About My Interest In The Master Of Science Program In Clinical Speech-language Pathology

I am applying for the Full-Time regular and Part-Time Summer track with an anticipated start semester of Fall 2019.

I believe Northern Arizona University is the perfect program for my graduate career in speech-language pathology because my resilient work ethic aligns with the high standards expected at Northern Arizona University. NAU provides opportunities to expand learning and gain experiences in areas that are of interest to me; such as, Aphasia, Cognitive Communication Disorders, and Fluency Disorders.

I entered my undergraduate program with an undeclared major but knew my career path would involve serving others. With minimal knowledge of speech therapy, I enrolled in an elective introductory course to Science of Human Communication. I was so impressed with the content of this course that one week into my second semester as a freshman I declared my major and graduated in May of 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Language Hearing Sciences.

Immediately, my passion for problem-solving and meaningful human connection collided. I was captivated with the process of language development; the anatomical intricacy of speech production and the immensity of research based interventions. My undergraduate courses were both inspiring and rigorous and have evoked in me, a love for learning that I am eager to expand upon in graduate school.

For almost two years I have been immersed in the field of speech-language pathology. As a Speech Language Pathologist Assistant in a Title 1 middle and high school, I have been given an array of independent responsibilities. They include knowing the Colorado IEP systems and laws, progress monitoring, creating and implementing interventions, conducting home visits, and building sincere rapport with students and their families. I provide intensive therapy in a Significant Support Needs (SSN3) classroom with students experiencing significant cognitive and physical impairments. I utilize a range of delivery service models such as; push-in, pull out, small group, and individual settings.

Additionally, my current school of employment is a Dual Language School with 52.4% of English Language Learners and 92% on free and reduced lunch. I am devoted to providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services to clients and have learned the importance of distinguishing between language delays and language differences.

It is my desire to become a speech-language pathologist to not only to provide the best practices for clients but improve their quality of life. It is my desire to work in a clinical setting with adults and elderly patients. The skills and experiences I have gathered through working in a school setting have improved my approach in communicating with clients and I am eager to carry over these skills to a different demographic and setting.

I am writing to express my interest in the Master of Science program in Clinical Speech-Language Pathology. I am eager to expand my knowledge and skills on evidence-based practice for communication disorders and gain experience working with all demographics. I am excited to climb the career ladder and become a speech-language pathologist, so I hope you consider my application to Northern Arizona University. 

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