My Immediate Goal Is To Be a Master Of Science In Computer Science

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During my foremost encounter with a computer in primary school at first it seemed like a magical piece of equipment that was able to perform numerous operations effortlessly through its diverse functions that generated an interest in me to discern how it performed. Now my undergraduate studies in computer science and job experience have heightened my zeal to work on varied industrial problems that require innovative solutions and augmenting these solutions to perfection thus bequeathing service to society intrigues me to indulge in higher learning through a Master of Science in Computer Science program.

Inspired by my father, a Charted Accountant and a good mathematician I joined for Abacus Training and Brain Development that sharpened my analytical skills. My growing interest in the subject led me to take up mathematics, physics and chemistry during my secondary and higher secondary education.

I aver that computer science is a practical field which involves high creativity, innovativeness and requires one to have problem solving skills and my class room studies could be usefully applied to make the lives of people easier. I therefore secured admission to the prestigious R V R J C College of Engineering for my undergraduate studies with my major in computer science.

Through the well balanced curriculum of B Tech in Computer Science & Engineering I gained hands-on proficiency in various programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, C# and Python and sound knowledge of computer science through core subjects like Data Structures, Artificial Intelligence, Design of Algorithms and analysis, Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Database Management systems and few trending subjects like cloud computing and Big Data.

During my second year I developed an android calculator application in eclipse at SHAASTRA Workshop at IIT MADRAS. This achievement tremendously boosted my positive energy and inspired me to excel in the field of computer science by enhancing my coding skills and acquiring a thorough knowledge of basic concepts. Boosted with my renewed vigor I exhibited my coding skills in various national level coding competitions; I was the finalist of the prestigious competition Code Vita held by TCS; and I have also conducted various paper presentations during several college events and have won prizes on account of my superb presentation skills.

I first experienced dealing with real time data during my undergraduate project on ‘Incremental Affinity Propagation Clustering Based on Message Passing’, which uses two algorithms namely Incremental Affinity propagation based on K-Medoids and IAP based on nearest neighbor assignment to cluster the huge data into similar groups and aim at cluster formation of dynamically created data and swiftly produce better clusters compared to the traditional algorithms. My enthusiasm towards learning the trending computer technologies resulted in my appointment as the representative of Technical Club at my college and presented me with several opportunities to discover advanced technologies.

I have consistently maintained high grades ever since my first year in college and secured an aggregate of 9.83 CGPA (out of 10) and also stood among the top 5 students of the computer science department.

On the social front I volunteered to work for an NGO named MAD (Make a Difference) where I taught Mathematics and English to kids of several academic levels as per the Curriculum developed by Cambridge University. MAD enabled me to work in a team and it was my first experience in producing better results through development of cooperative working.

My employment with TCS began with initial training during which I worked within a team on a mini project on Indian Railway Management systems that aimed at enhancing Railway services through analysis of data collected since the past 15 years. Informatica Power Center tool was used for ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) Operations. Based on the business requirements we implemented the logic on the sourced data by transforming it into desired form and loaded into the target data ware house. With the help of SAP BO, we generated reports and provided insights for analysis and decision making. Finally we used Tableau for data visualization by providing various customizations.

At TCS, I worked for a client named AIG (under Insurance account) on a project that had two aspects- business as well as technical. I acquired profound knowledge on Insurance domain, which is the key aspect of understanding the business requirements and delivering quality outputs. Through application of my coding skills I implemented a few automations to provide dynamic passwords through email with the help of Oracle Forms. We also developed new reports for the enhancement of business. I was very delighted to put my classroom knowledge for solving real time practical problems and enhancement of business.

I now feel that my academic knowledge and professional work experience that I have gained in software development process has only given me a slight taste of Computer Science and has certainly increased the undying yearning to master the subject, sharpen my coding skills and gain in-depth knowledge in Programming Languages and Artificial Intelligence through the masters program.

Northeastern University, USA, is my foremost choice for higher education as it provides students with the combination of small sized classrooms, education and research environment, required for overall personality development in a safe and vibrant multicultural atmosphere. The MSc in Computer Science program is recognized internationally. It will present me with the opportunity to acquire a detailed grounding in the theory and practice of computer science focusing on one curricular concentration selected from a range of options available. I intend to choose Programming Languages and Artificial Intelligence. The interdisciplinary research along with fruitful industrial collaborations and co-op program exactly suits my purpose.

My immediate goal is to excel during my graduate studies and then provide analytical solutions to companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft Corporation as a Software Development Engineer. After sufficient experience I aspire to lead multiple teams of software development engineers to provide innovative solutions to industrial problems and ultimately benefit society on the whole.

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