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Mauritius Essay

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Mauritius Introduction The most easily reached island in the Indian Ocean is Mauritius.

It boasts as a tropical paradise such as Martinique and Maui and offers everything at a very good price. This small country is situated in Africa but it has been influenced by French and British ties and by the dominant Indian Workforce.Culture and History In the 10th century the early Arab traders knew everything about Mauritius but they never planned to develop it. Than in 1948 in the wake of Vasco de Gama’s voyage, the Portuguese explorers found this land.

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Apart from introducing rats and monkeys, they didn’t do anything to develop the land. Than came the Dutch in 1598, the next immigrants. The Vice Admiral of the Dutch navy Wybrandt Van Warwyck claimed it the island of the Netherlands, naming it Mauritius after his ruler Maurice, Count of Nassau and Prince of Orange. 40 years passed and than came the time when the Dutch finally began to settle it and preferring it to use it as a supply base when going to Java.

Than in 1710, after the failure of the colony to flourish the Dutch also departed leaving the extinction of the dodo and introducing of Javan Deer, Tobacco, Wild Boar, Sugar cane and African Slaves.In 1715, the next person to claim the island was a French captain Guillaume Dufresne D’Arsel and changed its name to I1e de France and gave it to be run as a trading base by a French East Indian Company. Settlement began after six years and in a matter of 15 years the island saw its first Sugar mill along with a hospital and road network. In the second half of the 18th Century, the capital of the island Port Louis was made a free port and a safe place for mercenary marines who were paid by a particular country to destroy the ships of its enemies.

Than in 1810 the British moved in on these so called Corsairs. The British were handed a defeat in the first battle which took place at the Vieux Grand Port, later they managed to overcome them and landed on the northern coast of Cap Malheureux and claimed the island. In 1814 a treaty was signed which was called the Treaty of Paris letting go I1e de France, the Seychelles and Rodrigues to conquers but were allowed Mauritians-Franco to keep their religion, language, Napoleon legal system and plantations of sugar. In 1853 all the slaves were granted freedom and the labor force was completed by bringing workers from China and India.

  Economy:The island’s economy is totally based on industry, trade, services and agriculture. Due to the small size of the local market and shortage of natural resources, the economy is export oriented. The islands main exports are Sugar and wearing apparel from the EPZ (Export Processing Zone). One of the main contributors to the local economy has been tourism.

There are free port sectors which contribute to the wealth of the Republic.The shortage of Natural resources along with the small internal market has not helped in any way to maintain growth of the economy. This has been the reason that Mauritius has been a poor island. But for the past 15 years, the majority of the people have managed to live a good life.

The GDP per capita income has increased from Rs1300 (US $ 200) in 1968 to Rs 74 336 (US $ 3600) in 1997. From being a poor country in 1968 when Mauritius became independent, it has become to be a middle level income country in 1997. Tourism Industry The tourism industry for the past couple of years has been of great importance to the economy of Mauritius. In 2003 there were nearly 700,000 tourists and earning were said to be around Rs 20 billion.

It has been a major foreign currency earner and has provided employment to thousands of people. The tourism industry has contributed so much to the Country and increased the standard of living. Tourist started to grow slowly and gradually from 150,000 in 1985 to around 600,000 in 1998. The earnings of the local people rose from Rs 850 million to around Rs 11.

5 Billion. To supple for the spectacular increase in tourists the number of hotel went up from 55 to around 90 in the same amount of time.Hotels have mostly been built on the coast as the tourists main attraction is the sea and the beaches. There is an awareness of hotels in the west, east and the North West.

Hotels are built on these particular locations because the most scenic and beautiful beaches are built on these locations.The number of tourists is expected to increase in the next couple of years so there is a considerable amount of pressure on the government by the property dealers to construct more hotels in the areas.  (Source discover Mauritius)The fact is that one of the main characteristics of construction of hotels in Mauritius is that most of the hotels are being built on the sea front which is causing these hotels to be in between the coastal road and the sea shore. Access to the beaches will reduce once more hotels are constructed.

Due to the increase in the standard of living and wealth of the local population, there are more people who spend time at the sea side on holidays and weekends, there has been an increase in demand by the public for more public beaches. This is in conflict with the demand of the property dealers for more sea façade. There is a real possibility for a rise in conflicts. The development of tourism will require new policies from the government resolve the demand of the people for more leisure activities and also of the whole tourism industry.

