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“The Reservation Nightmare”

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1. Case Background

The importance of the story of “The Reservation Nightmare was focusing on how unsatisfactorily was done to Mr. Harrington and how long he waited to be accomodated. The story showed how important to satisfy client’s need even when having reservations.

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2. Time Context

The specific time period of the particular management occurred was Sunday. Since Mr. Harrington stated that he wanted to go to the Montreal (Canda) by the following Monday morning.

3. Central (or core) Issue and Problem

Having a disorganized handling or accomodating customer needs was the major deviation from the management standard in the story.

4. Secondary (or subsidiary) Issues and Problems

One of the issues tackled in the story was the inconvenience of the customers in having resrvation and having not updated instructions or informations given by the recorded operators which leads to confusion of the client.

5. Objectives

To increase the number of customers by having a satisfactory and conveniently accommodating through customer services or reservations.

6. Areas of Consideration

The internal environment in the management was the department of the customer services who handles the client’s need or accomodates the reservations.

The strength of the management was the employees itselt mainly, which can be trained their communication skills and how to handled such situations. While the weakness of the management was having an unupdated informations.

The opportunity here on the management was we can still update the informations or the local numbers to be contacted of our dear customers.

On the other hand, the threat here is that Mr. Harrison might tell other future customers that the reservation in the company is not good that they might won’t to have reservations anymore.

7. Alternative Course of Action (ACA)

To solve this issues and problems, we may start to updates all the informations in the recorded operators and correct all the informations entail here. We may also increase the number of employees handling reservations so that they won’t wait so long just to accommodate their needs.

The advantage of this is having a good quality of services we can offer and the convenience while the disadvantage of this is we will be investing more money to have more employees that will accomodates customer needs.

8. Recommendation

In my point of view, we should update the informations and add more employees in the department of customer services which handles the reservations.

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“The Reservation Nightmare”. (2016, May 13). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/the-reservation-nightmare/

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