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During March 5th to 7th, the students of BSBA embarked on a tour. We had the opportunity to visit several places including the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the Coca-cola plant, and the Gardenia factory. Additionally, we were able to enjoy our stay at the Caliraya resort.

As we boarded the bus early, we eagerly found our seats and organized our belongings. The excitement was palpable among many of us. At approximately 3:45AM, we were ready to go and departed for Manila. Some of my classmates were too restless and agitated to sleep during the journey.

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Upon arriving at our first destination, the BSP Museum on Roxas Blvd., we were pleasantly surprised to be an hour ahead of schedule, as we were expected to arrive around 8AM.

After waiting in the bus, we were instructed to disembark before entering the Museum. It was emphasized that phones, cameras, and bags had to be left behind in the bus, as they were prohibited inside. Upon entering, our tour guide greeted us and provided a brief introduction about the BSP. She also quizzed us on our knowledge about Philippine money and the BSP, rewarding those who answered correctly with limited edition BSP calendars. Following that, we viewed a 10-minute presentation detailing the history and evolution of the BSP over the years. Following the presentation, we explored the museum to see the various artifacts on display.

The museum showcased various historical ornaments including golden rings and pieces used for bartering goods. We also observed the evolution of money, from the initial coins and paper bills to the present ones. We witnessed how our currency underwent changes in different historical periods. The museum even exhibited rare artifacts like the notes from the Japanese invasion during World War II and the Guinness Book of Records-accredited 100,000-piso centennial note, measuring 8 1/2″ x 14″ and recognized as the largest legal tender note in the world.

There were also various religious art pieces created by Filipino artists. Additionally, the museum displayed not only Philippine money but also foreign currencies such as Ancient Greek and Roman coins, as well as other European coins. Subsequently, we embarked on our journey to Laguna. The bus ride was tranquil as many of us felt exhausted from the previous trip. Those who hadn’t slept yet took this opportunity to rest, sleeping during the journey. We reached Laguna at noon, feeling famished. We were allowed 40 minutes to grab lunch before proceeding to our next destination.

At 2:00 in the afternoon, we arrived at the Coco-cola bottlers plant. Our tour guide welcomed us and presented a video about the company’s history, evolution, and global achievements. To combat the afternoon heat, they provided us with a complimentary sample of their refreshing cold beverage. Then, we visited the factory’s museum which displayed a collection of items sponsored by Coca-cola, including bottles from around the world, figurines, diner designs, paintings, artworks, and other miscellaneous pieces.

Afterwards, we proceeded to the factory’s bottling section, where I was amazed by the company’s commitment to maintaining high standards of quality management. Their focus on hygiene and productivity was evident, as they conducted constant quality testing. Utilizing advanced technology, such as the “magic eye” machine, which automatically detects and removes faulty bottles from the production line, they ensured impeccable quality control. We witnessed various stages of the drink production process, starting from syrup preparation to the mixing of carbonated water. Finally, our tour guide demonstrated the water treatment process before concluding our tour.

She inquired if we had any queries concerning our excursion and we expressed our gratitude and bid farewell. We were appreciative of boarding the bus with air conditioning as the heat of the afternoon was taking its toll on us. Our subsequent destination was the Gardenia factory, where we observed the bread loaf assembly line. Upon conclusion of the tour, my classmates purchased souvenirs for their loved ones. The factory offered numerous unique varieties that could only be found there, and at a lower cost. The journey to Caliraya was lengthy, leaving many of us feeling exhausted and in need of some rest.

We reached our destination at approximately 6PM, but in order to reach the resort that resembles an island, we needed to take a boat and then a jeep which transported us to our cabins. The fourth year students greeted us and directed us to our assigned lodge. The climate there was significantly distinct. The air was crisp and cool on our skin, and it was refreshing to breathe in the rural air with less pollution. After arriving at our cabin, we refreshed ourselves and changed into more comfortable attire. Then, we proceeded to the dining area where we enjoyed dinner.

The teachers let us know that we would have a night off and the team building activities would start the next day. We were tired, and when we went to bed, everyone fell asleep fast. The following morning, we were called for breakfast around 7AM. The weather in Laguna was damp, heavy, and cold. The clouds looked gloomy, suggesting rain later on. Once we finished eating, we had a few minutes to get ready for the day’s activities. We gathered on the basketball court to be grouped together.

Before the amazing race, there were four teambuilding activities. Our tour guide, Alvin, gave us an overview of the activities. I was placed in the Orange team with my professor, Sir Jun Elardo, who guided us during the race. As the race started, it began to rain. While we were pleased not to get sunburned, we faced the risk of slipping on the wet pavements, making the race more dangerous. Our initial task was to locate the missing parts of our map, which would reveal the challenges and the layout of the island.

We were the first team to find all the pieces and quickly moved on to rock-climbing. With only six members allowed per group, we faced a dilemma in choosing who would participate due to some members not being fit for the challenge. However, we successfully moved on to the swimming test. After completing that, we hurried back to the basketball court where we had to score six points to advance to the obstacle course. Despite being in the lead, we maintained a steady pace. Our next challenge was canoe racing.

We were leading the race until a hilarious and unfortunate incident occurred. My professor and friend caused the canoe to capsize due to their unbalanced weight. This was a first in Caliraya’s history. As a result, we finished last in the race. However, the next challenge proved to be the best – the mud slide! We climbed up a slippery hill and formed a chain, keeping our adrenaline pumping. Although our shirts got stained, it was well worth it. The race concluded after successfully crossing the hanging bridge, and shortly after, the winners were announced. The blue team emerged victorious with 200 points while we ended up with 100 points.

Despite not winning, we all had a great time and learned about the importance of teamwork and cooperation. The race left us feeling dirty and exhausted, so we went back to our cabins for a much-needed shower and rest.

With hunger pangs hitting us hard, we eagerly made our way to lunch an hour later. The buffet was filled with an abundance of food that many of us couldn’t resist indulging in.

After satisfying our appetites, we decided to visit the gift shop to buy souvenirs for our loved ones. The shop had a variety of items including Bibles, shirts, books, and more.

Around 2PM, we returned to our cabins to pack up and get ready for check out.

After one hour, we were ready to return to SBMA on the bus. While traveling back, we passed a store that sold various delicious treats specifically made in Laguna. One of my personal favorites was the Espasol, which is a sweet and chewy snack. The two days spent with my fellow BA classmates were truly memorable as I learned about the importance of cooperation and gained valuable knowledge from the tour. I am grateful to have shared this experience with them, and fortunately, none of us encountered any major emergencies. Finally, at 9PM, we arrived safely in Subic where we expressed our gratitude to our professors and bid farewell to our friends as parents and guardians picked up their children.

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