Mauritius independence

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Mauritius had won its independence in 1968. The new country maintained the stability of its independence with the onset of free elections (Joseph 137) and a very good human rights record. The nation has been increasing its foreign investments, thereby generating Africa’s highest per capita income. One of its top money earners is its tourism industry. Hotels are part of the schematic diagram to bring much-needed dollars to its coffers. Why this particular island is being researched will be answered throughout this paper.

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I. Mauritius

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Mauritius is an interesting case to study as far as its level of cultural diversity, cross-cultural interaction, the dynamism of its hotel development rate, and the flux of tourists (yearly and diversity). Cross-culturally, the Mauritian population is a harmony of Indian, Chinese, European, and Creole races. Furthermore, Sega is the local music type, which has tinges of African sounds. This song type shows the miseries of African Slavery where their ancestors were abducted and sold as personal properties to the United States and other well-to-do nations. The nights are usually spent attending shows in the coastal hotels like the one we are studying here. The extinct Dodo bird is the symbol of Mauritius, for it is only found in this island nation. It has been acknowledged as the fifth nation to issue its postage stamps.

Mauritius Island hotels are as diverse in themes, sizes, types, chains, and locations as its population. Some of the groups of hotels in Mauritius are the Apavou Group Hotels Resorts, The Naiade Group of Hotels Resorts, The One&Only Group Hotels Resorts, the Beachcomber Group of Hotels Resorts, and Veranda Group of Hotels Resorts. Furthermore, the top five five-star hotels in Mauritius are the Beau Rivage Resort, the Dinarobin Resort, The Paradise Cove Hotel, the Paradise Hotel & Golf Club, and the Le Meridien Ile Maurice hotel.

The variety of choices allows a wide range of tourists (as far as class and location are concerned) to visit the island each year. Aside from the five-star hotels mentioned above, the nation also boasts of lower-priced hotels that still pamper their customers with that world-famous, magnetizing Mauritian home-away-from-home hospitality. The top five affordable hotels are Berjaya Le Morne Resort, Belle Mare Plage Resort, Heritage Golf & Spa Resort, Marina Resort, and Maritim Hotel.

Country Profile

Location: The country selected for this project is Mauritius Island. The Republic of Mauritius is a small French island nation located near the shores of Africa, specifically in the southwestern Indian Ocean. The Republic is composed of the islands of St. Brandon, Rodrigues, and the Agalega Islands.

Population: The Indo-Mauritian population comprises around seventy percent of the total population, while the remaining thirty percent belong to the Creole race. Additionally, the French and Chinese form part of the minority race. There are an estimated thirty thousand Chinese residents in Mauritius. In terms of religion, ninety percent of the population are Roman Catholics, while the remaining ten percent belong to the Buddhist faith. Furthermore, there are also some groups of foreign students studying in Mauritius.

Brief History: Mauritius was first discovered by Arab and Malay sailors during the tenth century. The Portuguese sailors arrived on the island in 1505 and set up a transient base before leaving to search for the Spice Islands. In 1598, three ships of the passing Dutch armada were blown towards Mauritius by a cyclone. The island was named Mauritius in honor of Prince Maurice of Nassau of the Netherlands. The Dutch established a settlement on the island in 1638, but left after ten years due to the destructive force of the regular cyclonic weather. Later, the French took over the Bourbon Island as well as Mauritius in 1715 and renamed it the Isle of France. The French turned the economy around by concentrating on the very rich sugar industry.

Francois Mahe de Labourdonnais had a hands-on policy as he hastened the economic prosperity of the nation. Finally, Mauritius got its independence in 1968, and the country became one of our newest republics within the Commonwealth in 1992.

Economic and Political Status. The maintenance of a stable economic and political system makes Mauritius a very safe location for tourists to come and enjoy their vacation.

Politically, the head of state of Mauritius is the President, who is elected for a five-year term. The President is elected by the National Assembly, which has only one chamber, unlike the United States, which has two chambers. The National Assembly has sixty-two elected members who are directly voted by the citizens. The National Assembly members sit for either four or eight-year terms. In addition, the Prime Minister and his council of ministers hold the reins of the government.

