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Mark Zuckerberg Leadership Theory Sample

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    By happenstance on May 14. 1984 the same twelvemonth that Apple. Iraqi National Congress released its radical Mac computing machine. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was born. It was clear to everyone near to him that Mark was particular since his early old ages. Nowadays his name is written in history as the youngest billionaire or more common. the Facebook’s laminitis. At his 28th birthday. merely 8 old ages after he conceived the thought of the Facebook he managed to pealing the NASDAQ’s bell to signal the start of a trading twenty-four hours in Wall Street and at the same clip to take his company successfully in the trade market for the really first clip. In 2012. Facebook’s market rating was $ 104 billion. A Mark’s quotation mark was enclosed along with the Facebook’s enrollment statement: ‘’we don’t physique services to do money ; we make money to construct better services’’ ( Mark Zuckerberg. 2012 ) By the clip that Facebook as a company got into the trade market Mark was considered as a really smart individual who was analyzing in the Harvard University. a hacker. an discoverer. bizarre. lonely. really focused to his undertakings.

    While he was fighting to be successful he gained a batch of experience through different state of affairss occurred. therefore he was able to develop himself from a managerial every bit good as from a personal point of position. Nevertheless he acquired. developed and improved a assortment of accomplishments and traits that helped him pull off the colossal house called Facebook. There is one really of import component though which forces a peculiar individual to be successful ; it is the personality of the individual itself. ‘’Personality is the set of psychological traits and mechanisms within the person that are organized and comparatively abiding and that influence his or her interactions with. and versions to. the intrapsychic. physical. and societal environments’’ ( Larsen & A ; Buss. 2005. p. 4 ) . It can be built from the influence of heredity. or early childhood experiences. No uncertainty. personality of a individual can be alter due to major life events and by the gradual maturing procedure and so on. Through the old ages a batch of scientists. sociologists and psychologists were working on assorted theoretical accounts and theories of leading. Some of the theories were developed. others were abrogated and some new 1s were discovered.

    Some of them are the Great Man’s Theory ( 1900 ) . the Trait Theory ( 30’s ) . the Behavioral Theory ( 40’s and 50’s ) . the Contingency Theory ( 60s and 70s ) . the Transformational Theory ( 80s up ) etc. The 5 trait theory that it is an old one so is preceding the scientific survey of leading and making back into antiquity. across several early civilisations ( Bass. 1990 ; Zaccaro. in imperativeness ) . There are assorted and multiple illustrations to back up this quotation mark and they can be found in the Chinese. Italian. ancient Greek. Babylonian and Egyptian literature. Allport ( 1961 ) defined a trait as a “neuropsychic construction holding the capacity to render many stimulations functionally tantamount. and to originate and steer equivalent ( meaningfully consistent ) signifiers of adaptative and expressive behaviour. ” ( p. 347 ) Personality traits which seems to be the most widely recognized manner to sort personalities will be used in order to depict the personality of Mark Zuckerberg.

    This theoretical account has been divided to five major dimensions: Surgency or Extraversion. Agreeableness. Neuroticism or Psychological accommodation. Conscientiousness. and Openness to see. Surgency personality dimension includes leading and extroversion traits such more specific traits as chatty. energetic. and self-asserting. Mark showed his strong surgency as he wants to be the individual who leads the squad and decidedly did non desire to be a subsidiary. When he was asked to work for the Winklevoss brothers he ne’er truly accepted the enquiry to plan the dating societal web so called Harvard Connection. Mark demonstrated in legion occasions his assertiveness and his energy ; while he was constructing Facebook every bit much in the tribunal when he was standing entirely supporting himself against the attorneies of his enemies and his ex-friends. Furthermore his talk ability and his communicating accomplishments are unchallenged since he argued down a batch of individuals while he was supporting his construct thought around Facebook. although he impressed a batch of people with his presentation and persuasion accomplishments.

