An Encounter I Could Never Forget

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On the way to my office, out of the blue, my car stops moving. Oh my god! My car stops in the middle of a forest! I need to walk at least 5 kilometers to the nearest gas station. Suddenly, on the way, faint and fall into a dark, pitch-black hole. When I jolt awake, I hear voices repeating the same words again and again. The voices are all shouting simultaneously, “Marked! Marked! Marked! ” Where am I now? With multiple questions swirling in my head, I am helpless. I sit down. A man is quite curious when he sees me sitting on the road and asks, “Why don’t you o into the stadium to celebrate together? Huh? Celebrate what? ‘ I ask. The man says without hesitation, “Today is the independent day of our country! We are trying to enjoy ourselves today because the Britons have left our country. ” “What date is today? ” ask. “It is the 31 SST of August 1957. Are you crazy? How can you forget the most important date in history? ” With this, the man walks into the stadium. Before I go out of my house, I am quite sure that I am in the year 2009! Why am back in the 1 950? This is impossible! Think I must have fall into a black hole and go to the past. Today is the independent day of our country.

This is history! I charge into the stadium to watch the Father of Independence, Tune Abdul Raman, chorusing the word “Marked” repeatedly. When I see Tune Abdul Raman, I am shocked because he is a tiny man. He has piercing eyes and kempt hair. Then, the others holler along “Marked!!! ” am proud because I can witness Malaysia’s very own independent day… A day every Malaysian know and appreciate deep inside their hearts. Not long after that, everybody leave the stadium and the brief but meaningful celebration is over. But… Where can I go?

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When that particular question is swirling in my head, hear the sounds of pitiful sobs behind me. A child is crying. Turn around to see the child’s tears trickling down his cherubic cheeks. He has lost his parents in the middle of the chaos and bustling crowds. “Don’t worry! ” take a candy out from my pocket and give it to him. The child’s eyes become as big as saucers and ;inkle in the sunlight. He takes the candy and asks, “Why is this sweet so special? I have not seen this before! ” ‘This is how a candy looks like in the future. Keep it carefully! ” Then, use my handkerchief to wipe his tears.

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