Economically, Mauritius has metamorphosed from a low-income agriculture-based economy (mostly sugar) to a middle-income economy anchored on diversity. Mauritius has made startling economic progress in bustling industrial, financial, as well as tourist industries. Its annual growth rate has been an outstanding five to six percent per year. Consequently, life expectancy has increased, and the infant mortality rate has diminished. The nation has now modernized infrastructure systems that have enticed foreign investors to set up shop there. As proof, Mauritius’ $16.28 billion gross domestic product in the year 2005 alone makes it the second-highest GDP African nation. The economy of Mauritius mainly focuses on the sugar cane fields, tourism (which includes hotels), textiles, and services. France and the United Kingdom are the country’s trading partners. To spur its economy faster, Mauritius has been a duty-free island for more than a year. This means that the duties of its imported goods are decreased and even deleted in some of its 1850 products that include clothing, food, jewelry, photographic equipment, audio-visual equipment, and lighting equipment. One of the country’s main goals is to attract tourists passing by as they travel to Singapore and Dubai, as well as allow access to all Mauritians to buy high-quality products at low prices.

II Market Info.

International hotel development in the country:

Hotel development in Mauritius is very dynamic. In fact, it is the leading industry on the island after replacing sugar as the number one dollar earner. As proof, the presence of many hotels in the country shows that it has indeed overtaken other industries, including the textile and banking industries. As stated above, tourism is one of the major industries in Mauritius. In order to fulfill this dream, hotels have been constructed to make foreign visitors feel that the cozy hotel atmosphere will make them feel at home.

Many hotels have sprouted around this small Indian Ocean nation. These hotels vary in terms of prices and services offered. Some of the most requested hotels in Mauritius are Le Prince Maurice, Le Touessrok Hotel, Les Bananes, Royal Palm Resort (our topic), Shandani Resort, Hilton Resort, The Oberio Resort, Paradis Resort Hotel, Paradise Cove Hotel, Les Manques, and Trou Aux Biches.

Mauritius hotels have been inviting all visiting foreigners into their doors. However, most of their tourists come from Europe because their two major business partners are the United Kingdom and France. Additionally, the hotels listed above show that all the major hotel brands in the world have already put up a branch in Mauritius. The above hotel lists boast such big names as The Hilton, which is more luxurious than the Hilton you find in New York or in any major American cities. Furthermore, the list of hotels in Mauritius is testament enough to the economic condition that many of its inhabitants are being hired by the hotel industry, thereby contributing to decreasing the nation’s poverty and unemployment rate. Therefore, the leading hotel industry, with its huge number of hotel employees, has helped to contain unemployment rates from their normal trend of going up.

In comparison to the Bahamas, Mauritius does just as well as the Caribbean combined. The facts above show that the number of hotels in Mauritius has proven that it can do well when compared to other countries. If the hotel industry had not fared well, then many of the five-star hotels would have demoted themselves to four-star or less in order to cater to less affluent foreign visitors.

There is a diversity of hotels in Mauritius. Yet, the Royal Palm maintains its reputation for being at the top in comparison to other major 5-star hotels like the Touessrok, the Belle Mare Plage, and more.

II. Marketing Success of the Beachcomber Mauritius Group of Hotels

Company Profile:

The Beachcomber group of hotels can be easily found in locations worldwide. One hotel is located in Seychelles: Hotel St. Ann Resort. There are eight other hotels in Mauritius: Le Paradis, Le Shandrani, Le Trou aux Biches, Le Cannonier, Le Dinarobin, Le Mauricia, and Le Royal Palm. The Beachcomber Hotels can be found in many strategic places in Mauritius. Specifically, Dinarobin Resort is located in Le Morne Peninsula, Le Victoria is located in Grand Bay, North West Coast, Le Canonnier Resort is located in Royal Road, Pointe Aux Canonniers, Royal Palm Resort is located in the Grand Bay island, Le Mauricia is located in Royal Road – Grand Bay, Shandrani Resort is located in Grand Bay Island, Le Paradis is located in Le Morne South West Coast, and Trou Aux Biches is located in Trou Aux Biches – North Coast. Internationally, the Beachcomber hotels are successfully sprawling across many countries, including Japan, USA, South Africa, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, England, and Italy.

