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Mark Antony is one of the most celebrated people of Roman history. He was one of the most superior generals and a important solon in his clip. A companion and frequenter of Julius Caesar, Antony was an ideal military tactician and leader of the people. He was a adult male who started out for the people but finally became hungry for power and imperium enlargement. Mark Antony was a military and political leader in Caesar’s clip who rose to the highest of Roman power but finally lost everything due to his greed.

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Marcus Antonius was born in 83 BC, the boy of a baronial Roman household, related to the Roman leader Julius Caesar. His male parent died when he was immature and shortly after his female parent remarried P.Lentulus. Lentulus found him self in problem and was strangled by Cicero for his engagement in the Catiline Affair. This changed Antony’s early life badly and he promised one twenty-four hours he would run into up with Cicero and kill him.

Mark Antony’s military calling started when he was immature. His first travels were to Syria where he was shortly promoted to a Calvary Commander, and sent off to Judea and Egypt. Antony was subsequently sent to Gaul where he served under Caesar. He was so superior to his equals that at the age of 22 he became Tribune of the People. Soon Antony became a quaestor with a repute of being a talker on behalf of Caesar’s involvements while he was no at that place.

It was during this period in Rome where Antony met Fulvia. Fulvia besides had a hatred for Cicero from her last matrimony. They shortly were married and Antony was doing his manner higher in the Roman universe. In 49BC, he received the rubric of Augur ( priest and forecaster ) . It was during this same twelvemonth that he vetoed the Senates effort to take Caesar’s bid. Antony left Rome and traveled to Gaul until things cooled down where he went back to watch over Caesar’s involvements. Caesar shortly became enemies against Pompey, Antony tried to support Caesar and was kicked out of the senate. Antony shortly fled with Caesar to acquire ready for conflict.

Antony commanded a wing of Caesar’s Hosts at the conflict of Pharsalus in 48 BC where Pompey was defeated. Following the conflict in 44 BC, Antony became

co-consul with Caesar. When Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March, 44 BC, Antony instantly took all of Caesar’s ownerships including documents, abodes, and other assets. He gave his celebrated address at Caesar’s funeral at the forum and was successful in turning the people against the corrupt senate led by the bravo Brutus. Antony was disregarding a of import portion of Caesar’s wants, to manus everything to his inheritor Augustus who shortly showed up in Rome, but Antony refused to collaborate.

Octavian found himself in a hard place and with Antony’s greed and refusal to let go of Caesar’s assets, Cicero sought to pervert the Senate. Augustus was given the rank of senator and the senate backed Octavian against Antony. While Antony was successful in capturing Cisalpine Gaul, he was defeated at Forum Gallorum and Mutina against the immature Octavian. Antony was forced to withdraw and run into up with Plancus, Asinius, and Lepidus.

Octavian found that his existent enemy was the senate and that they were seeking to get down conflicts between powers, the same as between Pompey and Caesar. Octavian shortly went to Antony to name a armistice and combine forces. They decided they would allow another individual articulation with them, Lepidus. Lepidus was an of import adult male who made his celebrity with Caesar in the civil war and owned the needful Spain.

In 43 BC, Antony joined with Octavian and Lepidus to estab

lish a 2nd triumvirate. They shared power by Antony governing the eastern Providences and Gaul, Octavian took Italy and Spain, and Lepidus took Africa. Their first aim was to get down doing a list of their enemies to be killed. The new triumvirate marched on the corrupt senate. In 42 BC, the two opposing ground forcess met at Philippi where Antony led a great triumph. The two bravos who were the leaders of the senate both committed self-destruction at the terminal. Cicero attempted to fly but was hunted down by the Antony’s soldiers, captured and executed. His caput and custodies were chopped away and sent back to Rome. His caput was given to Fulvia as a gift for what she once suffered. Cicero’s custodies were nailed to the Rostra in the Forum.

After the conflict of Philippi, Octavian returned to Rome, while Antony stayed in Asia Minor where he planned to take Parthia. While there he asked Cleopatra for her aid. The two of them so traveled to Alexandria, where they fell in love. He stayed with her for the winter of 41-40 BC.

Octavian and Antony’s friendly relationship started to consume once more. Antony’s married woman Fulvia and brother Lucius were back in Italy where they started struggle with Octavian, get downing the Perusine War. They were easy defeated and Fulvia fled to Athens. Antony did non cognize of the incident and when he found out, he went to Athens to face his married woman. Fulvia became sick and died shortly thenceforth. Antony went back to Egypt to state Cleopatra of the intelligence and so to Brundisium to stop the affray between him and Octavian. At Brundisium, Octavian gave his sister Octavia to Antony in return for the Province of Cisalpine Gaul.

The triumvirate was renewed for an extra five old ages. Antony shortly launched his Parthian run which was unsuccessful and was taken by Parthian Calvary. Lepidus was tired of taking attention of Africa from Rome so he made a bad determination to take Sicily for himself. As a consequence he was deprived of his powers and administrative places to be sent to expatriate, where he stayed to his decease.

Antony wanted a great eastern imperium and Cleopatra was willing to assist. Once once more tenseness between Antony and Octavian started to emerge. Antony told Octavian how he treated his sister Octavia. Octavian told the public Antony had been holding kids with Cleopatra and that Egypt was his state where he was acquiring his wealth.

The concluding interruption up between Antony and Octavian was when Antony got so huffy that he publically divorced Octavia. Antony besides gave his lands that should hold been Rome’s to Cleopatra. Octavian wanted him out of the image wholly so he read Antony’s Will which left many gifts to his bastard kids by Cleopatra. The Senate stepped in and took his powers and started a civil war.

Augustus was given a fleet of ships and advanced toward Egypt. Antony met his ships at the gulf of Actium. Antony’s heavier ships were no lucifer for Octavian’s quicker, smaller ships. Antony and Cleopatra feeling a licking abandoned and went to Alexandria. Octavian shortly reached Alexandria where Cleopatra tried to negociate and when Antony heard of this he fell on his blade perpetrating self-destruction. Directly after Cleopatra took her life as good with a toxicant serpent. Octavian made certain that nil like this would of all time go on once more and killed all Antony’s kids except he 1s he had with Octavia.

With Lepidus in expatriate, Antony and Cleopatra dead, their personal hoarded wealths and the wealth of Egypt captured, the Pompeian party dead, and the corruptness of the Senate, Octavian became the swayer of the Greco-Roman-Egyptian World.

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