Human Dependence on Modern Gadgets

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This article discusses the increasing dependence on machines and gadgets in our daily lives. The author emphasizes that machines have made our lives easier and more comfortable, but they have also become essential to our daily routine. Without the use of machines, we would not be able to perform simple tasks such as cooking or washing. In addition to entertainment, gadgets have also improved the lives of physically challenged individuals with devices such as electronic eyes and braille PDA’s. The article also suggests the use of housewares such as air purifiers to ensure a comfortable and healthy living environment. Ultimately, the article highlights the significant impact that machines and gadgets have had on our lives, and the benefits they provide for our daily functioning.

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Undoubtedly, machines play a vital role in every aspect of human endeavor. They have not only brought convenience but also added luxury to our lives. Nevertheless, our dependency on these machines has become so profound that we are incapable of functioning without their assistance.

For example, the unavailability of taxis renders it impossible for us to reach our desired locations. Cooking without an LPG cylinder or cooking flame is impractical. Similarly, mundane chores like laundry require either a washing machine or access to electricity.

The interruption of power can bring life to a standstill as our reliance on electricity extends to various devices like air conditioners, televisions, computers, phones, and other modern appliances. Gadgets are not solely for entertainment but also have a significant impact on enhancing our lives. Although the term “gadget” often brings to mind iPods and mp3 players that offer portable entertainment globally, gadgets encompass much more than that. They have effectively tackled numerous obstacles faced by those with physical disabilities. If you were amazed by mp3 players and GPS devices, these instances will undoubtedly astonish you.

Most of these devices are designed for blind people, such as electronic eyes. These devices inform the blind about the white stripes of pedestrian crosswalks, ensuring their safety while crossing the road. It is like wearing a pair of electronic eyes. Another device is the braille PDA which assists blind individuals in using standard computers and PDA devices. Additionally, there are devices specifically created for deaf people. These devices greatly enhance the lives of physically challenged individuals.

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