The Beachcomber Annual Report (Appendix A below) shows that the graph positively indicates an increase in the number of hotel rooms at Mauritius Beachcomber from 2004 to 2006. This increase was prompted by the rise in the number of guests at Beachcomber hotels in Mauritius from 2005 to 2006. Additionally, the income statement shows an increase in revenue from 2005 to 2006. This proves that the management plan of the Beachcomber Hotel Group in Mauritius is highly successful.

The Beachcomber Mauritius hotel brand is marketed as a Mauritian hotel community with all its warmth, charm, and tranquility. All its facilities pamper the clients to increase sales. This is one of the marketing strategies (Churchill 290) of Beachcomber hotels that makes it the number one hotel chain in Mauritius. Another marketing strategy is that prospective and returning clients can choose to stay in any of the eight uniquely different hotels. The clients’ group can prefer to check-in at one hotel, like Royal Palm Hotel, and use the spas, golf courses, and other facilities of another Beachcomber Hotel in Mauritius. Clients can choose to stay in the luxurious facilities of Dinarobin or the liveliness of Le Mauricia. To increase hotel occupancy further, clients are given choices of different check-in price ranges, from reasonable, budget to very expensive rooms. With authentic Mauritian hospitality, its marketing strategy of using lavish facilities and advertising through the internet and travel agencies around the world has made Beachcomber Hotels the best hotel to stay in on the island. In addition, the motto of the hotel is to give unbridled pure Mauritian hospitality that the Mauritius population is well known for. To emphasize, Mauritius is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world.

Also, another marketing strategy of Beachcomber Group of Hotels is to offer reasonable rates to increase hotel occupancies in all of its Mauritius Beachcomber hotels. Their varying hotel pricing rates for its four seasons have kept Beachcomber Hotels as the top hotel brand, as evidenced by the audited income statement shown below in Abstract A in the appendix section.

Development and management topic.

The staff employed at The Beachcomber Mauritius are well-trained in hotel schools in Mauritius. This is the secret formula for keeping the client’s stay warm and hospitable. The marketing, food service, and front desk staff are also part of the Beachcomber Mauritius service management group. Another marketing strategy that has made Beachcomber hotels in Mauritius very popular is that the hotels offer excellent and high-quality services. Plus, the hotel keeps boutiques, laundry facilities, babysitters, money exchange, tour desks, chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce Phantoms for hire, hairdressers & beauticians, first aid & infirmaries, and departure lounges with showers & dressing rooms in all eight Beachcomber hotels in this Indian Ocean country. Additionally, the hotel school training program is the best in the Indian Ocean area. Another marketing strategy that Beachcomber hotels have up their sleeves is that all their hotels offer mouth-watering menus in both local and international cuisines. Furthermore, the main focus of its marketing strategy, which has contributed much to the continuous popularity of its hotels, is to make customers feel that they are at home away from home in Mauritius.

The management aspect of the Beachcomber brand of hotels (of which Royal Palm is one member) is to continue pampering the customers from their check-in to their leaving the hotel premises. To reiterate, Beachcomber hotels are very successful because their management practices focus on pampering guests with home-style Mauritian hospitality. The management practices of the Beachcomber hotel group in Mauritius are to aggressively embark on a massive worldwide advertising campaign for its Royal Palm and the other seven Beachcomber hotels in Mauritius. Their marketing strategy states that for those wanting to experience Mauritius’ world-renowned hospitality in style, Beachcomber’s eight luxurious beach resorts are the best place to stay. Advertisements on the internet and through travel agencies display pictures of the Mauritian-owned and run resorts that showcase the unique, authentic Mauritian experience. Advertising brochures show sun lovers happily basking on luxurious beaches in summertime. Additionally, brochures and internet advertisements show fun lovers revelling in the golf range and spas. Lovers of food and wine can fulfill all their epicurean fantasies, as shown in the brochures and internet advertisements. Brochure pictures also show lovers of luxury delighting in the sybaritic choice of rooms, apartments, villas, and beach bungalow facilities of the Mauritius Beachcomber hotels.

