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Mid-Semester Reflection Paper

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  • Pages 2
  • Words 343
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    Beginning of second semester was certainly an experience. Experience is what you get when you did not get what you wanted. For example not achieving the grades I was expecting that I certainly worked hard for. Experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer. I was able to learn from my mistake that I have made beginning of the semester. I am hoping to keep using my experiences to improve quality of work on all of my assignments and the grades I achieve at the end of this semester. However currently I am unsatisfied with my progress in the Student Success Course. I have failed to complete Message Board and first Critical Reflection paper on time at this rate will not meet my goals for the course. I believe this to be largely due to my complacent prioritizing of the courses in which I am enrolled. I have been directing a majority of my focus towards my Biology and Chemistry class, taking into consideration that Chemistry plays a huge role in my academic major.

    Yet, I realize my other courses possess critical roles in my success while transferring to Rutgers. I have been struggling with time management, meeting deadlines, and maintaining focus on my academic studies. The sudden amount of freedom I’ve been given, being a freshman in college, has allowed me to make negligent decisions regarding my courses. I have been choosing to procrastinate more than I ever have before and I need to intervene before the damage I’m causing becomes irreparable. After recognizing these issues, I have taken several steps to ensure a more fulfilling semester. I have begun to complete most of my assignments the day they are assigned and provide adequate study hours for each of my courses rather than a select few. I am convinced that avoiding procrastination and completing my assignments as soon as I can will certainly provide me with the success I seek. I believed that this semester was going to be harder than the last because the higher the…

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