    Till late when Mark was on a concern trip in China –the merely state in the universe that Facebook is banned by federal law- he dazzled everyone when he started talking Chinese fluently during his address in Beijing. The brawny extroversion led Mark into prosperity. wealth and prosperity. Ricky Griffin and Gregory Moorhead ( 2010 ) argue that agreeableness refers to a person’s ability to acquire along with others. Agreeableness causes some people to be soft. concerted. forgiving. understanding and good-natured in their traffics with others. But it besides consequences in others being cranky. choleric. uncooperative and by and large counter toward other people. It is said that Mark was non ever an easy-going individual. peculiarly during the period that he was programming the Facebook. Back so he was more of a director because Facebook was his thought and non a leader as he developed himself subsequently on.

    There were many contentions all these old ages about his determinations how he treated his friends and his co-workers every bit good as how he was predisposing diverse issues sing the betterment of the house. Although subsequently he became a true leader harmonizing to his co-workers he stood up and led his house to the top. Neurosis sometimes is reversed and called emotional stableness includes traits like tense. Moody. and dying. Costa and McCrae ( 1992 ) suggest that ‘’the general inclination to see negative affects such as fright. unhappiness. embarrassment. choler. guilt and disgust is the nucleus of the neurosis domain’’ ( p. 14 ) . Watson and Tellegen ( 1985 ) specify this sphere of personality as negative emotionalism. negative affectivity. or negative disposition. Although the wide trait of neuroticism/anxiety includes other negative emotions. such as depression. guilt. and ill will. and character traits such as low self-pride. neurosis and anxiousness are virtually identical as traits. ( Zuckerman. Joireman. Kraft & A ; Kuhlman. 1999 ) . Mark’s reactions in assorted state of affairss occurred indicates that he does non hold a nice emotional stableness and he acts irrationally.

    An illustration of that is that before he conceive the thought of Facebook he had a battle with his girlfriend and they broke up. He was so ferocious about it so he decided to compose about her on his public web log and so he hacked all the houses of Harvard University because he wanted to make the FaceMash which was a package where it uses to compare pupils to what sort of farm animate beings which seemed unethical to the bulk of pupils and the school board. Nevertheless that package was an of import measure to acknowledgment since it made him celebrated among the pupils of Harvard. Conscientiousness includes traits like organized. thorough. and be aftering. Ricky Griffin and Gregory Moorhead ( 2010 ) suggested that conscientiousness refers to the figure of ends on which a individual focuses. Peoples who focus on relativity few ends at one clip are likely to be organized. systematic. careful. thorough. responsible and self-restraining. The high grade of conscientiousness that Mark had led him to success. He was the 1 that he ever wanted to set in excess attempt and excess clip. For illustration when he created the Face Mash he worked eight hours directly in the center of the dark.

    In add-on when he created Facebook he spent legion hours. yearss. and hebdomads working on this undertaking. Therefore when he conducted a squad of coders to assist him do Facebook he guided them to work focussed. carefully. responsibly and consistently merely like him. Openness in experience reflects a person’s rigidness of beliefs and scope of involvements. Peoples with high degrees of openness are willing to listen to new thoughts and to alter their ain thoughts. beliefs and attitudes in response to new information. They besides tend to hold wide involvements and to be funny. inventive and originative. ( Ricky Griffin. Gregory Moorhead. 2010 ) Mark was non ever an easy-going individual but he was willing to alter his attitude and his manner of believing in different occasions. For illustration he was the Godhead of Facebook and evidently he had his ain thoughts and manner of working but he changed a batch while he was working because he was influenced a batch by his co-workers. Facebook would ne’er be possible if Mark was non unfastened to new experiences.

