High School Life vs. College Life Compare and Contrast

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            My life, in general, has always been filled with surprises. The experiences that I underwent have contributed to who I have become today. Some were beneficial to my growth, others were eye openers for me to improve myself more. These experiences occurred during my high school and college days.

            The life of an individual begins to blossom during his/her high school life. New friendships are built, and exciting experiences add flavor to life. Talk about learning how to socialize with different kinds of people, and actually “falling in love”. For others, High School marks the start of a bond formed between friends.

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            Personally, high school marked the start of new beginnings. I was a notch away from the real world. This was the specific phase in my life where I learned to explore new ideas that were beneficial to my growth as an individual. Looking back, I realized that my emotions played a big  part when making decisions.

            For instance, after ending my first serious relationship, I felt as if my whole world had crumbled. I wanted to just stay home and hide myself from the rest of the world. One of the crucial times was the fact that I wanted to skip my final exam just to stay away from my ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. Good thing my friend was able to bring me back to my senses and help me move on with my life. That particular instance has helped me to become stronger and be optimistic in facing the challenges I will encounter.

            In high school, I felt that I was ready to face the challenges that had come my way. I was in that stage of my life where I wanted to satisfy myself with as much knowledge as possible. Learning new ideas made me more determined than ever to find solutions to my queries. This is also the time when people succumb to the vices and habits that they have. Some do not even make it to experience adult life.

            High school was also the time when I learned how to balance my obligations as a student and my fun time with friends. During school days, we were allowed to go out and have fun with friends, but were obliged to be home by eight in the evening to have dinner with the family, help  with the chores, and finally, accomplish our school work. My parents made sure that I knew my priorities in life.

            Being in college was somewhat similar to high school life. In my first year of college, I felt that I was still in high school, but with more freedom. I was entitled to do whatever it is that I want to do. Continuous partying was part of my circle, but the consequences were much harder.   Unlike in high school, I had to face harsh realities while in college. Since college was voluntary, we had to save money in order for us to afford the education. Working was no fun time anymore; it was something that I was required to do in order to afford a college lifestyle.

            As I look back, I realize a lot of differences between those particular stages in my life.                 High school education was mandatory for everyone, and was free for public schools. In college, however, education was costly and voluntary. In addition to this, everything needed for learning are laid down to the students while in high school. Security is also important, for most of the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities required the permission of the parents or the guardians.

            On the other hand, college students are given the liberty and the free hand to decide amongst themselves. Being tardy or absent from classes are not serious offenses from students. The professors do not take the time to actually call the parents one by one to confirm the reasons behind the absence, nor do they call the attention of the students for non submission of requirements. The professors require their students to act as adults and as professionals when dealing with them. This means that the professors do not actually meddle with personal affairs that the students have, what they are after is the adherence to both the class and school regulations.

            High school students are usually given allowances and money to use during those concerts and other extravagant leisures they may have. Working is also an option, for their parents/ guardians tend to provide for all the needs. In college, however, working is essential for survival. Since the education is costly, college students work in order to provide for their basic needs. This is also where time management comes in. Priorities are set, and new ways of dealing with problems are discovered.

            In addition to this, college students are treated as adults, as compared to high school students. In high school, parents/guardians are informed of the student’s status in school. When there are problems, the parents/guardians are actually required to meddle and help in the solution making. In college, however, the students are left alone in facing problems, and finding solutions to the problem. It is as if college students, unlike high school students, are held responsible for their actions as a result of the decisions they make in their lives.

            In terms of the academics, college requires more study time than high school. In high school, the students are expected to replicate what the teachers have taught throughout the duration of the school term. This is contrast to the way college students should study. College students have less time spent in school, as compared to high school students, but they are required to learn more and actually specialize in their chosen fields.

            High school life may be centered in the foundation of relationships and in discovering one’s self. College on the other hand focuses more on the development and strengthening of one’s true capabilities. The dispersion from old friends in high school has paved way for the growth of the individual. High school and college life may have their pros and cons, but the experiences that we had in both stages in our lives have contributed to our perception of life and how we handle problems.

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