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My Army Story Example

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I joined the Army Reserve on 01 June 2006. With only a GED and no aspiration to go to college at the time, the Army was a last resort for me. I graduated basic training in August 2006 and AIT October 2006. When I reported to my reserve unit, I attended two drill weekends and decided I wanted to switch to Regular Army.

01 June 2007, exactly 1 year from my enlistment, I report to Fort Campbell, Kentucky as a Chemical Equipment Repairer (63J/91J). With no more real need for that MOS in the army anymore, I was cross trained at my unit to a Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic (63B/91B). I deployed for the first time to Baghdad, Iraq on 14 December 2007 to 02 March 2009 during the surge. While there I learned how to work on HMMWV’s, ASV’s, MRAP’s, LMTV/FMTV’s, and many other vehicle types. It was there I decided to reenlist for another 6 year of active service with the MOS reclassification option.

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My Army Story Example
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After returning from deployment, I report to another AIT as a MOS-T for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator (15W) course on 07 September 2009 and completed the course 18 March 2010.

From there I reported to Fort Hood, Texas, my hometown, and was assigned to the 3rd Amor Cavalry Regiment. 20 August 2010 I was deployment a second time to conduct flight surveillance over COS Kalsu, Iraq. There I accrued over 1000 hrs of flight time performing CIED, CIDF, Convoy surveillance and FOB security. After returning from deployment, 13 August 2011, I stayed with my unit and was promoted to Sergeant on 01 March 2012. Shortly after I received orders to report to Fort Knox, Kentucky on assignment with 3rd IBCT 1ST ID on 13 June 2012 where my unit was preparing for another deployment, would have been my 3rd. Due to the brigade only needing a certain amount for the mission, myself and a few other platoon members stayed behind.

While on the Rear Detachment, the brigade was preparing to deactivate once our comrades returned from deployment so I decided I was ready for something new for my army career and dropped a volunteer recruiting packet. While waiting for a school date I did hit a few roadblocks that although slowed me down, did not stop me. I pushed forward and countered all the issues that arose.

I am now enrolled in the Army Recruiting Course and in 6 weeks I will be ready to enlist the best and guide the rest.

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