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Examining Marketing Strategies for the Mauritius Fast Food Market

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It is the beginning of a new epoch that the fast nutrient industry has bit by bit breakthrough the Mauritius life style. Due to the globalization procedure, many fast nutrient franchises are now available in Mauritius.

Whether these fast nutrients have revolutionised Mauritius, today these merchandises form portion of our life style and civilization. Peoples rely on their convenience to heighten their lives and productiveness.

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Examining Marketing Strategies for the Mauritius Fast Food Market
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But in the fast and increasing competitory concern environment of today, the right selling attack is necessary to vie with rivals.

The ability to develop effectual selling scheme which enable the house to go more antiphonal and adaptable to the market will possibly more than of all time before, distinguish the victors from the also-rans

The rational of developing selling schemes is to react to the increasing high demand in fast nutrient and to finally increase the market portion of poulet Delight Ltd. The reply lies in the fact that Chicken Delight Ltd franchise is in the fast nutrient industry, selling fried poulet, french friess and Burgers, and its chief and direct rival is Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Chicken Delight Ltd is comparatively new on the Mauritanian market and Kentucky Fried Chicken has already place itself in the head of clients since it ( KFC ) was launched in Mauritius in the twelvemonth 1983.

Chapter 1: Chicken Delight Ltd

Company and Product Profile

Chicken Delight Ltd was incorporated on the 22nd March 2001. The company is a franchise, offering five merchandise lines ; it sells fried poulet, french friess, Burgers, salads and soft drinks.

In the early 2000 ‘s, with the globalization and the growing of fast nutrients in Mauritius, the company has introduced the trade name name of “ Chicken Delight ” in Mauritius. To provide for client demands, Chicken Delight Ltd has set up one retail store situated at Royal Road, Port-Louis ( under the trade name of Chicken Delight.

Chicken Delight Ltd is besides an highly advanced company with alone bill of fare points, and to accommodate the merchandises more to the local Mauritanian market, Chicken Delight has introduced 30 merchandises in Mauritius.

Chicken Delight Mission

As stated by the director, Chicken Delight ‘s mission is “ To supply fast nutrients that exceed client outlooks in footings of service, monetary value and quality ”

Chicken Delight Vision

“ To be present throughout the island, and to be the market leader in the fast nutrient industry ” ( as stated by the director )

Merchandise Profile

In Mauritius, Chicken Delight merchandises are manufactured within international norms and quality to supply the maximal satisfaction to its clients. The merchandises sold are Halal guaranteed. Therefore whatever person ‘s belief and civilization, he or she can eat Chicken Delight ‘s merchandises.

Thorough survey of the merchandise line has been conducted to run into up the different gustatory sensations and wonts of different people in Mauritius. In Mauritius, Chicken Delight ‘s merchandise mix consists of five merchandise lines, viz. fried poulet, Chips, Burgers, salads and soft drinks.

Chapter 2: Recovering competitory advantage

2.0 Introduction

This chapter will take at measuring Chicken Delight ‘s strengths and failings, its chances and menaces through an analysis of its external general environment besides called macro environment, its specific external, besides called micro environment and carry oning an organizational audit. It will reason with a SWOT analysis theoretical account

The critical aim of Chicken Delight is to accomplish competitory advantage. Competitive advantage is an advantage that a house has over its rivals, leting it to bring forth greater gross revenues or borders and retains more clients than its rivals. It is all about profitableness, and this can be achieved by either lowering costs ( comparative advantage ) or distinguish its product/service ( differential advantage ) or by making both at the same time, so that it creates more value and can bear down a higher monetary value ( Hill Jones, 2008, p104 ) .

There are 4 competitory advantages:




Customer reactivity

All these factors are cardinal success to competitory advantage. Concentrating on efficiency allows Chicken Delight to maintain close control of costs, and covering with the quality, client reactivity and invention allows the company to keep its client trueness and charge premium monetary values, thereby deriving competitory advantage.

2.1 Chicken Delight internal and external analysis

Chicken Delight to bring forth future alternate schemes and make up one’s mind which strategic option to prosecute to recover competitory advantage and better profitableness, it is critical to measure Chicken Delight ‘s strengths and failings, chances and menaces.

Strengths and failings are internal to a company. They determine strategic capablenesss of an organisation, which rely on its resources and competencies. The aim of Chicken Delight ‘s internal analysis is to place its touchable and intangible threshold resources, alone resources, threshold and nucleus competencies, which allow them to vie efficaciously and remain in front.