To increase its already large client market, Beachcomber Mauritius has embarked on a worldwide strategic marketing plan to attract recognition (Royal Palm has done this with lots of success) and thereby increase revenues from hotel check-ins and other services. To accomplish this, Beachcomber opened its promotional website, With the website, a prospective client can navigate the user-friendly menus to get a picture of the total services offered by the eight Beachcomber hotels in Mauritius. One of the services offered by the website is speed. Now, clients can reserve a room with just a click of the mouse on the online Beachcomber room reservation menu. Additionally, the website…

Promises to its clients the same old Mauritian hospitality that is fit for a prince or princess. The website shows pictures of the facilities and the prices of each room type in the Beachcomber hotels in Mauritius. Clients can choose from among the inclusions, flexibility, or choice that each Beachcomber Mauritius hotel offers, such as:

Spa facilities, cuisine, sports (golf), entertainment, and location are all important factors in the marketing strategy of Beachcomber Mauritius. The company has set up hotels on eight different beaches on the island of Mauritius. Advertisement brochures further enumerate that the Beachcomber hotels are located across the road from a public beach or require a long walk or taxi. Some offer only one restaurant or the same buffet meals each night. In contrast, some competing hotels in Mauritius are foreign-owned and are aimed more towards the nationality of the owners. Some Beachcomber hotels in Mauritius only provide limited sports and entertainment facilities, if any.

To go deeper into our service analysis, the success of its management plans can be graded as a pass if the company has generated guest revenues that are more than the cost of maintaining the hotel facilities. The income statement below shows that its management plans are very successful and thereby receive a grade of pass. Beachcomber markets all its eight hotels in Mauritius equally by implementing many strategic marketing management plans. Specifically, one marketing strategy that has increased repeat customers is the Mauritius Beachcomber special offer called the Exclusive Hotel Interchange – “Two nights at another resort” plan. This unique Beachcomber Mauritius marketing plan offers guests the opportunity to stay at another Beachcomber resort during their stay. The hotel guests have the opportunity to stay two of the seven nights at another Beachcomber resort if its guests book seven consecutive nights at one Beachcomber resort. There is no additional charge for four of the Mauritius Beachcomber hotels. However, an additional charge is applicable for stays at Royal Palm, Dinarobin, and Paradis. However, this Hotel Interchange management plan is subject to the availability of the hotel facilities, and this Exclusive Hotel Interchange plan can only be booked when hotel guests arrive in Mauritius.

The management topic of the Mauritius Beachcomber hotel group’s creative financing strategies for overseas development shows that financing in 2005 came from a debt of 3,258 and additional investments of 5,924 by the stockholders. Increasingly, the financing in 2006 was covered by debt amounting to 3,289 plus investments by shareholders amounting to 6,349.

The following data shows the Beachcomber Hotel Financial Data (Appendix A).

(Rs’m) 2006 2005

Balance Sheet.

Total Assets: 12,683 | 11,294

Debt: 3,289 / 3,258

Shareholder funds: 6,349 / 5,924

And, the management topic of eco-resort development and design has been well-architected. All of its Beachcomber resorts have idyllic beach locations. Beachcomber Hotels were the pioneers of Mauritian tourism in 1952, with its juicy choices of the best sites in Mauritius. Naturally, all Beachcomber resorts are owned and run by Mauritians, thereby giving its foreign guests very authentic Mauritian holidays. Ecologically, all the Beachcomber resorts include breakfast and dinner each day with a choice of restaurants and dining styles, so you are not restricted to eating the same food or at the same restaurant night after night. A variety of themed buffet, set menu, and a la carte restaurants are available in the most desirable settings.

