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Midterm Study Guide

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KWHL charts Self-correcting materials Impact of High-density or crowding in classrooms Phonemic awareness Social-arbitrary knowledge Short answer (worth 5 points each) you will answer 3 Of these from a selection of 6 below. 1) Samantha, a four-year-old who is very interested in insects, is observing the grasshoppers, crickets, and centipedes that are in the bug jars in the science center. List three open-ended questions the teacher might ask her about the bugs. 2. List 3 different positive discipline techniques that can be used to help children to manage their behavior (from the text or lecture).

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Midterm Study Guide
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Define each one and give an example of how they could be used. 3. Each day the children in Samantha’s toddler room go outside. Samantha and her aide, Tabatha, have 12 children to get ready. After each child gets on rain pants, rain coats, and boots they wait by the door until everyone is ready. However, they often wrestle, complain of being hot, and begin to fight as they wait. List and describe at least three techniques that would help to make this transition work better? 4.

You have limited space in your room but believe that it is important to have retreat centers or places to be alone.

Describe at least three reasons why you feel this is important. 5. Teresa, a three year old, is struggling to put a 9 piece puzzle ofa person together. She wants you to help. Name and describe at least three techniques for helping Teresa to successfully finish the puzzle. 6. You are going to send a letter home to parents describing what children learn through art. List at least five points you will include in your letter. 7. Mathematics and literacy are the primary interests in the district where you are teaching. The principal in your school has asked you to defend the use of the block center in your classroom.

Describe how the block center assists children to develop math and literacy skills. 8. Your school district has done poorly on standardized tests. They are now considering cutting outdoor time to allow more time for academics. provide at least three reasons that outdoor time should not be cut (from the textbook). Essay (worth 1 0 points) you will answer one of these from a collection of 2 below. 1. The book describes the Circle of Courage and the four needs upon which it is based. a. List and describe each of the needs. b. For each need, list at least three ways you can assist children in meeting these needs. 2.

You are planning a unit on farm animals for the five-year-old children in your classroom. a. What are “big ideas” that you will want to stress in this unit? b. List three open-ended questions you might ask about the farm animals. c. Describe how you will discover children’s current theories. d. List three ways that you could help children to reflect upon their learning. e. List at least five items that you will place in the science or sensory center related to farm animals.

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