On the other manus chances and menaces are portion of an administration ‘s industry and macro environment. Identifying and analyzing chances and menaces in Chicken Delight ‘s working environment allow the company to find how best to construct on chances and avoid menaces. It helps make up one’s minding in which countries resources need to be committed or diverted.

Measuring Chicken Delight ‘s strengths and failings ; chances and menaces will imply analysing their general external environment ( macro environment ) ; its specific external environment ( micro environment ) and carry oning an organisational audit.

2.1.1 SWOT Analysis

The grind analysis summarizes cardinal issues from the concern environment and the strategic capablenesss of an organisation that are most likely to impact on scheme development. The purpose is to place the extent to which the strengths and failings of an organisation are capable of covering with alterations taking topographic point in the environment.

SWOT provides a usher to direction action and provides an first-class model for decision-making. The chief intent of a swot analysis is to place the schemes that will outdo tantrum Chicken Delight ‘s resources and capablenesss to chances and menaces of Chicken Delight ‘s environment, play down failings, avoid menaces or utilize creativeness and invention to turn them into chances. It further helps place and aline a set of schemes at functional degree, at concern degree and at corporate degree. ( Hill, Jones, 2008, Pg 9 ) .

SWOT Analysis for Chicken Delight


Has high seating capacity, more than it ‘s chief rival KFC

Has good client service, staffs are good trained for covering with clients

Uses fresh natural stuffs obtained from the local market for maximal quality

Clean and tidy environment and air-conditioned seating infinite

Strong trade name name as Chicken Delight is good known around the topographic point


Weak balance sheet screening losingss

No clients after 17.00 as all the stores are already closed at that clip

No assortment of vegetarian nutrients available

No merchandise invention since its gap

No childs repast available

No place bringing service available

Slow service to clients during peak clip due to miss of staffs

Narrow merchandise line, as have merely chicken french friess and Burgers. No beef or fish dishes


Bing a franchise, it can spread out easy to other location as Chicken Delight has a good repute

Can present other merchandises available at the Chicken Delight ‘s Head Office and therefore increases the scope of merchandises

Can present new merchandises for vegetarians and for childs and present fish and beef merchandises

Selling company portions to the bing staffs to increase staff properties to the company

Can seek to increase market portion quickly due to strong trade name name and first-class location of fast nutrient


Increase in monetary value of natural stuffs

Decrease in buying power of clients, clients will prefer cheaper nutrients despite less quality

Possible entry of rivals selling same sort of merchandises at cheaper monetary value and at a better quality

Severe Torahs about nutrient production in Mauritius may interfere with the being of Chicken Delight

Franchiser imposes new jurisprudence upon its franchisees

Customers prefer healthy nutrients to fried oily nutrients

Customer find another manner of disbursement money and halt buying at Chicken Delight

2.2 Analysis of Chicken Delight ‘s general external environment

The altering environmental factors have a high impact on the success or failure of concern scheme. PESTEL theoretical account are used for analysing the general external environment ( macro environment ) of organisation such as Chicken Delight. It allows scenarios to be developed about the hereafter.

The macro environmental factors act uponing Chicken Delight are as follows: –

2.2.1 PESTEL Analysis of Chicken Delight


The operations of poulet Delight ‘s are extremely influenced by the single province policies.

Chicken Delight is affected by authorities policies on the ordinances of fast nutrient operation. Government is commanding the selling of fast nutrient eating house because of wellness issue such as cholesterin issue, cardiovascular and fleshiness among the immature kids.

Government control the licence given for opening the fast nutrient

Good relationship with authorities in giving benefits such as employment and revenue enhancement for the company success.


Fast nutrient industry do hold their single concerns affecting economic factors such as subdivisions of fast nutrient ironss like Chicken delectation is hit by rising prices and alterations in the exchange rate.


Chicken Delight indulges a peculiar assortment of consumers with definite types of personalities.

Young urban consumers want engineering in their life and installations such as recognition card payment radio Internet, cozy and loosen uping ambient topographic point and other attractive force for their haunt and feeding. The Mauritanian population is going more and more wellness witting and about how and what to eat. They are eating nutrients that are more fitter and less nutrient with tonss of oils, fat and spicy. Chicken Delight is believing about how to offer the client with healthier nutrients and besides vegetarian ‘s nutrients.

Hindu people do non take beef, and Muslim people do non eat porc. So far Chicken Delight has shown good effects in localisation of its bill of fare to accommodate local gustatory sensation and had invariably study and learns approximately local civilization to better understand and design the best merchandise for them.


