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Migration: Migration is a universe broad phenomenon that can be viewed in either a modern or historical position. Historically talking. migration has been go oning for 100s of old ages for assorted grounds such as racism. war invasions. hunt for a better life. dearth. and hapless conditions conditions. Modernly talking. in a great bulk of instances. people have hapless and developing states that can’t supply good conditions for life and raising a household doing them to migrate to another location to in hunt of a better life manner. Sometimes. in hunt of better instruction. one would migrate to another location to carry through their fate.

Some even migrate in demand to happen unknown relations that portion the same lineage as them due to fact there was a disjunction in where the household split through migration. But there are plentifulness of grounds for migration in where a individual merely wants to relocate for their specific grounds. Migrations even plays a function in population. and even conveying in a new civilization. Today. I will edify you about this subject by discoursing the migration that occurred through out Barack Obama’s and his households life. Besides. I will talk upon the Dust Storm that played a function in migration. To add on. I will inform you about he migration that occurred through out my relations lives. And eventually. I will talk upon the migration that occurred through out the film “Scarface” that starred Al Pacino that played Tony Montana’s function.

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My parents weren’t born in the United States. but they were looking for better lives and chances. so they migrated from Haiti to the United States. My parents turning up in such a hapless state that didn’t provide much chance for them to be able to populate a nice life style forced them to migrate. In hunt of instruction. occupations. money. and chance. they decided to get down a new life in the united States. When waking up non cognizing when you or your household are traveling to hold the following repast. are you traveling to happen the money to pay the landlord. can you pay your children’s instruction. afford medical specialty for when person in your household that is badly ill. or any specific cause that revolves about inaccessible hard currency. can drive a individual a emphasis degree really high.

In despairing demand to get away adversity. hearing about the United States and what it had to offer such as chances. free instruction. and work. it was a done trade. they moved on forward. It was a every twenty-four hours battle in Haiti for my parents. and they thought go forthing Haiti coming to America was the lone solution to stop the battle and give them a better life to populate.

Due to hard times and difficult steps. sometimes it is inevitable to halt yourself from migrating to another location trusting for the better. And besides. in hunt of better instruction. giving you opportunities to better chances in life. will carry you to migrate to another location that is willing to supply that. There are assorted grounds in which person can migrate and through out reading “Dreams from My Father” by Barack Obama. I’ve consumed peculiar grounds. In this book. Barack Obama explains his life and the life of his parents. Through out the reading. he elaborates on all the assorted migrations he has done along with his parents.

In “Dreams from My Father” . President Obama informs us on plentifulness of migration that occurred through out his household. Barack Obama. the boy of Barack Obama Sr. who is from Kenya. and Ann Dunham who is from Kansas. was born in Honolulu. Hawaii. His male parent and female parent had divorced and his female parent met Lolo Soetoro. a Javanese surveyor from Indonesia. Both Lolo and Barack’s female parent attended the same university. His female parent and Lolo ended up acquiring married together and his new stepfather moved to jakarta. Indonesia shortly after graduating from the University of Hawaii. Obama’s female parent graduated from the university every bit good and decided to travel besides to travel fall in her new hubby. Obama moved to Indonesia go forthing Hawaii to populate with his female parent and he spent ages six to ten there go toing school.

As old ages went by. he moved back to hawaii to populate with his maternal grandparents. He had earned a scholarship which enabled him to go to a college preparative school from 5th class boulder clay he graduated high school. His female parent got a opportunity to remain with him for three old ages along with his sister but he wanted to return to Indonesia to make her anthropology field work. but Obama decided to remain in Hawaii with his grandparents for high school. After graduating high school. Obama moved to Los Angeles to go to Occidental college. During that period of clip. he decided to see his female parent in Indonesia. and so after travel to Pakistan and India to see college schoolmate households. Later. Obama decided to reassign to Colombia University in New York City where he majored in political scientific discipline. he graduated from there with a unmarried man and received two occupations in New York while he stayed there for a twelvemonth. he subsequently received a occupation in Chicago where he moved at that place and was a manager of the Developing Communities Project.

Obama wanted to link with the black community more due to him being confused turning up half white and black. After. Obama travelled to Europe for the first clip for a period of three hebdomads and so decided to go to Kenya for five hebdomads to run into unknown relations from his father’s side to bond. Later. Obama so decided to go to Harvard Law School traveling to Massachusetts. After graduating. he left and went back to Chicago. He subsequently got a occupation once more in Chicago where he got a book trade with the University of Chicago Law School. He subsequently ended up going a instructor at the University. With him being a civil rights lawyer and all the extracurricular activities he was involved in. that lead him to being province senator. Obama travelled back one to Kenya to follow his father’s foot stairss.

