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Mercury,  a global giant [since 1950s] in footwear market having a potential share in worldwide footwear market - Mercury Shoes Essay introduction. The company has a large chunk of consumer for beginning from an eleven year old kid to an athlete, manufactures a wide variety of footwear best in quality and an affordable price.   The total sales for 4th Quarter in 2006 are recorded as $532.70 mn with net earnings  $16.84 mn and the break-up is as follows:

Sales (USD million)
Net earnings  (USD million)
Action Plan
[1] Line employees will have direct input into production improvements


The company proposes to implement the following for improving production of the company.

ü  Finance and Technology

ü  Management of cash system and Financial Reporting

ü  Department-wise application and technology

ü  Improvement of standards in customer service

ü  Health and safety in work place.

ü  Management and conservation of utilities.

The above improvements include payroll system, financial management, cabling of systems, machines, electrical wiring in production department, work place safety standards, viz., hand gloves, helmets, apparel for protection, foot protection,  eye protection, respiratory protection and  hearing protection tools while working in production department.   To handle and manage work at production department, sufficient training and knowledge about work place safety is provided while handling hazardous chemicals, or gases according to the rules of (EH&S) 29CFR 1910.132. Set up strategic manufacturing systems would further envisage production of the company.

[2] New technologies will be integrated to improve our ability to meet production time objectives.

With the advent of globalization, there are greater prospects for advancement of technology as it paves the way for innovation of new technologies in footwear market. e.g microshoe which gives better production and less waste.   There is demand for every quality product which offers affordable cost, quality and service as a threefold benefit to the consumer. B2B and B2C market wide and extensive especially personal accessories all over the world.  Also with the increase global warming and environment pollution caused by industrial sector and automobiles, there is increasing awareness for human health,  care  and safety in several aspects.  SATRA company presently manufacturing machines of footwear which include modern cutting, CAD/CAM and long lasting with modular manufacturing machines.


[3] A new communication system is in place to open up line of direct communication across organization

Integrated micro-optical systems (IMOS) which can be used in telecommunications, data storage [CDs, DVDs, floppies] to facilitate fast communication and to enable quick flow of information.  This digital communication system benefits in lowering of costs, component size while minimizing labor would prove to be effective for communication as well as delivery system.   Apart from these data storage devices, the following information systems have to be set up:

·         Management Information Systems

·         Decision Support System

·         Decision sciences and engineering systems

·         Supply chain management system

·         Time management system

·         Event management system

·         Inventory control system

·         Customer Relation Management System

·         Manufacturing and Production control system

[4] A cross functional team has been established to identify and communication improvement opportunities.

Cross functional team enables transparency in communication, easy data and information flow and prompt attention to the work atmosphere. [e.g. musicians] Teamwork is more efficient in industrial sector as compared to individual achievements as the prime most objectives of the company are achieved . Setting up of LAN, WAN and arrangement of committees, team workshops, group discussion  would further develop training of team resulting  in knowledgeable team which delivers quality work.

The future environment pollution is projected to be controlled by radiation. Radiation would play a vital role in industrial sector, waste management, pollution control, health care industry in controlling cancer and other curable epidemics.



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