In addition, all Beachcomber resorts offer free water and land sports, including waterskiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, kayaking, pedal boats, glass-bottom boats, sailing, and tennis. Also, all Beachcomber resorts place great emphasis on accommodation standards. Furthermore, rooms and suites include a TV with free in-house movies, a minibar, telephones, private facilities, and your own balcony. Internet facilities are also available. The hotels offer a variety of room and suite categories to meet your needs.

The needs and expectations of our clients are important to us. In addition, Mauritius is a golfer’s dream as it has great golf courses at affordable prices. The Beachcomber customer can play at the golf facilities at Paradis Hotel, Dinarobin Hotel, Trou aux Biches Hotel, and Shandrani Hotel. Paradis has an 18-hole golf course, Trou aux Biches has a smaller 9-hole golf course, and similarly, Shandrani has a 9-hole golf course. Lastly, Golf du Chateau has an 18-hole golf course which is only a twenty-minute ride from Paradis Hotel. The Paradis Golf Course, located between Paradis and Dinarobin resorts, is the most challenging and popular in Mauritius. It is breathtakingly unique due to its excellent scenery, golf course upkeep, golf course facilities and add-ons, and the challenge each hole brings to every golfer (Appendix C).

Furthermore, managing local staff.

Also, all Beachcomber resorts employ staff who have been thoroughly trained at the Beachcomber Hotel Training Academy. This ensures that you receive the very best in Mauritian hospitality. The Beachcomber staff proudly demonstrate their knowledgeable professionalism and hospitality through their actions as they assist clients with booking and enquiries for their Mauritius Beachcomber Hotel accommodations. The managing local staff at Mauritius Beachcomber are Rod Eather, Darren Partridge, Nicky Gore, Sara McIlwraith, Gail Knoetze, Edrice Hundley, Tracey Collins, Ian Gore, Justin Knudson, Keira Olsen, Kevin Sheather, and Joan Eather.

Furthermore, multicultural marketing is very evident. As proof, many people from around the world can simply open the Beachcomber Mauritius website and check in to the hotel from the other side of the globe. Additionally, many tourist travel agencies advertise that they will take care of their customers’ every need when they want to have their honeymoon in any of the Beachcomber hotels in Mauritius by searching for Beachcomber Mauritius Hotels” or any of its hotel chains in Mauritius on The Beachcomber hotels advertised on the internet are enticing moneyed but culturally diverse people around the world to take time out from their hectic business schedules and relax for a day or week on the crystal-clear beaches of the Indian Ocean, as they are pampered by professionally trained Beachcomber hotel staff and using luxurious hotel facilities.

Also, service management is superb. To reiterate, another great reason why old customers keep coming back for more and why there is an unstoppable increase in the number of visitors to its eight Mauritius Beachcomber hotel destinations is Beachcomber’s special offer called Exclusive Hotel Interchange – “Two nights at another resort”. The crystal-clear white sands of the Beachcomber hotels’ beaches, plus the excellent food, high-tech hotel facilities, and best hotel-trained staff, will surely make each day worth it in terms of monetary value.

Beachcomber Mauritius is also a favorite among health and spa clients. The spas are located at Sainte Anne Resort & Spa, Seychelles, Royal Palm, Dinarobin Hotel Golf and Spa, Paradis Hotel and Gold Club (Appendix C), and Shandrani Hotel. Additionally, Beachcomber has wellness and massage centers at Beachcomber’s Trou aux Biches Hotel, Le Victoria Hotel, Le Canonnier Hotel, and Le Mauricia Hotel.

Furthermore, training program development is the best, for the staff are well trained in the best hotel school in Mauritius – Hotel Schools of Mauritius. This is due to the excellent Mauritius hotel and restaurant school training program development, which includes the subjects of Restaurant and Bar Service, Food Production, Housekeeping, Front Office, Hospitality Management, Leisure & Entertainment, Tourism Management, and Pastry Production. Additionally, the greenhorn hotel staff are continually being trained on a hands-on basis by the seasoned senior hotel staff (Appendix D).

