My life: Aaliyah Dana Haughton

Have you ever heard of me? I am pretty sure that you’ve heard of some of my songs, for example “One in a Million”. Or maybe you’ve seen one of my movies, like “Romeo Must Die”. Maybe, just maybe, you’ve heard of my modeling success. I even worked with Mac for my own makeup line. I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard of me. Let’s just dive in depth to how my legendary story goes.

Born by Diane Hankerson and Michael Haughton on January 16, 1979, my upbringing was made of love and happiness. My brother, Rashaad Haughton, and I were raised in Detroit. I started having singing lessons since after I learned how to talk. The first big thing I ever played in was a television show called,”Star Search’. I was only ten at the time. There, I was singing in a competition against a girl named Katrina. I lost however but I kept going. Then, when I was eleven, I performed with Gladys Knight, who was my Uncle Barry Hankerson’s wife at the time, at a five-night stand in L.A. After all of that my teenage years were pretty normal.

In high school, I went to Detroit High School for the Fine and Performing Arts where I majored in dance. That’s probably where I got all my best choreography. There I met R.Kelly. He’s the one who helped me produce and release my song “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number” when I was fifteen. Since he was already a well-known singer, my album skyrocketed in fame. It had one million sells. That helped my singles, ‘Back and Forth” and “At Your Best (You Are Love)”. Once in my senior year in high school, August 27th 1996, I made my biggest hit yet. The song’s name was “One in A Million”. That song sold two million copies.

There are many rumors going on about me and R.Kelly getting married. It might’ve been true. I may have been married to a twenty-seven-year-old when I was fifteen. They say I got my marriage anulled. I’m not confirming anything. Perhaps they were right. Maybe not.

After high school, I began making song appearances for movies. My first was in 1997, in which the song’s name was “Journey to the Past” in the movie “Anastasia”. I sung that song in a 1998’s Oscar Telecast. My next song that came from a movie was “Are you that Somebody” in the movie “Dr.Dolittle”. That song earned me my first Grammy Award nomination.

After my songs made their first appearances in movies, so did I. In 2000, I made my first acting appearance in the movie “Romeo Must Die”. I was also one of the movie’s executive producer for the soundtrack. There I produced my song, “Try Again”. That’s song earned me many nominations from Grammys and MTV. Many producers loved me and I even got a position in the movies “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions”. (I couldn’t actually act in this movie because I died before it came out) The next movie I acted in was “Queen of the Damned”. I was one of the lead roles.

Some of the last songs I made were “More than a Woman” and those who were included in my third album called “Aaliyah”. My last song was “Rock the Boat”. I was just recording the video for it on Abaco Island, in the Bahamas. On August 25th, everything was done. Recording was done and me and my crew were boarding the plane to come back to the U.S. Later the plane crashed and blew up. I died from a bang on the head, severe burns, and a fragile heart. Everyone died in that crash. My pilot had cocaine and alcohol in his diet. The plane should’ve never even taken off to begin with. It is said that the plane was seven hundred pounds over its expected amount. I had a very sad death. I was buried in Ferncliff, NY and, Hartsdale, NY.

In conclusion, I lived a very nice life. I had my boyfriend, Damon Dash, my parents, my brothers, friends and relatives. My fans supported me through everything I did. Now that you know who I am, I can live throughout you as well. You know how my legendary story goes now. Thanks for listening.

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