My Trip to Australia

Everybody loves holiday because during our holiday we can have some fun and relax. During holiday we get enough time to travel, play and indulge in our hobbies. Now I would like to tell you about my holiday trip with my beloved family. Our destination is Gold Coast, Australia. I had always dreamed about going to Australia since im in standard 6. One boring and eventless day, I heard mom shouting “ Luqman! We are going to GOLD COAST AUSTRALIA ! ”. I could not believe what I just heard.

I asked her again if he not just making it up, but she said she already purchased tickets online and made plans I was electrified to hear that. On 12 October we departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 2p. m. and headed for our destination, the big land of Australia. As soon as we reached there for a long journey, I was stunned by the beautiful scenic views that I only saw in picture and internet. I was totally lost in the scenic views that I even forgot to blink my eyes. It was magnificent. As I walked down the streets, the refreshing breeze blew against my face.

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It was like a dream come true. I was in Australia, the country I always dreamed to visit. We landed at Gold Coast Airport and staying at 5 star hotel near the beach. Our first day of Australia ended as we doze off after a tiring flight. The next day, we went to Curumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Its a natural trust reserve since 1947. I was thrilled to see a flocks of Rainbow Lorrikets and other famous Australia animals such as Australian marsupials, kangaroos and wallabies. As nature lover, this place is just the ticket for me.

Seeing flora and fauna, especially kangaroos, up close is once-in-a-million experience. After a long day hanging out with the wild, our stomach start rumbling. We have our dinner at Bybron restaurant near the Byron Bay. I ordered the special wallabies meat with an ice blended mocha with lemon and creme brule special by the australian. It was soo delicious and a mouthful dishes. It makes my mouth watered. With the economy in a violent recession, inexpensive food is hard to ignore. That night we spent roughly about 89 Australian

Dollars (AUD) which we can get triple of the meal at Malaysia. Although it is expensive, it is worth it as we can not have that appetizing meal like that at Malaysia. The vacation ended after a 4 days of exciting adventures at Australia. We were packing up and going to go back home. We headed back to Malaysia on a plane. During the trip I thought, ‘ Those days were amazing and unforgetable, I wished I had more days to spend over there’. My holiday was exhilirating and full of joy. I was luxuriate it immensely. I am looking forward for another trip there again soon.A

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