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My trip to Pokhara

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It was my first time in Pokhara. Most of you may get surprised listening this statement! You may think living in a country like Nepal and not even visited Pokhara, the most beautiful place, but this was my first time. So, this time since the stay was short, i.e. 3 days trip, I decided to go. My first experience to this place became really memorable and joy full experience with my friends and teachers.

The first day we reached Pokhara in the evening at around 5 o’clock, so, we went to Fewa Lake to enjoy the excellent view of sunset. Thereafter, some went for boating, some just roam around, some went to restaurants and some of us chose to enjoy ride on bicycle. We rent only one bike for three of us Chadani, Jyoti and me. Without knowing time, since it started to become dark, getting excited, we rented for an hour.

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My trip to Pokhara
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At first, I was not confident to ride by myself so, Chadani, my friend gave me a ride, then I tried by myself with her help.

And the funny part was I could handle it on my own. I felt like, “Hurrah, I can ride on my own.” The bike was really comfortable. As there was only one we rotated among us one by one. As it was already getting late for dinner, we could not make for 1 hour and returned to hotel for dinner as we have to be there by the given time. After dinner, we sat in a group to play cards. Jyoti and I did not sit to play because they had already started playing and we were late to join and I do not know what they were playing. But although I could not play, I really enjoyed seeing them sometimes winning, sometimes losing and sometimes continuously losing and blaming others for their loss. So, we had a wonderful time joking around, making fun of each other and so on. The next day was our trekking day, all set to reach the top height of Panchasse Hill.

We were supposed to hike continuously for 8-9 hours. Keeping up all our inner and outer, both spirits for that continuous 8-9 hrs walk on hill side, we started walking. We walked on and on and on but slowly, we don’t want to stress out from the beginning itself. We had the group of 11 boys and girls, and was the last one. The first group were miles away that we could not see them and the second group, at one time we all gathered with them but again got separated from them. Finally we reached Bhadaure, we felt so exhausted that we decided to rest a bit, eat some food, gather some energy and again head towards the destination. From Bhadaure to destination, was again four hours away.

Instead of gathering some energy for the rest of the trek, filling our stomach made us dizzier and all were thinking the same thing, “Let’s stop it over here only and return to hotel.” So, we changed our mind and decided to return by the vehicle, named ‘four wheelers’ which could be driven on not so good road, which are available over there. Since the road was not so good enough, we felt like we were riding roller coaster. Then, we reached to the hotel and have a nice buffet. Besides trekking, we girls were also hoping for the next adventure “Paragliding ´´.

At first, the weather did not supported us for paragliding, so we thought to give up for this time but later on weather started changing. Soon after, my friend’s brother who was the organizer as well as the pilot of this paragliding. Thanks to him and his other pilot friends, they treated us so very well and were very supportive and motivating. The pilot with me named Mr. Dependra Gautam continuously motivated me not to get scared, feel like a bird and enjoy the panorama. Flying from the top hill of Sarangkot was just, Wow!!!

The take-off went pretty well, but after that, the first time flying freely in the open top air was really exciting and at the same time scary too. Feeling sky from the close, watching the entire Pokhara from above and the most amusing part was the landscape of Sarangkot. It was so beautiful that it felt like the paradise has come down, like the perfect picture has been pasted, it was so attractive. Before landing, was the 360 degree spinning part. Spinning around slowly, forming a spiral and then landing on the ground. I flied for about 15 minutes, such an unforgettable exploration.

There are many other adventurous activities as well as places to visit in Pokhara. Since out stay was short, we covered things we wanted to do and also truly enjoyed. A huge thanks to our college for arranging this great trip. The hotel stay was very good, all the actions we did were amazing, and returning from Pokhara to Kathmandu playing Antakshari continuously, was a happy ending. Apart from some non-sensual disturbances, as a whole, from this trip I personally had an outstanding experience and I believe my friends also enjoyed a lot.

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