Relating Jung’s study on masculine protest to an Article Essay


Women Behaving Manly,,,  Saturday night, to meet your buddies downtown for a monster game, your state’s most blood-soaked walked into the bar with TVs to the pregame, spot the guys in your favorite booth…then feel your heart sinking faster than a 3 point drainer. Squeezed between them with that annoying “I belong here smile” and oversize  Starter jersey is your friend’s new girlfriend. And for the past few months, your new girlfriend. The next morning you wake up completely unaware that the previous night you were a party to a crime.

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Relating Jung’s study on masculine protest to an Article
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An offense known as gender theft.

“A Nation in Crisis” – After years of creeping gender theft, we’ve reached a tipping point Evidence is everywhere. Girls crashing poker games. Coed bowling leagues, fishing expedition with mixed genitals.There’s nowhere left to be a guy anymore. Of course the problem isn’t that women want to lose their paycheck at cards throw a gutter ball or let the big one get away, It’s that these “guys girls” are not only unwilling but also seemingly unable to interact without the company of men.

That’s not to say men don’t love, need and grow from being in the company of women, of course not just all the time, and especially not in traditionally male environments. There’s a hardline feminism that wants to deny that men and women are different and insist that we fully integrate, says Christian Hoff Sommers, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and Author of “The war against boys.”

“In search of Emotional Rescue”- All relationship attain value based on the amount of time one person spends with another. That’s why you’re not as close to your college buds after graduation when they move to Atlanta. Women obsess overtime it’s what they use to gauge the success or failure of their relationships.

The problem with letting girls invade your time is that they start expecting you to do all all their things too, “says James, a 24-year old gender theft victim from the Midwest. “Ever been to a coed baby shower? Suicide is less painful. “These so called Jack-in-Jill events are emblematic of women all too willing to shelves centuries-old female traditions, but why? Some girls insist on unisex everything out of sheer insecurity but there are larger institutional forces at work. After a generation of “were all the same” gender brainwashing, it’s not just girlfriends crowding into guy time because any female presence alters male behavior, and usually in a female direction. Female use more words in a day than men, that is the style of female communication and that depreciates time spent with the guys. The “talk it out” model of interaction practiced by women is not only ineffective with men but can be harmful to the way guys deal with issues.The disagreeing quack therapists said that, most men known to always ignore troubles really does make most of them go away. Because it’s just like dealing with girls acting like guys but also men being conditioned to act like a woman.

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