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Three Celebrated Quatrains Essay, Research Paper

Three Celebrated Quatrains

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Michel de Nostredames or better known to the populace as Nostradamus was a French doctor and astrologist. He had a particular ability to stare into the hereafter. Nostradamus wrote 946 deep quatrains that were anticipations refering to the hereafter, but merely one twelve of his quatrains fulfilled the anticipations. In the following few pages I will discourse a few of his most popular quatrains, from the last decennary and into the following.

Michel de notredame left his anticipations to us in the signifier of several letters, about one thousand four line poetries called quatrain’s ( the Centuries ) . The prognostications listed in these letters are non consecutive by the day of the month. He left us his original prophesies written in an older manner Gallic and all of his Hagiographas were twisted and mixed up, to forestall the people of his clip from reading them. He did non desire anyone to cognize of his Hagiographas because he felt they would non be able to grok what will go on in the hereafter until it truly happened. There are many different positions on what Nostradamus precisely meant in his prophesies, everyone who reads his prophesies interprets them otherwise; some people would state that his quatrains are so vague that they can be interpreted to foretell any event in the hereafter.

Nostradamus had so many anticipations, that came so near to the events, that he talked about in his Hagiographas, that it would take person to believe that Nostradamus was non thinking about what would go on in future events. Here is the quatrain that gave him his repute as a prophesier.

Century 1, Quatrain 65? King Henry II

? The younger king of beasts shall overcome the old

On soldierly field in duel adult male to adult male.

Two interruptions at one time, eyes pierced in coop of gold,

Death shall come hard as merely deceasing can. ? ( Lemesurier 28 )

In 1559 King Henry II of France held a three-day knightly tourney ( which was three yearss of combating ) , in award of the matrimonies of his sister Marguerite to the Duke of Savoy and of his girl to King Phillip II of Spain. Henry participated in the games himself. Henry was ever dressed in full armour and carried a shield with an flowery king of beasts symbol on it. When King Henry won each of his conflicts, he would raise his vizor from his aureate helmet, to have the hand clapping of the crowd.

On the 3rd twenty-four hours of the tourney, Henry was to conflict against Count Montgomery in the concluding affaire d’honneur. The affaire d’honneur ended in a draw. Henry would non demur a draw and told the immature count that they must make conflict once more until person wins. The count did non desire to because he knew about Nostradamus? prognostication. Henry continued to take a firm stand that they do conflict, eventually the count agreed.

During the 2nd charge of the affaire d’honneur their spears collided into each other. There was a loud cleft when the spears broke after clashing. A piece of the counts spear had pierced through Henrys aureate helmet and was lodged in the corner of his oculus, besides a piece of the spear had pierced into Henrys pharynx. King Henry died of the two lesions that we

rhenium inflicted in the affaire d’honneur, but merely after 10 yearss of torment. King Henry II had so filled one of Nostradamus? most celebrated prognostications.

Century 1, Quatrain 81 – Chalanger Space Shuttle Disaster.

D? humain troupeau neuf seront mis a? portion, De iugement & A; conseil seperez:

Leur kind sera diuise? en depart,

Kappa, Thita, Lamboda Morss bannis esgarez.


? From human flock nine will be sent off,

Separated from control and advise

Their destiny will be sealed on going

K-Th-L make a mistake; the dead banished? ( Flanagon ) .

On January 28, 1986 Challenger Space Shuttle was sent into infinite from Kennedy Space Center. It exploded in 70 two seconds after lift of. It wasn? t out of the Earth’s atmosphere yet. Challenger was transporting seven crewmembers and they all died in the accident.

Nostradamus spoke in his prophesy about nine being sent off. There were merely seven crewmembers on board. Next it said they were separated from control and advise, which is true they had no control over what was traveling to go on and the land accountants did non either. Besides the contact with the spacemans was lost after the detonation. Their destiny will be sealed on going; after reexamining the tapes they did see some fires coming out of the side of one of the projectiles while raising off, so their destiny was sealed the minute that ship lifted off the land. K-Th-L, stands for ThioKoL the

maker of the projectile engine that had the job that caused the detonation.

Century 10, Quatrain72 ( 1 ) – July, 1999

? In the twelvemonth 1999 and seven months [ July ]

The great male monarch of panic will come from the sky

He will raise Ghengis Khan

Before and after war regulations merrily? ( Zachary 21-22 ) .

Some people see this Quatrain as stating that there will be a World war three in 1999. Others province that we are anticipating one of our orbiters that we launched many old ages ago to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere at that clip. The job with the orbiter is that it is keeping a significant sum of Pu and there is a little opportunity that it could re-enter the ambiance the incorrect manner and do significant sum of harm to the Earth.

There is still one more hypothesis of this Quatrain which is that we will be visited by extraterrestrial life in 1999. These animals will come from the sky in some kind of winging objects and alter the universe it is today.

Some of Nostradamus? anticipations did come true, while many did non. Nostradamus stated that if a individual had cognition of the hereafter he could alter the hereafter. So possibly many of his anticipations were wrong, but possibly people saw the anticipations and re-thought their actions that changed the result of the hereafter. Despite that fact, he still predicted many results of our hereafter in the 20th century and possibly in the 20 first century. It is difficult to disregard Nostradamus? anticipations for our hereafter, but the ultimate message is one of hope.


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