The government is backing the development of tourism inside the island. The main reason is to promote tourism in the interior part of the island and all of its sites. The island can offer much in that area too             Royal Palm Hotel (Source: Beach-Comber Hotels) The Hotel On the North West coast of Mauritius, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, lies a magical hotel, a home to peace, excellent and luxurious, a place of sheer beauty The Royal Palm Hotel. The best lagoons of Mauritius and a constant stretch of the finest beach make up the luxurious environment of this amazing hotel.

In the holidays, there is no need to prepare the demands, an attentive and caring personal are always welcoming guests making the wish of the customer their command. The Royal Palm Hotel celebrates the moments of relaxation, as they are very precious to them. This is the most prestigious address of the entire Indian Ocean.    A totally different world Describing the Royal Palm makes you look for emotions and not for superlatives and adjectives.

Royal Palm really touches your heart. Seeing it for the first time tends to be a surprise. The architecture, a boutique palace, which always means confidentiality, luxury and intimacy but still it, always feels like home.The atmosphere makes you feel as if you have a conversation with one of the dearest friends that what Royal Palm is.

Feelings flow rapidly: adoration, pleasure, and a sweet reminiscence provoked by the awareness of being put in a timeless capsule and being part of something special and grand.What the French call a Grand Maison that is what Royal Palm symbolizes. No one is preparing for the Royal Palm experience. To understand the Hotel you have to live in it, it is that hotel which spreads sunshine in Mauritius.

Time becomes biased at the Royal Palm and there are series of moments, which leave permanent mark on your heart.You are welcomed with the famous Mauritian welcome that is done with a true, generous smile. The team of Royal Palm always makes you feel at home, whether you are on the terrace, in any one of the restaurants, in small huts on the beach or in the amazing spa.Everything falls into place naturally at the Royal Palm and makes it a myth of Mauritius.

With a cautious and superior luxury, and with a personalized and attentive service, Royal Palm looks after your privacy. A stylish furniture and décor are situated with a delicate touch in each of the amazing 84 Suites.Each suite has a different story about it the walls are full of spectacular souvenirs, which add to the charm. All the objects have been given the perfect spot.

A folding divider gives an enthralling display of colors, a table, which brings the Indian empire to the mind, and wonderful rugs, which decorate the floor. The attention to all the detail is ubiquitous; your personal valet lays out everyday fresh fruits in a very delicate manner. Everything is smooth and soft which makes you feel peaceful.There are different suits available which include the Presidential Suite, Senior Suite, Penthouse, Palm Suite, Garden Suite, Tropical Suite and Junior Suites.

The best thing about the entire suite is that all the suites are faced towards the sea and are equipped with: Bathroom with separate toilet and shower.WardrobeToilet for VisitorsCordless TelephoneThe Royal SuiteThis suite has all the luxury and charm of the most luxurious residence of the world. The guests familiarly refer it to as The 135. An architectural masterpiece, this magnificent suite exceeds the thinking of space on more than 2 floors and 300m.

There is a small corridor on one wing of a suite, which leads to a small chamber where your personal valets cane come in and go out. The clothes placed delicately in the wardrobe is the proof the passage being there.  (Source Beach-comber hotels)With the amazing drapes to the paintings everything is luxurious and is enhanced. Fine material and fabrics are used to give an additional touch to Suite.

The smooth rugs bring out the shine of the magnificent floors, which invite you to embrace them. There are 2 bedrooms and each have a private bathroom. The areas are charmingly allocated with an elegant salon with modern furnishing and open into a perfect porch made entirely of wood and designed in such a way that it enhances tranquility and romance, a perfect place to dine under the stars. There is a private swimming pool placed in the wooden floors, which makes you ignore the beach and the extent of the ocean.

    RestaurantsPhilosophy of DiningThe La Goelette a complex cuisine that arouse all of the senses. In the background you can see the astonishing water and can sit under the shade of the Badamier tree at Le Bar Plage where you can enjoy the best and freshest food.In one of the most advanced restaurants in the Indian Ocean, in the La Goelette you can eat cuisine from all over the world mixed with the flavors of fresh products of Mauritius. You can also choose the atmosphere of Nature with all the healthy organic cuisine mixed with delicate flavors and natural goodness.

