My Man is My Better Half

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The author expresses gratitude for finding her perfect partner, despite the skepticism of other women. She met her husband at a family party in Colombia and has been with him for three and a half years. The author describes her husband as attractive, hardworking, and romantic. He is a military man who is dedicated to his work and makes sure his family is provided for. The author also notes that her husband is passionate and amorous, surprising her with romantic gestures. She concludes that she is lucky to have found her perfect half and emphasizes that it is important to find someone who complements you, rather than seeking perfection.

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My Better Half Thanks God! I found my perfect half. I know many women cannot believe that the perfect man exists, but I am very tankful because I found my perfect half. We met for the first time in a family party in Colombia and since that day we have been together. It has been three and a half years next to him already, and each day I find more reasons to confirm that I have the best husband in the world. He is an attractive, hardworking and romantic man who makes me happy every day.

First, I was in shock when I saw him for the first time. He was the most handsome man I have ever seen in my entire life, in addition, I heard he was a military man and that made him even more attractive. He is 6 feet tall, strong but not gigantic; in fact, his arms are strong and firm. But the most physically attractive feature is his face. His eyes are dark brown, surrounded by some long eyelashes and his eyebrows are thick and populated, his cheeks has a little of beard and his smile is so crafty.

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Another of the qualities to heighten my husband is the commitment and dedication that he has towards work. He has been far from his family during his military service, and actually, he continues to work far away because he is working as a military analyst in Kuwait. He is a very hardworking men who makes his best effort to make sure his family has all they need to live well. Also, His bosses reinforce and give him a lot credit for his work and dedication.

Now, we have a big collection of medals and awards in our living room, which are examples of the diligent husband that I have. Finally, he is very romantic, passionate, and amorous. Behind that big body and military uniform there is a lovely, kiss-able, and gentle man, who wakes me up with a delicious surprise breakfast in bed. For our first anniversary, he sent to me a bottle of red wine with a box of chocolates and a purple bouquet of flowers. I was surprised because he often forgot our specials dates; however, he did not forget it that time.

He does everything to make me happy. In conclusion, I am a lucky woman because I found my perfect partner. We have been very happy since the first time we saw each other. He is not just handsome, he is also a hardworking and lovely person, who makes me happy every day. Simply, my husband meets all the requirements to be my perfect man. The important thing is not to find the perfect man, what is really important is to find the perfect half that completes you.

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