In terms of religion, freedom of religion is exercised. Based on religious demography, most of the people in Mauritius are Roman Catholics. Roman Catholicism teaches its members to honor and respect the religions of people outside the Roman Catholic faith.

Also, food practice is excellent in terms of both local and international cuisine. As proof, the income statement shows an increase in the number of people entering the four walls of Beachcomber hotel rooms. There would be a decrease in the occupancy rate if the food served were substandard.

In-depth analysis of the management practices of the Beachcomber group of hotels in Mauritius.

Mauritius offers many facilities for hotel clients’ comfort, such as spas and golf courses. The hotels are among the world’s best in terms of accommodations for honeymoons, weddings, family affairs, sports facilities, and special events. The reason for the success of Beachcomber in Mauritius is that each hotel has many uniquely enticing specialties. For example, Le Victoria offers a six-night stay for only $2,099 per person (ex-Perth) for its fabulous rooms, stunning sunsets, and mouth-watering cuisine. This offer is valid from April 16, 2007, to June 29, 2007. Additionally, Dinarobin hotel offers a six-night stay for only $2,999 (ex-Perth) for its five-star all-suite luxury package. This offer is valid from April 16, 2007, to June 29, 2007. In terms of tourism, the Beachcomber group of hotels offers the Victoria Falls, Botswana, and Mauritius 13-night package for only $6,299 (ex-Sydney or Melbourne). This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the strategic management plan of Mauritius Beachcomber hotels.

In terms of finance (Abstract A), the revenue for the year 2005 of $5,286 has increased to $5,848 in the year 2006. Profits before taxation in the year 2005 of $1,177 has increased to $1,291 in the year 2006. The profits after deducting taxes for the year 2005 of $989 has increased to $1,143 in the year 2006. The total assets or resources owned by Mauritius in 2005 of $11,294 has increased to $12,683 in the year 2006. This is proof that the Beachcomber management strategy for its Mauritius location is successful.

In terms of dividend payout ratio, the dividends given out to its stockholders for the year 2005 were higher at 66.60% compared to only 57.32% given in the following year 2006. This is good for the company but not for the stockholders because the company gave out less dividend money in terms of ratio. The return on equity shows that sales, when divided by total equity, were only 16.38% in the year 2005 compared to the better 17.74% in the year 2006. This is a good plus for the company. Also, in terms of return on assets, the sales when divided by the total assets generated a lower 8.14% in the year 2005 compared to the better 8.88% ratio in the year 2006. Lastly, the debt in proportion to the total equity was higher in the year 2005 at 55:1 than the proportion in 2006 at 52:1. This makes the company look good in the financial statements.

Specifically, the Royal Palm Hotel of the Beachcomber Mauritius group of hotels is an upscale hotel widely known for its high-class service and popularity among high officials and known personalities. The Royal Palm has kept its level of recognition for its service provided because of its mission of focusing its resources on pampering the upper niche hotel customer market. The Royal Palm Hotel is located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, specifically on the protected North West coast of Mauritius. It is described as a magical boutique-hotel, a place of sheer beauty that is home to peace, excellence, and luxury. It is composed of a long uninterrupted stretch of immaculate beach and the finest lagoon of Mauritius. This is the sumptuous environment of this exclusive hotel.

There are 141 rooms that are divided into 87 Suite rooms, 57 Junior Suites, 4 Tropical Suites, 7 Palm Suites, and 3 Garden Suites, with the remaining rooms divided into Senior and Penthouse Suites. The Royal Palm is especially noteworthy, as their standard” rooms go for over $3000 a night, although these rooms are anything but standard.

III. Hotel Schools of Mauritius.

The very successful Mauritius Hotel and Restaurant School curriculum includes many power-packed subjects, such as Restaurant and Bar Service, Food Production, Housekeeping, Front Office, Hospitality Management, Leisure & Entertainment, Tourism Management, and Pastry Production.