Michel De Matteis who is an awarded chef is a perfectionist and uses his talent with immense care to make dishes, which you like. La Goélette Restaurant  (Source Beach-comber hotels website)This amazing restaurant faces the sea and seats about 80 people and is open for breakfast and dinner. La Goelette has obtained a deserving international status. Chefs who come to Mauritius refer it.

It has the best produces of the island and the best ingredients in the world in an amazing set up, which enthralls the day and fascinates the night.  In the day it gets a taste of pleasure of life, welcomes the sun and a place where it is easy to relax. In the night it shows the elegant asset and immortalizes itself by the souvenirs. The trademark becomes elegance.

The candles light fluctuate with the touch of the wind. To finish of the refined look there are beautiful Chandeliers.La Table du CapitaineThe La Table du Capitaine is an English style restaurant, which is a private dinning room where you are the guest of the Chef. It is the place where you can have an exceptional dinner with your family and friends.

            Le Bar Plage Restaurant(Source Beach-Comber hotels)In Mauritius this restaurant has become a legend. This restaurant seats about 60 people and is open only for lunch, has two terraces each made of stone, laid in croissants and face the sea. A beautiful tree of Badamier stops the sunlight and make sure that the guests feel comfortable under the shades of its branches. Featuring the label of the Royal Palm, there are beautiful blue towels placed on each seats.

In between this magnificent setting, you are guaranteed some of the best style by the sea. The beautiful blue sky and water blows away the mind, the blue color fades into the whiteness of the beach that borders the hotel. Royal Palm is totally blessed with sunshine. Le Bar Plage is a pleasure and resides in coming back to this amazing venue, which is totally mesmerizing.

Natureaty RestaurantThis restaurant is located on the beachfront. It is set up on the bay, which ignores the lagoon. This restaurant seats around 35 people and is open for lunch and dinner. This restaurant offers a cuisine, which is entirely, cooked to optimize the goodness of the natural ingredients.

You can experience a balance cuisine with the fondness of Cretan and Asian gastronomies. This is a trendy rendezvous and totally different outlook on gastronomy.  BarsLe bar TerrassThis bar is built in the heart of the Royal Palm. Situated in the Hotel’s lobby it offers an amazing view of the village of Grand Baie and the Lagoon.

(Source Beach-comber hotel website)SportsLand sports and activitiesOn top of the Spa by Clarins there is a fitness center in the Royal Palm. You can also play squash and tennis and enjoy shopping at the fantastic duty free shops opened in the hotel premises. Water activitiesThere is a variety of activities which makes the most of the lagoon, sailing, water skiing, windsurfing and the best of the lot an exclusive voyage on your personal yatch. EntertainmentWhen the sun starts to set in the waters, the bar is opened at the bay which offers a delicious cocktail.

Each night the air is filled up of music and after which the local band entertain you with the local music. Then while eating at the restaurant, the traditional Puskaar show models show you the beauty of Indian Saris. Rolls RoyceTo start of your unforgettable journey in Mauritius the best option is to come from and go to the airport on a Rolls Royce Phantom, which is one of its kinds in the whole of Mauritius. This silver chauffer driven car has been built according to the specifications of the Royal Palm with a traditional beige interior made of leather with dark coating and represents hand made craftsmanship and unmatched quality.

The Rolls Royce phantom is the expression of the century of the company but it is modern in its technology and design. Spa by ClarinsThe Spa by Clarins looks exactly like the painting of Matisse. This elegant décor will take you to an enchantment full of colors like shades of orange and variations of red. The entire details have been carefully seen to create an atmosphere of elegance, charm, mystery and richness that this elegant décor can bring.

The soft material cushions invite you to touch and carve them. Through a Moresque door will lead you to a space where you will listen to the tumbling cascades and water. There are many facilities available including 1 balneotherapy, a beauty parlor, a pool, 2 hammas, 8 massage rooms and 2 saunas Mini clubRoyal palm also looks after the young ones. They are also conquered by the Royal Palm.

Every day they go and enjoy water activities, play tennis and squash under the eyes of the trained and caring staff of the hotel. They always like the special buffer and have immense pleasure in such activities. Other activities include games in the pool; they love movie shows under the stars, going on the glass bottom boats, competitions in tennis, and carving sculpture in soaps.       Bibliography Discover Mauritius from Mauritius.

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