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My Worst Nightmare

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It all started when I was sitting in my room all alone, when the clock stroked midnight, that I remember when my two friends were killed, in this very house. It was a Friday night and my parents were at a party. I invited my two best friends over so I wasn’t alone. We were on our laptops and instant messaging each other in my room for fun. It was then that we all received an instant message from ‘yourworstnightmare84’ that said, “Watch out, watch out, your worst nightmare is coming tonight.

” We all looked up at each other.

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My Worst Nightmare
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Michelle’s face went pale and Kylie was scared. “Who do you think sent this? ” asked Kylie. “It’s probably just someone trying to scare us. Don’t stress out,” I said. Another instant message popped up onto the screen. “Maybe you should stress out,” the message said. “Okay, now I’m scared. Is he in the house? ” asked Michelle. “No. The microphone built into my laptop must have transmitted my voice to this creep’s computer,” I replied. “Good, because I have been needing to go to the bathroom really bad,” said Michelle.

She left the room and Kylie and I turned off our laptops. We were talking about all the cute guys at school for an hour and a half before we noticed Michelle didn’t come back. “Let me check on Michelle. She has been in the bathroom for a while,” Kylie said. So I sat there for a while, waiting for my best friends to come back. When it had been five minutes, I left the room to see what was taking them so long. I ran down the stairs two at a time, and turned to the bathroom door. I opened the door, and what I had seen before was eyes were so horrifying.

Michelle and Kylie had been slaughtered with a knife, their throats cut and blood oozing down their t-shirts. My body was frozen. My mind wanted me to run as fast as I could out of this house where the killer couldn’t get me but my body wouldn’t cooperate. But in a short while, I forced myself to make a run for the door. As soon as I was about to reach the door, an evil looking man took me by the throat into a chokehold. I was gasping for air, and then I brought back my fist, and threw my fist at him with all of my might.

He stumbled back, and within the few seconds I had, I made a run to my backyard. My gate was locked, and there was nowhere to go. The killer dashed at me, and as soon as he was about to lunge at me with his bloody knife, I dodged him, and he fell into the deep end of my pool. The man was struggling for air, and it was obvious that he couldn’t swim. I called the police immediately, and they arrived within five minutes. My parents showed up next, and I was glad to know that this horrifying night was over.

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