The Hotel and Tourism Training Center (HTTC) offers hospitality courses with a concentration on the core areas of the industry, providing quality training to individuals in the hospitality industry in Mauritius. The teachers at this Mauritius hotel school are experts in the hospitality industry, teaching students diligence, initiative, dynamism, and outstanding job performance. The school was founded by businessmen with extensive experience in hotel management and opened in 1998 as a school of hotel management. It is located in Pamplemousses, Mauritius.

The facilities and school programs have been approved by the Mauritius Qualification Authority, which is a local government agency. This agency monitors the quality of the school programs in Mauritius. The school offers Bachelor’s degrees and postgraduate degrees. The graduates are given certificates and diplomas that are recognized in Switzerland. The mission of the school is to educate future leaders in all aspects of the hospitality industry and society. The school believes in the philosophy that superb business and management skills are the critical ingredients for leadership (see Appendix H & I).

Appendix D, E, F, and G show pictures of the Hotel School of Mauritius, including its programs for food preparation, housekeeping, and food service. Appendix J’s map shows the locations of the hotel schools in Mauritius.


The Beachcomber group of hotels has been very successful concerning its target market in the hotel business because of its superb implementation of the marketing mix (Etzel et al., p. 17). They are product, price, place, and promotion. The product, which is the Mauritius Beachcomber group of hotels, has excellent hotel facilities plus academically trained hotel staff. The staff comes from government-recognized hotel schools on the island. Each of the eight hotels has its uniquely popular facilities like sports facilities, which include golf courses, international cuisine, boutiques, laundry, babysitting, money exchange, tour desk, chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce Phantom for hire, hairdresser & beautician, first aid & infirmary, departure lounge with showers & dressing rooms, wellness, and massage centers in most of the eight Beachcomber hotels in Mauritius.

Also, the price is very reasonable. To increase hotel occupancy, clients are given choices of different check-in price ranges, ranging from reasonable budget rooms to the most expensive options.

Furthermore, its promotional strategy targets all prospective clients around the world. To increase its already large client base, Beachcomber Mauritius continues to embark on a worldwide marketing strategy to attract clients using its website: and

And with the promotional help of partner travel agents around the world, a prospective client can easily navigate the user-friendly menus on the website to get a comprehensive overview of the services offered by the eight Beachcomber hotels in Mauritius. One of the key benefits of using the website is its speed, allowing clients to reserve a room with just a click of the mouse on the online Beachcomber room reservation menu.

The hotel promotes the same old Mauritian hospitality that is fit for a prince or princess to its prospective clients as well as repeat customers. The website shows pictures of the facilities and the prices of each room type at the Mauritius Beachcomber hotels.

Lastly, the place, Mauritius Island, can be likened to paradise with its white sands, crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean, fine weather, peaceful, and very hospitable community. The Beachcomber hotels are located across the road from a public beach or require a long walk or taxi. The hotels are strategically located in eight white sand beach locations within Mauritius Island. The smiles of the hospitable local folks and hotel staff are the secret ingredients that have catapulted Beachcomber Group of Hotels in Mauritius to its current top spot in the hotel industry there.


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Appendix A

Income statement of Beachcomber Hotels – Mauritius.


Appendix B.

Royal Palm Hotel


Appendix C.

Paradise 18-hole golf course

Appendix D.

Hotel School of Mauritius.

Hotel School of Mauritius

Appendix E

Food Service Program

Mauritius School of Hotel


Appendix F

Housekeeping Program.

Hotel School of Mauritius.

Appendix G

Food Preparation Program.

Hotel School of Mauritius.

Appendix H

Hotel and Tourism Training Center (HTTC) offers certificate and diploma programs.

The grammar and readability within the HTML tags are correct.

Appendix I

Hotel and Tourism Training Center (HTTC) Semester Subject Schedule

Appendix J

Hotel School of Mauritius Training Centers.

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