Through out reading chapter 11: “Dust Bowl Odyssey” from the book called After the Fact: the Art of Historical Detection written by James West Davidson and Mark Hamilton Lytle. this chapter enlightened me a batch about the subject of migration demoing me how hapless conditions conditions can play a large function in doing people to migrate. The dust storms caused people to migrate because of the fact that it brought in dearth and unemployment. The hapless conditions conditions in that country were so atrocious. it merely caused hapless life conditions. which made people have to go forth their current location in hunt of a better life.

The Dust storm began May 9. 1934. and by May 11. the dust shifted down to South Atlanta and Boston. Every twelvemonth on. the storms blew in worst. There were 22 dust storms in sum in 1934 and it grew to 72 storms by 1937. The storms were so intense. people thought it was the wrath of God in where when the rain failed them. the harvests withered. and the air currents hurdled the loose dirt across the state. The harvests kept falling. the husbandmans debts kept turning. and shortly the Bankss repossessed the husbandmans farms. Several farming provinces felt the wrath of the storms coming in. After watching the storms effects. statistics showed how California gained more than a million new occupants in the 1930’s. Largely affected by the bad conditions and the Great Depression was the south West fields. Unemployment in the part hit tierce of all workers. Peoples started presuming traveling to California was the reply to everything at the minute guesswork that the province could be helpful at the crisis minute.

43 % of California which is about half of California. were now husbandmans and labourers. Families walked to California in hunt of a better life. 95 % of all southwesterly migrators to California were white. The population in California was turning fast and California didn’t cognize how to command this migration. so billboards started to come up stating things such as “no occupations in California” . “6 work forces for every job” . “no province alleviation available for non residents” . and “keep out” . Although California’s economic system suffered and unemployment. remained serious. the province of California was much better off than most of the state. The economic system of California really grew during the 1930’s.

Good Highways. coach paths. and railwaies linked the southwesterly fields to California. Because the trip was was so manageable. most households did non needfully see their move as permanent. By 1940. 83 % of all work forces in the metropolis were eligible to wok had found occupations. Merely 28 % of the dust bowls refugees found their manner. Migration was doing husbandmans to do shortage in net income. This migration caused regular husbandmans from California to kick about husbandman migrants and made foul comments towards them. The United States has been transformed by a civil rights revolution of all time sine the dust storms swept across the south western fields. It has been reminded of its diverseness by the renewed tide of in-migration in the aftermath of the Immigration Reform Act of 1964.

For illustration. in the 1983 movie called “Scarface” directed by Brian DePalma which starred celebrated histrion Al Pacino who played the lead function character of Tony Montana in the film. migration played a major factor in why Tony Montana reached the success he did in he movie. Tony Montana was from Cuba and after going from there in hunt of his “American Dream” . he tried to migrate to the United States but was denied by INS functionaries who seemed to believe he was involved in political felon activities. So. they detained him and sent him to a cantonment called Freedomtown under a freeway with other fellow Cubans while the authorities reviewed their visa requests. While incarcerated in that cantonment. Montana was offered a trade to kill a former adjutant of Fidel Castro called Rebanga for a visa by Frank Lopez ( a wealthy. political astute adult male who dealt autos and was involved in the drug trade ) for the simple fact Rebanga tortured Frank’s brother to decease.

But in despairing demand of that visa. to get away the hapless life in Cuba. he murdered Rebanga. and so departed to come to Florida. In Florida. he got involved into the drug trade and got into certain state of affairss which lead him to run intoing a drug Godhead called Sosa. By Tony Montana migrating to Bolivia for Frank’s personal concern intents. Montana and Sosa make friendly relationship. which leads to Tony taking over the cocaine concern in Florida. Even though the narrative ends really barbarous with the decease of Tony. migration was the cause of why Tony reached his success illicitly due to the fact of him seeking to get away poorness and hunt for his “American Dream” .

As you can see. migration plays a large function in the universe that we live. Migration is the cause of population addition and lessening. Peoples migrate in cause of trailing a better life manner in which they are seeking to get away the bad life. People migrate in hunt of instruction. occupations. household. chances. get awaying poorness. dearth. and hapless life. Migration is the key to success in some instances. in where happening another location to populate can ramify them off into great possibilities. Migration can do decrease in money that used to be obtained on a regular basis due to increase in venture. Migration fundamentally has its ups and downs. should be controlled due to population addition which may hold its effects. But. migration has its pros and cons where it could be good for the migrant or non be good for the people of beginning in the location the migrant moved.

Work Cited:DePalma. Brian & A ; Stone. Oliver. “Scarface”Obama. Barack. “Dreams From My Father” 1995West. James & A ; Mark Hamilton. “After the Fact: The Art of Historical Detection” : chapter 11

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