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Marine Biology The field of marine biology, the study of organisms within their environment of an ocean, lake, or river, has a very broad range of occupations. Marine biologists try to discover how organisms grow and develop, how they get food, how their bodies function, and how their life relations correspond to other organisms. They also use laboratory experiments to increase knowledge of human life processes. This is a great career for me to enter because there are so many opportunities to pursue my own specific interests while still having the option of working in the environment that est. suits my lifestyle.

The study of marine biology began as early as 1200 BC on voyages by the Phoenicians. Aristotle is considered to be the father of marine biology and was the first to record observations of marine life. Years later, Sir Charles Weevils Thomson went on a three year voyage and returned with 30,000 pages of observations; he later created the field of oceanography. He also discovered 4,717 new species on his journey. This long history of development has created the successful field of marine biology which is a major function in life today.

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Although marine biology is an important career, the actual Job outlook is not very good. Unfortunately the supply of marine scientists exceeds the demand for experts in this field. Marine biologists are employed in aquariums, museums, colleges, and several private firms. However, government Jobs are limited and Job availability at these other locations is very limited and competitive. Overall, the entire field is fairly restricted because of the small demand. After college, it is customary for graduates to begin at very low levels and work their way up to a higher-ranking Job.

In order to be successful in this field, a great deal of education is required. Before pushing a marine biology major, it is important that the student possesses certain qualifications. It is necessary to enjoy science, specifically chemistry and biology, and enjoy working with animals. A student should be interested in animal conservation, and should desire to use this passion and drive to develop a good work ethic. It is necessary to be able to swim; however, the most important characteristic is that students should constantly stay curious and have a desire to explore the world round them to make new discoveries.

If a student such as l, possessed these qualifications, I may be interested in applying to these schools on the east coast that have marine biology programs: UNC Wilmington, University of Miami, University of Rhode Island, University of Massachusetts, University of Georgia, University of Maryland, and Cornell. These schools excel in their fishery, biological oceanography, and marine programs. When a student enters this path of study, the training will be gradual as they learn more throughout their undergraduate studies.

If a student ally has an interest in pursuing a major in marine biology, the best school in North Carolina to attend would be UNC Wilmington because of their extensive marine program. In order to be accepted into UNC Wilmington, a student’s high school GAP should be roughly 3. 78, the SAT average is 1600, and the ACT scores around 22. Throughout my undergraduate career it would be important to take courses in biology, zoology, oceanography, chemistry, physics, biometrics, mathematics, and statistics. It is also important to take a number of English courses because marine eulogists are expected to publish their work in writing.

Any courses in social science are important, especially courses in animal behavior or animal psychology. I could become a marine biologist with Just a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, but in order to stand out and obtain the most advanced Jobs, it would beneficial to pursue a Doctorate degree. Obtaining a Ph. D. Could entail the taking of social and economics courses due to the advanced case work a biologist with a Doctorate degree would have. Once I graduate college and attempt to Join the workforce, I should not expect to mind a high paying Job easily.

A marine biologists’ starting salaries can start as low as $1 5,000 annually, but in most cases are roughly $25-35,000. The average income one should expect to receive with Just a Bachelor’s degree is roughly $35,000, while a biologist with a Ph. D. Could earn as much as $60,000+ a year. A marine biologists’ salary is largely based upon the specific occupation, one’s education, and the Jobs geographic location. As one’s experience and knowledge in the occupation rises in years, the salary will rise as well. Benefits of the salaries can include paid vacation ND sick days, medical coverage, and a KICK retirement plan.

Opportunities for advancement could include becoming a marine biologist for the government or even a college professor. After one obtains a Job in the marine biology field, there are two different possibilities for a work environment. Some biologists work in a lab setting which will focus on manipulating laboratory experiments and analyzing test results. Others will work out in the marine environment and be expected to partake in hands on activities with marine life. This type of Job involves a lot of long distance traveling to efferent work sites and requires a definite appreciation for hands on outdoor work.

This type of work requires knowledge of various equipment such as cameras, nets, recorders, and measures, and also a willingness to swim and scuba dive. Both lab work and field work can involve very long hours and focus on research. Obtaining a Job in marine biology does not guarantee a specific Job path because graduates with majors such as zoology and oceanography will also be competing for the same types of Jobs. There also is not as big of a growth rate for Jobs as there are in other biology based careers.

Aside from the Job outlook, there are several other disadvantages to this career. Extensive amounts of time are spent researching and the large amounts of travel may lead to difficulties in maintaining family life. Additionally, the beginning salary is low, so it would be necessary to maintain employment in the career in order to receive any of the benefits. It can also be dangerous to swim in the proximity of predators such as sharks or Jellyfish and with the risk of hurricanes and storms. The constant outdoor interaction with marine life may also be too physically demanding.

Most importantly, it is psychologically difficult to be a marine biologist because it is impossible for one person to save the entire marine population. It can be discouraging to see all of one’s efforts make very little difference in the grand scheme of things. However, there are also some very important advantages to being a marine biologist. If a person is very passionate about animals, they have the opportunity to interact wit n them and tint ways to save them and their environment. Additionally, traveling can be exciting and gives a person the chance to see new places and experience new cultures and places.

Once a person advances well into the field, the salary is high. Finally, a marine biologist is able to utilize new technologies and live on the cutting edge of scientific development. I am very worried about the Job outlook and fear the insecurity I would have in obtaining a position in the field. In addition, the danger involved in working in the ocean is a risk that I will definitely have to weigh. However, these disadvantages pale in comparison to my passion for animals and my desire to have a Job that would low me to study and protect them.

I went snorkeling several months ago and was so intrigued that I would sacrifice any salary to be able to experience this everyday. Therefore, I have decided to consider pursuing this career opportunity. In order to do this, I will continue to study hard and do well in school. I have also decided to apply to UNC Wilmington next year in hopes of being accepted in the Marine Biology program. While I am not completely decided that this is what I want to do, I can still try it and see if it is actually a well suited fit for me.

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