuana. However, this man-made drug, called Marinol,

is useless for most mundane intervention because it has the unpleasant side consequence

of being a powerful ataractic. A member of Milwaukee & # 8217 ; s AIDS community, said that

a friend of his was taking Marinol to increase his appetency: ? He spends the

whole twenty-four hours express joying and watching films & # 8230 ; He can & # 8217 ; t even drive a auto because he & # 8217 ; s

so out of it. ? ( 3/25/97 ) In add-on to that, Marinol merely comes in pill signifier,

which makes it useless for patients taking it for sickness. Marijuana has neither

of those drawbacks. Because it is normally smoked, even the most nauseating patient

can utilize it every bit good as easy modulate their consumption ( ? Medical Marijuana? 23 ) . No

prescription drug offers the benefits and potency of marihuana.

Many people have testified to marijuana & # 8217 ; s cogency as a alone signifier of

intervention. One of these, Robert Randall, one of merely eight patients supplied

with marihuanas by the federal authorities, was diagnosed with acute glaucoma and

told that he would be blinded within five old ages ( Brazaitis 1C ) . Randall?

discovered by accident that smoking marihuana? relieved the internal force per unit area of

his eyes ( 1C ) . After more than twenty old ages of smoking marihuana, Randall still

has his vision, withstanding the anticipations of his physicians ( 2C ) . Richard Brookhiser,

a senior editor of the conservative National Review who has admitted to utilizing

marihuana to handle the sickness caused by chemotherapy, claims that? if that

minute comes to you, you will turn to marijuana. ? ( Brookhiser 28 ) Rita Zweig

farther illustrates marijuana & # 8217 ; s effectivity: ? If anything that is prescribed

worked every bit good for me, ? she said, ? I wouldn & # 8217 ; t utilize marijuana. ? ( Snider A1 ) These

three people represent 1000s of sick persons across the state who use

marihuana as a signifier of intervention.

Marijuana as a signifier of intervention has gained support from the medical

community. Such esteemed medical publications as the New England Medical

Journal have come out in support of medicative utilizations for marihuana ( Milwaukee

Journal Sentinel 1/30/97 3A ) . In add-on to that, a Harvard survey showed that

about 44 % of physicians who treat malignant neoplastic disease patients in the American Medical

Association, a group officially opposed to marijuana, hold really recommended

marihuana to ease the hurting of their patients ( ? Medical Marijuana? 22 ) . Even

with this support, the federal authorities has refused any kind of clinical

proving or reclassifying.

Because of its medicative value and the deficiency of an effectual replacement,

marihuana should be reclassified as a Schedule II drug alternatively of a Agenda I

drug, which would let it for certain medical usage

s. Other illegal drugs such as

cocaine and diacetylmorphine are classified as Schedule II, even though they are

considered wont organizing and unsafe, where marihuana, classified as a

Agenda I, has ne’er caused a decease or overdose and is non considered habit-forming.

The federal authorities garbages to reclassify marihuana because there? is no

cogent evidence that smoked marihuana is the most effectual available intervention for

anything. ? ( McCaffrey 27 ) There can be no cogent evidence until marihuana has been tested

in a series of clinical tests. There can be no clinical testing of marihuana

because the federal authorities will non let them ( Conant 26 ) . Anyone who has

read the book Catch-22 will happen this state of affairs familiar.

The authorities oppositions of medicative marihuanas are against it for

political instead than practical grounds. Clinton, who suffered in the polls

after he admitted to smoking pot, has taken a strong anti-drug stance to follow

in the popular vena of Reagan and Bush & # 8217 ; s? war on drugs. ? Congress has taken a

strong anti-drug stance, which could be viewed as another illustration of Congress & # 8217 ;

withdrawal from the people they represent, since 35 provinces have Torahs that allow

marihuana for medicative usage in certain fortunes. The freshly passed

referendums in Arizona and California demonstrate popular support of these Torahs,

and that they couldn & # 8217 ; t be passed through California & # 8217 ; s legislative assembly besides

demonstrates the representative & # 8217 ; s isolation from the electors. Federal jurisprudence, which

prohibitions marijuana for all utilizations, makes all these province Torahs illegal. This issue

represents the power battle between the province authoritiess and the federal

authorities. The federal authorities has no constitutional right to censor drugs,

particularly non if it overrides a province jurisprudence. This issue has become more than merely

marihuana for intervention of the sick, it has grown to include the federal

authorities & # 8217 ; s want to keep its laterality over the province authoritiess.

Unfortunately, people whose morality and nationalism prevent them from utilizing

marihuana to handle their malignant neoplastic disease, AIDS, glaucoma, or other illness pay the monetary value.

The other oppositions of marihuana as a signifier of medical intervention have

presented several unlogical statements against it. Many oppositions argue that

marihuana is a? gateway drug? that frequently leads to harder drugs. This statement is

easy disproved by the fact that usage of? difficult? drugs in the Netherlands has

decreased significantly since marihuana was legalized ( ? Medical Marijuana? 23 ) U.

Parents are frequently disquieted that prescription marihuana will intend that more of it

will acquire into the custodies of childs. Some of these parents have prescriptions for

Morphine, Prozac, Zoloft, Dexedrine, or countless other mood-altering drugs

which they successfully keep out of their kids & # 8217 ; s custodies.

Marijuana should reclassified so its alone medicative value can be

lawfully utilized to handle patients. How long would the loudest opposition of

medicative marihuanas live incapacitated by sickness or Marinol before he would turn

to marijuana? Possibly oppositions should pass a month or two in chemotherapy before

they deny patients the most effectual agencies of alleviation.

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