    There are many definitions sing leading because a assortment of psychologists and sociologists worked on this leading theories undertaking. therefore there are multiple theories based on leading. Some of them are singular such us: Leadership is the ability to measure and or calculate a long term program or policy and act upon the followings towards the accomplishment of the said scheme. Adeoye Mayowa: A Leadership Manager in Nigeria ( 2009 ) . “A leader is best when people hardly know that he exists. non so good when people obey and acclaim him. worst when they despise him. ‘Fail to honour people’ they fail to honour you. ’ But of a good leader. who talks little. when his work is done. his purpose fulfilled. they will all state. ‘We did this ourselves. ‘” ( Lao Tzu. Chinese laminitis of Taoism. writer. sixth Century BC ) “Leadership ( harmonizing to John Sculley ) revolves around vision. thoughts. way. and has more to make with animating people as to way and ends than with daily execution. A leader must be able to leverage more than his ain capablenesss. He must be capable of animating other people to make things without really sitting on top of them with a checklist. ” ( Bennis. W. ‘On Becoming a Leader’ Reading. MA: Addison-Wesley Publishing. 1989. p. 139 )

    It is a fact that there are a batch of traits. abilities and manners and based on them a leader can be categorized in managerial constructs or managerial manners. Mark as every other leader has certain abilities. traits and a managerial manner that differentiates him from every other leader and makes him loved or hated by his co-workers and subsidiaries. Ceci and Liker ( 1988 ) province that work-related cognition and accomplishments obtained as a consequence of experience are more of import to occupation public presentation than cognitive ability or general intelligence. That is what makes Mark so particular ; when he was merely a college male child when he invented Facebook he worked his ain manner up and gained his traits and abilities from on-work experiences separately or working with others hence he developed a assortment of accomplishments for himself every bit good as he adapted a certain managerial manner which was tantrum for his house harmonizing to him. For Zuckerberg leading as a construct is about bring forthing focal point. It is about to happen the right people for the right occupation. remain focused all the clip. dedicated. careful and stuck to the ends. From the manner he making things. it is said that Mark is more of a democratic manner leader.

    He does non truly move like a dictator as he is unfastened to take under consideration to others sentiments and thoughts. Someday an incident happened and the Facebook’s employees started to contemn their leader until Mrs. Reed stepped in and showed the manner to Mark. that since he has jobs with managing his employees he should take lessons or seminars on leading and human resources direction. Nevertheless. Mark is one of the people-oriented types of leader. He asked for aid from Sean Parker. who is a really gifted adult male. the 1 who invented Napster although he was known about the contentions in his personal life with imbibing jobs. adult females and the jurisprudence. Zuckerberg did non concern about his bad repute but he wanted the endowment of Sean Parker who is besides described as a concern creative person. Parker did assist Zuckerberg with a batch of things in order to accomplish the success of Facebook with the endowment which Parker has. Zuckerberg is a good leader that he leads Facebook to a greater and a more successful way. It is obvious that Mark implements a managerial theory in his house which is the situational theory.

    The Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Theory was created by Dr. Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard. The theory states that alternatively of utilizing merely one manner. successful leaders should alter their leading manners based on the adulthood of the people they’re taking and the inside informations of the undertaking. Using this theory. leaders should be able to put more or less accent on the undertaking. and more or less accent on the relationships with the people they’re taking. depending on what’s needed to acquire the occupation done successfully. Therefore in every state of affairs Mark was able to accommodate his manner in order to pull strings and find the result of every job. Besides that. Mark Zuckerberg is a perfect illustration of the way end theory which was developed by Robert House. House ( 1996 ) suggests that the path-goal theory is a dyadic theory of supervising. It concerns relationships between officially appointed higher-ups and subsidiaries in their daily operation. It is concerned with how officially appointed higher-ups affect the motive and satisfaction of subsidiaries.

