My Thoughts About The Skills That You Need To Deal With Ethical Situations In A Working Environment

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Growing up, I had always contemplated what I would be when I grew up. When I was about seven years old, I was determined to grow up and become a police officer, just like my dad. However, that dream changed as I grew older, and throughout my lifetime I have had many different goals about my future for example to enter into media industry or to join politics. It was only when I came to college that I realized I want to open a business and become a CEO as an eventual goal. My career goal, which I have slowly been working towards throughout my four years in college, is to open up a clothing brand business. I am majoring in business administration and management and a minor in finance and economics. I have taken a couple of online fashion textile courses, on the other hand management and finance courses in the college that has overall given me an idea of how overall a business functions.

Working towards achieving this future goal of mine means a lot for me and by the time of retirement I want to be well enough to support the needs and wants of the society and give back to the community in any way possible.

Pursuing these goals will bring happiness to me in a multiple way, one of many is progress. It means designing your life versus being a manager of your circumstances. I believe true happiness comes from progressing in all facets in your life from your health to your family and from your relationships and contributions. The more you progress you make towards a thing, the happier and fulfilled you will be. Secondly, look for positivity. I believe one should be loving towards yourself and instead of focusing on what you think your negative qualities are, Accenture your strengths and assets. Thirdly, learn from your mistakes.

All people have weaknesses and we fall off the path at times or sometimes don’t do the right thing we are supposed to do. No one is perfect, perfection is a high goal to achieve therefore concentrate on what you have gained from the process and how you can use it effectively and efficiently in the future. Allow yourself to make mistakes and forgive yourself, that’s how you grow and learn. Overall the struggle and commitment you put into becoming yourself is what motivates me to achieve goals and sticking and working hard with plan and progression is what makes me happy and give me meaning in the relationships that I build with it.

Values are the priorities that guides the choices and helps to the make the meaning of your experience. Values also guide our behavior, proving us with a personal code of conduct. When we honor our personal values consistently, we experience fulfillment and when we don’t we escape into bad habits. I value fairness, reach out in life. This is one of the most important key values to me as I like helping people in crisis and critical situations. I always hope and try my best to do just in every situation or circumstance I deal with. For example, since I’m an international student here at Ithaca College, I guide and help students from back home from my high school regarding the application process not only at Ithaca College but also the other universities in USA. I also reach out to them regarding their supplementary essays, how they are doing in school and how life is it like here.

I believe in order to achieve something you have to give away or be helpful to people in this world and the society you live in. Secondly, I value being integral. Integrity is the quality of not only being honest but also having strong moral uprightness and moral principle. For example, I turned in the extra change that I found in a snack vending machine last year. Thirdly, I values confidence because it is about the faith you have in your abilities, the person you are, and how you view your most important relationship, the one with yourself. It also describes you in the most authentic way possible. I have demonstrated this core value several times in decision making time, when I was able to acquire a sponsorship worth $8000 for a high school event. It was due to confidence that I was able to close a deal, which benefited both the parties. Overall, I believe these personal values will help me reach my goal of becoming an entrepreneur.

As we discussed in the coursework both Kant’s and Utilitarianism ethical approaches provide people with moral structure, from which an individual can make moral decisions. However, both of them have flaws, therefore they contradict with each other in so many ways. I would prefer Kant’s imperative approach because I think it is fair in terms of stating that individuals are equal and that one can never justify sacrificing one, for the good of many. Also, the Kant’s theory does not accept the consequences of an action that can help us to decide on the right moral way to act. On the other hand, utilitarianism decisions are based on the outcomes and we can’t ever be sure of the outcome or the consequence of an action. So, although neither is the best in terms of moral issues, overall Kant’s theory offers better way of making accurate decisions. I’d choose Kant’s theory as it has fewer flaws and is more practical option in everyday life and therefore is more suitable in life as compared to utilitarianism approach.

Since I want to open up a clothing brand business and become an entrepreneur, there are many ethical challenges that is faced by the entrepreneurs. Firstly, due to the fact that there are so many competitors in the market there’s always a chance of accidental copyright infringement. This is an ethical issue as many new entrepreneurs are unaware of using same product or image for an existing company, which can lead to a costly mistake. In order to avoid this situation an entrepreneur should must research the market and come up with a unique product to attract the segment. One of the other ethical issues that can be faced is when opening the business, by overworking your staff.

It takes time for a company to grow and since there’s a lot of pressure on the employees when a company starts, the small business sometimes asks too much of their staff without noticing, which can create an ethical problem. One of the things that might interfere with my ability to act ethically is the mind set as an entrepreneur of business growth as fast as possible. This can lead to time management issue and delegating tasks to employees. Every entrepreneur wants to lead in the market but that comes with time and experience. For a new business to flourish right away is not possible as it is still making its presence in the market. This can hurt the operation of the current business structures affecting every stakeholder. Hence, this is one the challenges that could interfere to act ethically.

One of the skills to deal with ethical situations is to be persistent in positive way. There will be bumps in the road when you start a company, a company losses good employees and customers, and some may even become competitor. As well as the government can change regulations, which can make things worse. But in order to succeed, an entrepreneur should be willing to persist through difficult times. This is one of the skills that I believe is necessary. One of the other important skills is work ethic for me. It is necessary to be willing to work very hard when opening up a new company, especially running a small when at the start. As it asks for longer working days and being in the office for long hours, meeting all the deadline and effectively managing your time with strategic decisions. It involves work ethic, leadership skills and communication skills which is a strong asset of mine. Thus, these are some of my strongest skills that will help me to run my business successfully.

Over the next few years I’d develop capability of taking ethical actions by being honest with myself about practicing what I preach. I would like to develop it by not compromising on my own ethics and integrity for the sake of business. On the other hand, my involving the workforce is decision making process, as this way they will fee l for important in the company and therefore would have more say and can generate more ideas to run the company effectively. I believe it is a good ethics approach as it results in a more friendly and comfortable working environment. Overall, I believe there are still some ethical space that I need to develop more on, but otherwise I believe I have a strong potential to be a good ethical entrepreneur. 

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