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    National Service Training Program made us a better individual, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. Being involved in this subject is such a big impact. We get to know more one another. How to communicate well, to be a better neighbour, how to lead your members in proper ways, we also learn to cooperate and give our best in our group activities. This subject taught us something that no one could take away from us. These past few weeks that we have been all together, NSTP made us realize a lot of things. Things that we will cherish forever.

    Because of NSTP, we have realized that we are so blessed. That we ought to thank God about everything. That this world is not just about us, it is also about others, about God. We, NSTP Students are capable of helping others. Extend our hands to those who are in need, Help them to make a Stand. We feel happiness whenever we see them smile because we give them our helping hands. The feeling of helping others was inevitable, we knew how hard to think that these people can’t afford to buy things that they want and we learned how to understand each family’s status in life.

    We’ve realized that even the smallest things can make these people happy. I have learned the value of sharing and how rewarding it is to share our blessings to those who are less fortunate. NSTP or National Service Training Program helps us to enhance our self confidence, socialize with other people, to develop our civic-conciousness, ethics of service and nationalism. And we learned all these things gradually with the help of our Instructor, Mrs. Anastacia Nimfa Aquino. Thank you Ma’am!

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