    It is a dyadic theory of supervising in that it does non turn to the consequence of leaders on groups or work units. but instead the effects of higher-ups on subsidiaries. Consistent with the dominant leading paradigm of the clip. path-goal theory is chiefly a theory of undertaking and individual oriented supervisory behaviour. More common Mark have to supply followings with information. support and resources in order to assist them accomplish their ends. Furthermore Mark have to clear up the way to the employee’s ends and in this state of affairs he can show multiple leading manners depending ever on the juncture. This can be achieved by being. participated. directive. and supportive and achievement oriented. Mark fits all standards. Although the growing and prosperity of his house was expected and uninterrupted he managed to alter his leading manner several manner. First. after he created Facebook he acted as a directing leader and he was supplying the necessary counsel and psychological support to his employees of his company in order to guarantee the changeless enlargement. Afterwards when Mark was certain that his company was on the right path he could eventually take a more supportive function.

    He is a really good illustration of a participative leader presents that Facebook is eventually sustainable and a hardheaded leader is non required among the ranks of the house. This can be proved by seeing Zuckerberg’s Facebook personal page where he is seeking to animate and pull self-motivated individuals such us himself to fall in his house. In add-on. Zuckerberg as a leader have a topographic point in the managerial grid theory ( diagram 1 in appendixes ) which demonstrates the relation between productiveness and people. Mark shows utmost involvement in both productiveness and people because he is looking for good quality every bit good as for employee satisfaction. That would put him on a mark of 9. 9 in leading grid theory. Furthermore If Zuckerberg was judged based on the Leadership Continuum Theory ( diagram 2 in appendixes ) it would be seeable that Mark falls someplace about 6th defined trait. He has received a colossal blessing rate from his employees and they have said that they love working at Facebook ground being that what they say and think is considered and it matters to their leader.

    Every determination taken at Facebook is a group determination. Zuckerberg has showcased a assortment of traits –based on the trait theory- that makes him an effectual leader. The trait theory of personality best explains the impression of emotional intelligence. Traits are underlying inclinations to act in a consistent and typical manner and they describe the frequence or strength of a person’s feelings. ideas or behaviours. ( Nilanjan Sengupta. 2009 ) Some of Mark’s traits are: authorization or laterality. passion or high energy. intelligence. focal point. assurance. self-awareness. fearless. unity. shared vision and actions. besides he is authorising. collaborative. communicative and echt. The result of this traits mixture shows that Mark Zuckerberg knows where he is traveling and hold a strong stated mission to take people on. He has strong focal point and corsets on class. He is really passionate for what he is making.

    He has stated that he lives. breathes. chows and slumbers for Facebook. He decidedly believes in himself. He is honorable and committed. Peoples want to work for leaders and companies that genuinely care about their employees and the communities in which they operate. The privation besides to be portion of the dream and experience that they are productive and of import. Mark makes his co-workers feel emboldened and powerful. True leaders portion their vision or scheme frequently with those around them so Mark does. Certainly he is non afraid to seek new things and take hazards and he knows about his strengths and his failings every bit good as for his squad. At this point. it can be said that Zuckerberg has emerged and evolved as an Employee Centered CEO. with a democratic manner. He has come a long manner to make this point with conveying a batch of alterations in him and to others around him. When it comes to personality traits. without any uncertainty his strongest trait would be his openness to see and the willingness to ever seek something new.

    To reason. Mark Zuckerberg is considered to be my theoretical account since from really immature age he managed to go popular and to supply to the universe the best societal web and the most recognized one. Besides that the leading traits that Mark possess are really look alike with my personality elements or traits. His accomplishments are really difficult to be achieved by person in the extroverted hereafter. His manner of taking though is the most of import for me because it is really similar to my manner of thought and moving sing leading and human resources direction. Since in every individual sort of concern in the universe the human factor is the most of import one and plays the most important function sing production. gross revenues. client & A ; employee satisfaction which are the cardinal elements for a house in order to go on prosper and unrecorded. I believe that the democratic manner of taking and the path-goal theory that motivates the employees is the best for a company.

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    -some of the facts used in the essay were taken from the film Social Network ( 2010 ) Appendixes

    Diagram 1 -The direction grid- developed by Robert R. Blake & A ; Jane Mouton ( 1964 ) Diagram 2 – The leading continuum theory- developed by Tannenbaum & A ; Schimdt ( 1973 )

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