Morgan’s Rock Case Study

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As you read and review the case, please remember that facts are critical. Your answers to question six should be based on your earlier answers and facts from the case. 1. Identify factors in Nicaragua’s country profile that will impact the success of the property. How would you deal with these issues? Almost half of the population in Nicaragua is classified as impoverished and their labor force is unskilled which can be a problem with service and other factors of the job at Morgan’s Rock.

Along with low skill being a problem for the country, half of the country completed the fourth grade, which meant that education was a severe problem in the country and halted citizens to learn how to be skilled in certain job areas. To deal with these issues of poverty and education, I would hold an extensive training session for each employee so they learn how to deliver quality service and became trained in technological features.

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On the plus side, Nicaragua has been a booming origin for tourism with Americans, Canadians, and Europeans being the top visitors. Many came to the country for work and leisure purposes and some came for sport activities and conventions. Since tourism is boosting, it is important that the lodging industry be prepared to accommodate the business that comes into Nicaragua. 2. What is the concept of Morgan’s Rock? How should the hotel position itself in the travel market?

The concept of Morgan’s Rock includes bungalows along the bay that can hold up to 45 guests and is walking distance to the beach. Morgan’s Rock is aimed towards the leisure traveler because it is at a resort location with secluded bungalows and hammocks to relax in. There is a restaurant on site that serves Nicaraguan food that is local to the area. Along with the restaurant, there is a pool, wellness center, self-guided trails, and service facilities.

The hotel should position itself to customers who are looking for a quiet getaway for about a week’s time. The text says how many people only book this hotel because it comes in a package with a vacation destination in Costa Rica. To try to sell the hotel to guests without having to rely on this package, the hotel should collaborate with a transportation company to take the guests to and from the airport so guests can stay at Morgan’s Rock during their entire stay. . Profile the hotel’s target customers. The hotel’s target customers are those on vacation for leisure and looking to stay for more than one night. Morgan’s Rock is located in a remote area that is 90 minutes away from the closest airport and 45 minutes from the Costa Rican border. The guests mostly come from the United States, Canada, and Europe. The consumers are not coming to Morgan’s Rock for business or conventions but they may be coming with a group.

To help get more of these consumers to the property, Morgan’s Rock should reach out to different word of mouth advertisers such as letting a travel agent stay at the property so they can tell their clients about the great experience. 4. Evaluate the proposed room rates for the first year of operation and calculate hotel occupancy for 2005 and 2006. 5. Conduct a SWOT analysis based on the hotel’s primary competitive set and the macro environment of Nicaragua. 6. Propose a detailed marketing campaign to help Morgan’s Rock gain visibility . ,

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