Marine Biology - Biology Essay Example

Marine Biology is the scientific study of organisms that are dependent on water - Marine Biology introduction. Marine Biology is an interesting topic to many people because of the exotic animals you get to work with. A career in Marine Biology can be dangerous because of the wild animals, but at the same time it can be fun. It takes time, training, and intelligence to succeed in the career. In order to make it in this Biology field you must complete a college work in oceanography, marine biology, or conservation. You will also require a PHD in Marine Biology.

After college, much special training is needed to get used to the environment. I am interested in this career because I love working with aquatic animals. The first time I saw a whale at Sea World, I was hooked on the idea of working with theses animals. This career would allow me to work more with the aquatic animals I love. There are so many type of animals to work with that it would keep me busy throughout my whole career. Another great part about this career is knowing what you do with the animals can help them survive on this earth. This career is steadily getting bigger.


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In the future I think this career will influence many people because of the effect on the population of all the animals you work with. Many people like supporting the environment and this is a perfect career for someone with that interest. This career can also help balance our eco system. Over all Marine Biology is a great career to get into and can help the environment in many ways. Since this is such a big job there may be a need for more Marine Biologists. It may sound like a really strict job, but if you really love what you do it does not feel like a job.

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