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Compare Working in Groups and Working Alone

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Some people like working in groups, while others find it more effective to work alone. Eitherach way of working has particular advantages, but a lot of people like to work in team due to several reasons ; however, in my opinion, studying in groups is a better choice for several reasons. First, working in groups exposes us to a wide variety of ideas, some of which we might have never have thought of on our own. Quite a few dDifferent perspectives may lead to many various ways to solve the problems of work.

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Compare Working in Groups and Working Alone
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For example, if we have work in a group of three and try totrying to deal with a difficult project, all that we need is to find the a proper way to work on this one. So many options are available here. Everybody in our the group have has the opportunities to show their own solutions. In the end, we could combine these solutions into one select the best solution to the problem that makes the project moving forward.

Meanwhile, working independently, we are lack of support. We have to make decision by ourselves without anyone showing us if our decision is right or wrong?

Secondly, when we have work in a team, volume of work can be divided among members. ( the workload can be shared equally among members). Each person has the chance to pick a task most suitable for him or her, which saves a lot of time and effort. That takes us less time to accomplish our task. Working alone, in contrast, we must carry out every single task of work, and take responsibility for everything we we’ve donedo . It may be one of the reasons to slow down our working process down.

Finally, teamwork helps improve the relationships in the community. Regardless of who we are, we need to communicate with other people like your colleagues or your customer. Working together, we could share our opinions, experience with each other, which would strengthen our bond of friendship which doesn’t exist when working alone. In conclusion, working individually may play a significant role in some field of work, but if we want to gain achieve success in our career, teamwork is the also an important skill we should master.

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