My Favorite Books From Childhood

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My name is Catherine Nalule, I come from a small town in Uganda known as Kampala am a junior here at the University of Portland still underdeclared but looking forward into pursuing a degree in Operations Technology management at the school of business. One interesting fact about me is that I love swimming. I started swimming at the age of five however I do it for fun and not as a sport. The other interesting thing about me is my reading and writing journey how it all started.

I learned how to read at the age of three from my big sister who loved reading to me the short stories from her books that she loved the most. Surprisingly she only read them to me when she seemed bored. My sister played a huge role in my learning how to read. Nerveless it was no surprise that, throughout my Kindergarten and elementary school I would recognize and eloquently pronounce most of the words when picked on randomly to read a book in front of the class as compared to my other peers in the class. The Outside by S.E Hinton was one of my favorite books I ever read during my childhood, my love for this book was endless due to the life lessons I learned from reading it, the book offered me great lessons of value that I still hold dearly. However, as the saying goes, everything has got to come to an end. As I grew older, I hated reading because of my English classes where instructions are given on how a book should be interpreted which I found very boring because it spoils the magic of the stories. Besides reading one of my strongest intellectual interests is research especially in the industry of food. I love learning new things about the food we eat, it has enabled me to discover new things about food and challenge myself more into carrying out more research

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Secondly, writing has always been one of my favorite activities that I enjoy the most. Every night before I go to bed, I write a story in my journal of how I spent my day. I found this much easier and much safer than talking to friends or family members about what’s going on in my life. I really hate being judged by my peers. Never less, it’s easier for me to keep memories of everything this way. Since I enjoy writing about what interests me, Last semester in one of the classes we were told to write about food, I was very delighted about writing that essay since I have this huge obsession about the food we eat. My obsession about food started when I was a child both my parents are chefs. We run a restaurant back home which is our main source of income it’s through the food restaurant that I have learned how to cook different dishes and how to present food on a plate. Everything about this essay was very interesting because I was writing about something i love which was of interest to me. Human beings love a good story to be told hence it’s the initiative of the storyteller to capture the imagination of the people. On my end, stories that vividly capture my imagination would be someone’s background, values, and culture that’s why I enjoy watching moves like Coco. By far Coco is one of my favorite movies of all times by Disney. Reasons as to why I fell in love with the movie it’s because Disney was able to portray the global myths and cross-cultural icons into the Hollywood tale.

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