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“Never Forget”: Pearl Harbor

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These events potentially changed America forever. There are many things we, as a country, should do to remember why these events are important. As the years go on, it becomes harder and harder for people to realize the importance of Pearl Harbor. We are in a generation where the teens learning the information can only know of it because of pictures and what they were told. To keep remembering Pearl Harbor, history teachers must never forget o teach about it.

Personally, I’ve always remembered December 7th not only for Pearl Harbor, but its also my dad’s birthday.

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“Never Forget”: Pearl Harbor
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And its a weird coincidence, but that’s how remember the day. Other people can remember the day by watching the shows on the history channel or even attending services. It’s very important to remember this attack because it was potentially one of the biggest attacks. It was a stepping stone in where America is today. It’s very important that children know about it too.

They need to know what their neutron has been through.

It’s the history. For 9/1 1 , its much easier for us to remember. All of us are capTABLE of knowing what happened because it was during our time. We were in kindergarten when it happened. It’s very easy for our country to remember because of the memorials and remembrance services we have. Also, we have the Freedom Tower where the Twin Towers once were. As generations keep coming though, it won’t be as easy. To remember, think all teachers should take a significant amount of time and teach about 9/1 1.

This will help to keep the saying of “Never Forget”. It’s very important to remember this attack because it potentially changed America. It’s important to remember that a lot of people lost their lives trying to protect and fight for our country. We owe the respect to them. In the following years to come, I think that teachers should never stop talking about these kind of events. In fact, I think more teachers, any kind, should be sure to have a Remembrance Day or teaching day. This is because of how much it effected our country. Finitely think movies are good, not just because I like movies. I think that graphics really capture what it was like on that day. I also think inviting speakers is a really good idea. That even gives a better realization of what it was really like from a first person view. Teachers just can’t stop teaching it. It’s so important to remember the events of 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. These events shaped who America is today. We have become one, united, and stronger. We should never forget either of these.

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