Media is responsible for the rise of criminal cases amongst youngsters

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Media is Responsible for the rise of criminal cases amongst youngters. Good afternoon respected judges , teachers and my fellow bosconians. I am going to speak for the motion . Increasing violence is becoming an inalienable problem attributed to every society. According to recent public opinion pools the crime rate is disquietingly growing and if something is not done soon, this phenomenon will become a real calamity. Escalating aggression, especially among the young generation is extremely harmful to the society as a whole.

To the most common factors instigating teen violence belong undoubtedly to aggressive films and games, in a word, Media! The youngsters nowadays have completely different opportunities of organizing their free time. One of them, and probably the most popular, is TeleVision. The range and variety of TV programs is widespread and, according to the scientists, this is the media who is responsible for the increasing growth in crime.

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A few days back i just entered a room where two of my cousin were there one was 11years old and the other 7years and i heard them talking about wwe and even saw them copying the violent actions. This is what Media is growing in, Violence. The media can have a powerful influence on young, impressionable children. India, as a developing country, most of the families have started to own television sets and radios. Furthermore, many youth spend an inordinate amount of time consuming violent media and inappropriate music .

Various studies “have found that YOUNGSTERS may become ‘immune’ to the horror of violence; gradually accept violence as a way to solve problems; imitate the violence they observe on television; and identify with certain characters, victims or victimizers” The media’s use of violence as a form of entertainment has had a negative effect on our society by desensitizing people, especially youngsters, in bringing out aggressive behavior, attitudes, and values.

As the amount of programs through television, stereos, video games, and satellite dishes increase, media industries are competing for the loudest, most shocking idea to get the attention of the viewer. Throughout the years society has become more liberal. No longer are couples required to sleep in different beds on TV shows and the typical “clean, happy, family” often represented in shows throughout the 60s and 70s had been replaced with more racy, sexual themes to catch the viewers attention. Out of everyone present over i can say surely that most you watch “how i met your mother” .

does it not portray what i said right now. Violence and sex have become effective methods in promoting movies and television shows. Often these themes are used to the producer’s advantage as hooks before commercials, in avertisements, and in previews as a glimpse of something exciting that can be shown in a short period of time and interest the consumer. Action films have a high degree of fights, killings, special effects, and explosions to keep the attention of an audience. Violence is big in many action movies because it is not culture-specific and requires less complexity .

. Today, violence is being used in media for thrill, which is likely to develop an urge to kill or hurt, in young minds. Those who have criminal instincts together with intelligence and need fast money can easily get inspired by such serials and movies with heavy dose of violence. Media just to gain publicity has started highlighting all the criminal cases and telecasting them. The youngsters facing problems in their lives and after repeatedly trying to overcome the problem but have not succeed yet have started to resort to all sorts of crime .

it was just reported 2 days back that A youth allegedly raped a 15-year-old girl in Rajasthan’s Alwar and uploaded a video clipping of the act on Facebook.. When an asinine psychologically disturbed individual posts such a violent video on a popular social-website, there is a strong possibility that at least one of the viewers will be inspired by such a video, and will be tempted to imitate the act in the video, and this will lead to a crime! As media grows, the exposure to such violent stories has also increased, and it is believed, that such an exposure has inspired a number of people to act violently and commit crimes.

,Movies like don escalate violence in young minds because at the end the criminal is the hero. Young minds if suffering from problems may resort to such hideous actions. Media should promote the dignity of women instead of disgracing it . They are portraying them as a commodity which can be sold in the market. Media should give more importance to spread knowledge about useful stuff and contribute in shaping young minds and showing them the right path to follow . Media today is the satan in disguise , disillusioning young minds to the path of horror and hepling them achieve their aims and aspirations through negative ways.

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