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The Worst Day Ever

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It was such a sun shining day that Anna and her friends decided to have a ride to the Beach instead of being stuck in a boring hot class, crazy with numbers and operations. After three hours on the way, the illuminated beach appeared slowly in their sight. It felt like the world turned to be with just two colors, yellow of sand and blue of water and the sky. Dazzling sunlight made the sand sparkle like a thousand tiny jewels.

However, what Anna didn’t know is that all of sudden in a blink of an eye, things became worse and worse to her.

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The Worst Day Ever
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Being engrossed with waves, she did not realize that she had been swimming alone far away from the coast. She turned back to wave her friends, and of course, her crush, Tom. Nevertheless, instead of laughing to her or taking pictures, they seemed to be panic-stricken and pointed at something behind her back. No sooner had she looked back than a giant wave poured into her face.

Immediately, she lost direction about what was coming. Everything she knew was that water stunned her. Luckily, she still kept her buoy.

However, in the very next second, she found that her pant had been drifted away. When her friend realized that, they burst into laughter. How embarrassing it was! Their comment put Anna to the blush. She just wanted to be invisible from the world, especially in front of Tom. Fortunately, one of her friends found her pant at once and gave it to her. After 5 terrible minutes that she never wanted to remember, she finally got back to the shore being completely exhausted because of shock and embarrassment. To get everything worse, she found that Tom kept staring at her as if she was an alien.

She became disillusioned about their future: “He thinks of me as the idiot. ” When her friends started come over to ask about her situation, Anna tried as hard as possible to pretend to be calm. The outsider smiled a discreet satisfied smile while the insider cried her heart out. The thrilling feeling still lingers until now, when her husband tells that story to their children. “You’re the cutest girl ever. That moment, when I saw the tear in your eyes, I knew you would be my wife”, Tom whispers and gives her a suave kiss.

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