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My Three Favorite Things: Music, Technology and Sports

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There are many things in my life that I like but there are three specific things that I like most are the music, technology and sports. These things I cannot live without them is a custom that when I leave college I like to put my headphones and listen to the best in music for me is maroon 5. I like other bands of music that can be linking park, green day or plan b among others. Music is important because it is one of the free methods flavorful that uses an artist to share their feelings.

hen I hear music I feel I’m elsewhere. I like going to concerts and listen to my favorite artist and imagine that I am singing whit they in the concert hall. A year ago I had a chance to go with my friends for the Electric Daisy Carnival’s we spent quite good time together. All of my friends including my there was a moment when we get lose in the magnitude of people, over 15,000 people went to this awesome Party.

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My Three Favorite Things: Music, Technology and Sports
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This cyanide of event are good like my joy for technology. The technology is my second favorite things in the world.

I use everyday technology to communicate with my loved ones, also use it to study and personal enjoyment as video games. The most I like about technology in the video games is that I can play with anyone anywhere in the world. One day playing Call of Duty Elite play me play with a Chinese shot whenever he insulted me in Chinese and I memory of laughter that was so comical. Another day I felt insecure because there was a camper behind me and knew who was Draco27 a Mexican who liked sports like me. ne day we got to talking about the chat and it turns out she also goes to the FC Barcelona. I really love sports but one of the sports that fascinates me most to death is Spanish football. I love how they show their abilities in the field and one of the people I most admire in football a player is Leo messi Argentina and Spanish nationality the merits stands there as the best player in history 25 years of age . being so they’ve won a lot of other pre awards and those awards two Golden Globes and more. someday I would like to be as good as him.

In 2010 when FIFA was seeing it I spend with my family and friends in every site that was giving the games. me and my friends we started to fait by who won that if Italy or Portugal, among others brazil France or early risers us to see what the World Cup. one day and for an end to pastimes Africa or Spain if my friends were saying that Africa would win and that area home and I said well extroverted Spain will win because it is the best and so was staying unbeaten Spain win . In conclusion your mind is the only thing that puts you obstacles and if you put your mind you can achieve what you want.

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