For a fast nutrient eating house, engineering does non give high impact on the company and it is non a important macro environment variables. Chicken Delight is looking to rival ‘s invention and improved itself in term of incorporating engineering in pull offing its operation.

Chicken Delight is looking in stock list system, supply concatenation direction system to pull off its supply.

Easy payment and telling systems for its clients and wireless Internet engineering.

Legal factors

As a certified fast nutrient operator, Chicken Delight should follow many ordinances and processs. Chicken Delight has to take into consideration legal constructs like revenue enhancement duties, employment criterions and quality demand.

Chicken Delight requires conforming their meat to the Halal demand of the jurisprudence. The legal demand is of import so that the company do non acquire a mulct or their concern prohibited from operating.


Vegetarian conservationist criticizes the fast nutrient giant for inhuman treatment to animate beings and butchering.

Chicken Delight used paper packaging, and Chicken Delight was criticized for being insensitive to pollution and this was holding a high impact on the environment by throwing off those difficult to recycle packaging.

Mauritius is acquiring concerned for environment issues and concern operating should underscore on careful use of universe resources for sustainable development and should care for environment safely and wellness for our future coevals.

2.3 Analysis of Chicken Delight ‘s specific external environment

The common theoretical accounts used for analyzing the specific external environment of administrations, besides known as the micro environment of administration such as Chicken Delight is the usage of the Porter ‘s 5 forces theoretical account and analysis of the competitory market construction.

Porter has suggested that it is the “ corporate strength of these forces that determine the attraction of the industry ” . Organisation should be given to happen a place in the industry where it can either support itself against these forces or act upon them in its favor.

Analysis of the specific environment along Porter ‘s 5 forces theoretical account reveals the micro environmental factors that affect Chicken Delight as follows:

The Structural analysis of little endeavor

Porter ‘s 5 forces theoretical account of competition

Beginning: Porter 1980

Porter ( 1980 ) claims, “ There are five forces which determine fight ” .

Porter ‘s 5 forces theoretical account would be utile to analyze the impact of structural forces upon the fast nutrient ( which is a little endeavor )

Barriers to Entry

In the fast nutrient industry, the barriers to entry are comparatively low. Merely a little investing is required to see up a fast nutrient mercantile establishment and it is non hard to obtain a franchise from an international company.

There are many “ marchand ambulants ” ( street Hawkins ) who can easy sell their bites in the streets of Port Louis or even infront of Chicken Delight mercantile establishment.


If purchasers are powerful vis-a-vis little houses, there are more chances to obtain price reductions, auxiliary services, merchandises of superior quality and other benefits, that could merely add to the costs of little houses.

At Chicken Delight, purchasers can really easy switch to other fast nutrient, since they have a broad pick of merchandises at comparatively lower costs than Chicken Delight Products.

Some of the fast nutrients available are “ roti ” , “ doll pouri ” , “ samoussa ” , “ gato piment ” , and “ hurting fourre ” among others.


Large providers produce an impact on little houses by the manner they monetary value the natural stuffs.

Refering the providers, natural stuffs such as poulet, murphies, cheese, boodles and staff of life are easy obtained on the Mauritanian market.


The strength of competition among existing houses can stay high if there are high issue barriers. As highlighted by Stokes ( 1995 ) , exit barriers that prevent little houses from discontinuing the industry, are: –

Economic restraint such as costs of settlement or gross revenues or loss of income

Psychological fond regard to the endeavor

Loyalty to employees

Prides that comes from ownership

Refering the competitory competition, there are tonss of rivals in the fast nutrient industry. Some of the direct rivals that besides sell fried poulets are KFC and Rodeo Fried Chicken. Other challengers that besides offer fast nutrient are Pizza Hut, McDonald, Debonnais and other Mauritanian bites ( “ roti ” , “ doll pourri ” , “ samoussa ” ) and eating houses.

Menaces of Substitute

Stokes ( 1995 ) stresses upon two ways through which replacements might stand for a existent danger to a little house ‘s merchandises.

A replacement which performs the same map, but in a different manner.

A utility manner of distributing money.

There is truly a existent menace for Chicken Delight as there are many replacements of fast nutrients on the Mauritanian market. These replacements are the local nutrients as “ gato-piment ” , “ samoussa ” , “ roti ” , “ doll-pourri ” , the brianis, the eating houses, and besides nutrients that can be easy cooked utilizing a microwave.

Besides, people may happen a better manner of disbursement, instead than passing their money on fast nutrients, they may turn towards more healthy nutrients.

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