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Mentoring in the Future

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  • Pages 2
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    As the invention of new technologies continue to increase, the style of mentoring used twenty (20) years ago seem to be falling apart on a daily, monthly, and yearly bases. Numerous reporters have a view on the fate of coaching.

    Webb (2012) proposes that conventional, vis-à-vis coaching is blurring ceaselessly as our workplace develop every day. Quicker agreements, a decrease in center administration and increments in isolated employment drive imply that the structures that help coordinated tutoring become less pervasive.

    He proceeds to recommending undeniably, ‘the onus of individual plus also expert advancement is on the individual, but will not be the organization’ and this brings numerous advantages.

    With the advancement of person to person communication, he clarifies that distinguishing and associating with potential coaches has gotten simpler.

    Rashid (2015) gets this topic and creates it. He proposes that right now long-range interpersonal communication and web journals, we can acquire a cybernetic tutor without investing valuable energy pursuing those tutors and attempting to sort out gatherings. He prescribes essentially viewing a movie, searching for a digital recording or perusing a Novel which they have delivered to get the hang of ‘everything (or if nothing else the most significant things) [your] legend and tutor has committed years after years and a huge number of hours of their life acing.

    With man-made reasoning (AI) and examination assuming a more noteworthy job in work environments, different efficiency situated advances are as of now occurring, and this pattern will just quicken by 2040, according to Jaiprakash Ail Dasani. ‘Around twenty (20) years into the future, around 2040, Jobs will turn around the representative of companies. Mentoring in the future will be very easy and complex in the future with the existence of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Robots using the internet to mentor human might not be as exact as mentoring in the past because, those robots will only be program to say what they are program to say.

    In conclusion, mentoring in the future will take a very different pattern. Mentors can sit anywhere in the world and reach their mentees using web base features like tele mentoring. It is very good for us ( mentors) to communicate with our mentees but there will be conflict in the recognizing of voices as it will be very difficult to distinguish between human and Robotic voices.


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