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Rizal Grand Tour of Europe with Viola

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Rizal’s Grand Tour of Europe with Viola (1887) May 11, 1887- Rizal and Viloa left Berlin by train. Their destination was Dresden. Dresden Their visit coincided with the regional floral exposition which Rizal was interested in Botany. They visited Dr. Adolph Meyer, who was overjoyed to see them. Rizal was deeply impressed by painting of “Pro metheus Bound” at the museum of the art. They met Dr. Jagor at the scene of the floral exposition. They planned to visit Leitmeritz (now Litomerice,Czechoslovakia) and Dr.

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Jagor heard them. The doctor advised them to wire Blumentritt of their coming because the old professor might suffer a shock at their sudden visit. Rizal and Viola sent a wire to Blumentritt after leaving Dresden where Treschen (Decin) was their next stopover. First Meeting with Blumentritt May 13, 1887 at 1:30 pm. , they arrived at the railroad station of Leimeritz, Bohemia. Pof. Blumentritt warmly received Rizal and Viola. The two great scholars meet each other personally and they greeted each other in fluent German.

Upon seeing the talented Rizal for the first time, He immediately took him into heart, and loving him as a son. They were introduced to the family of the great professor Blumentritt. They stayed in Leitmeritz from May 13-16, 1887. Beautiful Memories of Leitmeritz He enjoyed the hospitality of the Blumentritt’s family. Rizal and Viola’s tourist guide is the professor. One afternoon, they were invited to a beer garden. They met the burgomaster of that town and they were proudly introduced by Blumentritt. Another one afternoon, Rizal and Viola were invited to a meeting of the Tourist’s Club of Leitmeritz.

Praising Austria’s idyllic scenes and its hospitable, nature-loving, and noble people. Rizal met Dr. Carlos Czepelack, the renowned scientist of Europe and he was introduced to Professor Robert Klutschak, an eminent naturalist. May 16, at 9:45 am. , Rizal and viloa left Leitmeritz by train. May 19, 1887, Rizal wrote to Blumentritt by saying thank you for all the help, experienced while staying in Leitmeritz. May 24, 1887, Rizal and Viola wrote a letter to Blumentritt that concerned about the illness of Dora. Prague They carried letters of recommendation from Blumentritt to Dr.

Willkomm. They visited the tomb of Copernicus. As well as the museum of natural history and the famous cave where San Juan Nepomuceno, the Catholic Saint, was imprisoned. They went to Brunn after saying goodbye to Professor and according to Viola, “nothing ofimportance happened” in this city. Vienna May 20, 1887- Rizal and Viola arrived to the beautiful city of Vienna. They met norfenfals. They visited the city’s interesting places and they met two good friends of Blumentritt- Master and Nordamnn, an Austrian scholars. Danubian Voyage to Lintz

May 24, 1887- Rizal and Vienna let Vienna on a river boay to see the beautiful sights of Danube River. From Lintz to Rheinfall They traveled overland to Salzburg, and from there to Munich. From Munich, they went to Nuremberg. They saw in this city where the horrible torture machines used by Inquisition. After Munich, they visited Ulm where their cathedral was the “ largest and tallest in all Germany”. Then they went to Stuttgart, Baden, and then Rheinfall. Crossing the Fronteir to Switzerland They stayed in this city from June 2-3, 1887.

They continued their tour to Basel ( Bale), Bern and Laussane. Geneva From Laussane, Rizal and Viola left on a little boat, crossing the foggy Leman Lake to Geneva. People here are linguists, speaking French, German, and Italian. June 19, 1887, Rizal treated Viola a blow-out. It was his 26th birthday June 23, 1887, they parted ways. Viola returned to Barcelona while Rizal continued the tour to Italy. Rizal Resents Exhibition of Igorots in 1887 Madrid Exposition An exposition of the Philippines was held in Madrid, Spain.

Rizal received a sad news from his friends of the deplorable conditions of the primitive Igorots. June 6, 1887- Rizal wrote a letter to Blumentritt and he expressed his feelings to the great professor. June 19 1887- Rizal wrote again to Blumentritt. Rizal in Italy June 27, 1887- Rizal reached Rome, the “ Eternal City” and also called the “ City of Caesars”. Again, Rizal wrote a letter to Blumentritt because he was thrilled by the sight and memories of the Eternal city in which Blumentritt describes. June 29, 1887- Feast day of St. Peter and St. Paul.

He visited the Vatican “ City of the Popes”” for the first time. He was deeply impressed by the magnificient edifices, particularly of St. Peter’s church, the vast St. Peter square, the colorful papal guards and the atmosphere of religious devotion that pervaded the Vatican. Every night, after sightseeing the whole day, Rizal returned to his hotel, very tired. “I am tired as a dog, but I will sleep as a God, He wrote to Blumentritt. After a week of staying in Rome. Rizal decided to go home and he had written to his father that he was coming home.

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