Psychoactive drugs

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There is someone I know who has a substance addiction to psychoactive drugs, namely LSD and Cocaine.

During a span of approximately 18 months, he indulged in snorting cocaine and ingesting hits of LSD without any breaks. He would choose his drug of choice based on his mood for the day or opt to combine both substances. In the presence of these drugs, he was devoid of his true self.

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It seemed as if he existed within a personal realm. A sizable dosage of LSD would instantly transform him into the most jubilant individual in existence, until the subsequent decline from the drug. During this comedown phase, he displayed disinterest in engaging with those in his vicinity, often becoming temperamental and irritable.

When he consumed a high quantity of cocaine, it would cause him to sweat excessively and have a rapid heartbeat. He would need to rest so that his heartbeat could gradually slow down. On many occasions, when he took LSD, he would develop a paranoia that his friends were angry with him and would accuse them falsely. His mistrust of me and his friends would intensify when we were in his presence.

If he drove a car while under the influence of either drug, he would also be extremely paranoid. He would constantly suspect that there was a police car trailing him. When driving late at night with no visibility, he would consider any car behind him to be a police car. There was even an occasion when he had a hallucination or imagined that the sirens of the cars were on, causing him to pull over and let the vehicle pass. As a result of this incident, he began pulling over and letting any vehicle driving behind him pass.

At times, he would consume a large amount of cocaine quickly and experience hyperactive behavior similar to that of a toddler. Each time he used either drug, his behavior varied. When taking LSD, he purposely incited conflicts with others, displaying a mean-spirited demeanor. Although he often stated his intention to quit soon, he never succeeded in doing so easily or immediately.

It took him an extra 6 months to fully quit drug usage. One night, he had an incident where he consumed excessive amounts of a combination of the two drugs along with a significant quantity of marijuana. On another occasion, he simultaneously ingested 7 hits of LSD and a substantial amount of cocaine.

During the peak of the evening, we found him in his bedroom, without any clothes and sweating profusely. His body temperature was around 106 degrees and his heart rate was at least 65 beats per minute. Despite being just 19 years old, he was on the verge of having a heart attack.

With the increased drug consumption that night, there was a high likelihood of him losing his life. This incident made him realize the deadly risks he narrowly avoided and may have prompted his immediate choice to stop using drugs.

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