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My experience Essays

At X school you will have the opportunity to live and work with teachers and students from diverse background(racial, ethnic, religious, socioeconomic) and with difference strength and interest. Please write a paragraph either about a personal experience.

My formal secondary school was a boarding school in which both the teachers and the student were leaving together in the same compound demarcated by a fence. Then, all of us were from different state and with different background and culture. It was a mixed school i.e. both male and female. At the school I learnt many languages, I learnt hoe to relate with people of different background from mine, I learnt how to relate with people of different interest and strength. Most times what I know is a quite different from what they know but when we interact and share our view on the matter we will reach a concession.

Our teacher leaving with us was also helpful. Also, most teachers that we have also have many things that they appreciate or do that are not in accordance with my background but I have learnt over time to appreciate what they believe and not to criticize.   Many times we quarrel on some issues related to our studies and our social life, but, as time went on we came to love ourselves and understand our self better even before we graduated.


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