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Cebu City is one of the cities which have the fastest growing economy. It is also a very famous city because of its historical background, how Lapu-Lapu defend Cebu City from Magellan. March 1945 when Cebu City attained its full freedom and also in the same year the Philippine Civil Affairs was established in the City.

Also, in 1964 the charter of Cebu was revised from that year the people in Cebu to concentrate on Christianity. One of the oldest churches in the Philippines is the San Augustine Church which is now popular by its name Basilica Monre del Santo Nino. In 1970’s Cebu started to expand its population and up to present the city is already considered as one of the most prosperous city in the Philippines. Big establishments and big building can also be found in Cebu.

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On September 16, 2013 1:00 pm most of the OJTs’ who participated the educational tour was already on Bukidnon State University waiting for their corresponding buses. The bus number that I should ride from Malaybalay City to Cagayan De Oro City is Bus #4 while Bus #3 on Cebu city. We arrive at Cagayan De Oro City earlier than the departure of the ship, 7:00 pm the ship departed.

September 17, 2013 6:30 am we arrived on Cebu city and I rode Bus #3 for the trip we visited first the Central Bank Regional office it was a very huge building and a spacious one, we have our lunch at the Royal concourse it is a eat all you can but we should observe that we will not have any left over’s or we will pay the amount double after the launch we went to Maitland Smith a company that export furniture products and one of their customers id Angelina Jolie.

We were toured by one of the employee and I was amazed with their machines and the number of their employees, especially with the furniture’s that they are doing after the tour we watched a short presentation of their product and a question and answer portion we were also given a snack. After the tour in Maitland smith we went at Mactan Shrine where Magellan was killed there are souvenirs around the place after the sightseeing, we also went to the chapel of San Pedro Calungsod near The Sm Sea Side that is still on construction we check in at La Fortuna hotel and have our dinner, after eating we head to bed to gather our energy for another big day.

September 18, 2018 we had our breakfast on La Fortuna hotel were we’ve check-in after eating we’ve gone our way to Cebu Normal University One of the oldest school in Cebu, and became a hide-out of the Japanese people. Our tour guide is a freshman so we can easily tell any questions to her but some of the questions are unanswered after the tour we went to the Crown Regency and experienced the 4D Theater although it was only a short time we have enjoyed it.

We have our lunched at patio Isabel with a delicious buffet and a unlimited halo-halo that we can mix ourselves after eating we went to Ayala Mall a classy Mall were all the sell is branded I didn’t buy anything because I do not have any sufficient money to buy those items what I did is window shopping then we went to the Basilica of Sto. Niño and head to our hotel have our dinner and a night life, it was nice party I discovered some people who is very capable of dancing including Mam Coñales and the night ended.

September 19, 2013 still we ate at La Fortuna hotel after eating we went to the Taoist temple it is my first time to see a Chinese temple I was amaze by the views and the design of the buildings we also have our group picture there and then we go to Stream a Call Center company and toured the building, one of their crew have accompanied us.

The IT Park is also a nice place with great ambiance with different shops that offer snacks and coffees and then we went back at La Fortuna hotel to Check-out and eat lunched after checking-out we went to Sm City to have mall, to buy things and enjoy unfortunately the only thing that I bought is one cup of noodles and a bottle of water and the time limit was up.

We have our early dinner at Sugbahan after eating we went to the pier to board the ship and at 8:00 pm the ship departed September 20, 2013 7:00 am we arrived at Cagayan De Oro City and rode the buses to go home, 9:30 am we have arrived at Malaybalay City, the trip is over but it is a memorable experience before I will graduate in this university.


On the Educational Tour that we have done Last September 16, 2013 to September 20, 2013 the things that I have learned follows, I have learned how to identify money whether it is a fake or not and the don’ts and do’s on how to handle money, the kind of money that the banks are remitting to the Central Bank which is the unfitted money I have also learned that the agreements are should be follow like in the case of Maitland Smith they cannot sell their products in our country they should export it and if a Filipino would want to buy their product he/she will purchased it abroad. I have also learned the history of Cebu City the Queen of the South and about the works of the call center agent and different approach on handling their employees.


Educational tour is one of the best things to be done during college especially for the graduating students. It has a very big role to all students for them to be exposed in the world of business. This tour also helps us on how to become an efficient and effective person to our individual field or career.


The trip was a worth it, but I would recommend that they should consider taking the students to the sea to swim because we seldom go to beaches also the scheduled company was cancelled we did not have the chance to go to the Jp Morgan which is a good place to go for Business Administration like us so we can differentiate the Stream with Jp Morgan that’s all.

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