Literacy Narrative About My Habits Narrative Essay

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Why I do the things I do when reading and thinking. In my literacy narrative I will be explaining my influences on reading and writing. I will be talking about the two books that influenced me to read; “spirit bear”, and “to kill a mockingbird”. I really don’t like to write because I’m not very good at it. But when it’s time for me to write like for class or as an assignment I will do it, I just get scared about the criticism I will get back about my paper. I really only like to read books about mysteries or struggling life stories but it relates to me.

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My English teacher from freshman year, Ms. Murtough introduced me to the book to “kill a mockingbird” which got me into reading more. Another reason why I am scared to write, even when I was taking the ACT’s I was very nervous to write because I know I’m not any good at writing. When I was in high school I had to write a lot of papers, I would work on the papers for a long time and work very hard, but I always would struggle at writing and you could tell this by the grades I would get on my papers.

For example in my composition class I wrote a paper about myself and I worked all week on it I took it to the teacher so she could help me and the day before it was due I took it back to her and she told me she can see that I’ve been working hard on this paper but I have a lot of work to do on it, so I went home and work hard on it all night and when I turned it in my grade was a C+. I thought that because of all the hard work I put in that paper I deserve at least a B, but my teacher thought the paper was C+ material. Ever since that I really came to realize that writing is not for me.

“Spirit Bear” really got me into reading books because it reminded me a lot about my life and the thing I’ve been through. How the young boy was very mean and attacked another kid so they sent him away to live on an island alone and he almost died and he had to find peace with himself in order for him to become a better person. This reminded me of growing up and all the struggles and fights I got into and how I was sent away as a young child I was sent to two different detention centers and one of them I had to fight for my respect in order to stay safe.

My writing habits really come from myself though, because growing up we didn’t really write a lot in class. I usually did a lot of reading and quick summaries, nothing major, until I got to my senior year of high school. Then is where I picked up some of my writing habits which are not really paying attention to what I am writing. I often tend to stray away from the assignment at time I end up getting back on topic later.

My reading habits come from my laziness, I tend to put assignments of until the day they are do especially reading because I really had passionate dislike for reading, I do not know why but when I read it feels like I am dying that’s how boring it is to me. Recently since I’ve started college I’ve been trying to read more but it is still hard to pick up or get used to, but by the end of the semester I intend on have improved on my writing skills and reading habits.

I have a dislike for reading because as a child I struggled at it, because it wasn’t cool to read on your spare time and also because I am a very lazy person. I enjoyed reading mystery books or stories. At one point in time I used to read books and stories a lot but I got bored of it and decided to take a break and I never really went back to it.

This is a simple presentation about my life on why I have the tendencies when I read and write. I know I’m not the only person that feels this way about reading and writing. Because of my past grades and my boredom when reading and writing influences my habits and decisions on reading and writing.

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