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My Beautiful Dream

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Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur in the mind during sleep. It mainly occur when brain activity is high and resemble that of being awake. Dreams basically connect us to the imaginary world which is mix of some beautiful things.. i am also sharing here one of my beautiful dream… Dreams are the most amazing things in life , we all love to dream and we all love to hope and to see ourselves getting better and better each day.

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My Beautiful Dream
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Everyone of us dreams of being something and tries to achieve his goals , everyone has his own resolutions and has something to look up to and to reach. I will also like to share here one of my beautiful and can also say inspiring dream. i still remember one night i dream that i was working in a reputated company with a very good designation, my boss inform me that i had been choosen by the company to give the presentation infront of all.

This news scared me not because of giving presentation infront of so many colleagues but because i was not at all good in presenting myself infront of anyone because of my poor english . But dreams are dreams only i saw there that i gave the presentation and i was so gud that everyone claped for me, i dont know how but that miracle happen and really it made me feel at the top of the world at that time. But suddenly my beautiful dream broke and i came to reality that i am still poor in my communication.

At that morning only i made my mind that one day i will make my dream come true and i know this will happen in reailty. Thats why i join this class so that i can see my dream coming true infront of me. However, some people may say that dreams are hard to follow and it’s impossible to be able to achieve your dreams. But, that’s actually not true , because our dreams are in our hands , we are the ones that can control them and make them real. In conclusion, we can say that set your dreams right infront of your eyes and work for them and there’s no doubt that you’ll reach them someday.

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